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1 /***************************************************************************
2  qgssettingsregistrycore.cpp
3  --------------------------------------
4  Date : February 2021
5  Copyright : (C) 2021 by Damiano Lombardi
6  Email : damiano at opengis dot ch
7  ***************************************************************************
8  * *
9  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
10  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
11  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
12  * (at your option) any later version. *
13  * *
14  ***************************************************************************/
18 #include "qgsapplication.h"
19 #include "qgsgeometryoptions.h"
20 #include "qgslayout.h"
22 #include "qgslocator.h"
23 #include "qgsmaprendererjob.h"
25 #include "qgsnewsfeedparser.h"
26 #include "qgsowsconnection.h"
27 #include "qgsprocessing.h"
28 #include "qgsvectorlayer.h"
29 #include "qgsogrdbconnection.h"
30 #include "qgsfontmanager.h"
34 {
65  addSettingsEntry( &QgsOgrDbConnection::settingsOgrConnectionSelected );
66  addSettingsEntry( &QgsOgrDbConnection::settingsOgrConnectionPath );
116 }
119 {
120 }
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsLocaleOverrideFlag
Settings entry locale override flag.
static const QgsSettingsEntryStringList settingsSearchPathsForSVG
Settings entry search path for SVG.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsLocaleShowGroupSeparator
Settings entry locale show group separator.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsLocaleGlobalLocale
Settings entry locale global locale.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsLocaleUserLocale
Settings entry locale user locale.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDownloadMissingFonts
Settings entry for font family replacements.
static const QgsSettingsEntryStringList settingsFontFamilyReplacements
Settings entry for font family replacements.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsGeometryValidationDefaultChecks
Settings entry search path for templates.
static const QgsSettingsEntryStringList settingsSearchPathForTemplates
Settings entry search path for templates.
Definition: qgslayout.h:663
static const QgsSettingsEntryStringList settingsLocalizedDataPaths
Settings entry localized data paths.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsLocatorFilterEnabled
Settings entry locator filter enabled.
Definition: qgslocator.h:158
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsLocatorFilterDefault
Settings entry locator filter default value.
Definition: qgslocator.h:160
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsLocatorFilterPrefix
Settings entry locator filter prefix.
Definition: qgslocator.h:162
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsLogCanvasRefreshEvent
Settings entry log canvas refresh event.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsNetworkTimeout
Settings entry network timeout.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsFeedLongitude
Settings entry feed longitude.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsFeedLastFetchTime
Settings entry last fetch time.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsFeedLatitude
Settings entry feed latitude.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsFeedLanguage
Settings entry feed language.
static const QgsSettingsEntryGroup settingsServiceConnectionDetailsGroup
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsConnectionSelected
static const QgsSettingsEntryGroup settingsServiceConnectionCredentialsGroup
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDefaultOutputRasterLayerExt
Settings entry default output raster layer ext.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDefaultOutputVectorLayerExt
Settings entry default output vector layer ext.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsPreferFilenameAsLayerName
Settings entry prefer filename as layer name.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsTempPath
Settings entry temp path.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingDisableEnterAttributeValuesDialog
Settings entry digitizing disable enter attribute values dialog.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingFillColorAlpha
Settings entry digitizing fill color alpha.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsDigitizingMarkerStyle
Settings entry digitizing marker style.
static const QgsSettingsEntryColor settingsDigitizingSnapColor
Settings entry digitizing snap color.
static const QgsSettingsEntryEnumFlag< Qgis::SnappingType > settingsDigitizingDefaultSnapType
Settings entry digitizing default snap type.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingFillColorBlue
Settings entry digitizing fill color blue.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingOffsetMiterLimit
Settings entry digitizing offset miter limit.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingDefaultZValue
Settings entry digitizing default z value.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingConvertToCurve
Settings entry digitizing convert to curve.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingDefaultSnappingTolerance
Settings entry digitizing default snapping tolerance.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingLineColorAlpha
Settings entry digitizing line color alpha.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingOffsetShowAdvanced
Settings entry digitizing offset show advanced.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingStreamTolerance
Settings entry digitizing stream tolerance.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingDefaultSnapEnabled
Settings entry digitizing default snap enabled.
static const QgsSettingsEntryEnumFlag< QgsTolerance::UnitType > settingsDigitizingSearchRadiusVertexEditUnit
Settings entry digitizing search radius vertex edit unit.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingLineColorGreen
Settings entry digitizing line color green.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingLineColorRed
Settings entry digitizing line color red.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingFillColorRed
Settings entry digitizing fill color red.
static const QgsSettingsEntryEnumFlag< Qgis::SnappingMode > settingsDigitizingDefaultSnapMode
Settings entry digitizing default snap type.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingLineGhost
Settings entry digitizing line ghost.
static const QgsSettingsEntryEnumFlag< Qgis::EndCapStyle > settingsDigitizingOffsetCapStyle
Settings entry digitizing offset cap style.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingConvertToCurveDistanceTolerance
Settings entry digitizing convert to curve distance tolerance.
virtual ~QgsSettingsRegistryCore()
Destructor for QgsSettingsRegistryCore.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingValidateGeometries
Settings entry digitizing validate geometries.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingReuseLastValues
Settings entry digitizing reuseLastValues.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingMarkerSizeMm
Settings entry digitizing marker size mm.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingSnapInvisibleFeature
Settings entry digitizing snap invisible feature.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingOffsetQuadSeg
Settings entry digitizing offset quad seg.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingConvertToCurveAngleTolerance
Settings entry digitizing convert to curve angle tolerance.
static const QgsSettingsEntryEnumFlag< QgsTolerance::UnitType > settingsDigitizingDefaultSnappingToleranceUnit
Settings entry digitizing default snapping tolerance unit.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingSearchRadiusVertexEdit
Settings entry digitizing search radius vertex edit.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingSnapTooltip
Settings entry digitizing snap tooltip.
Constructor for QgsSettingsRegistryCore.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingLineColorBlue
Settings entry digitizing line color blue.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingFillColorGreen
Settings entry digitizing fill color green.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingDefaultMValue
Settings entry digitizing default m value.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingLineWidth
Settings entry digitizing line width.
static const QgsSettingsEntryDouble settingsDigitizingLineColorAlphaScale
Settings entry digitizing line color alpha scale.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsLayerTreeShowFeatureCountForNewLayers
Settings entry show feature counts for newly added layers by default.
static const QgsSettingsEntryString settingsGpsBabelPath
Settings entry path to GPSBabel executable.
static const QgsSettingsEntryBool settingsDigitizingMarkerOnlyForSelected
Settings entry digitizing marker only for selected.
static const QgsSettingsEntryInteger settingsDigitizingTracingMaxFeatureCount
Settings entry digitizing tracing max feature count.
static const QgsSettingsEntryEnumFlag< Qgis::JoinStyle > settingsDigitizingOffsetJoinStyle
Settings entry digitizing offset join style.
QgsSettingsRegistry is used for settings introspection and collects a list of child QgsSettingsRegist...
void addSettingsEntryGroup(const QgsSettingsEntryGroup *settingsGroup)
Adds a group of setting to the registry.
bool addSettingsEntry(const QgsSettingsEntryBase *settingsEntry)
Adds settingsEntry to the registry.