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QgsVectorLayerProperties Class Reference

#include <qgsvectorlayerproperties.h>

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void exportAuxiliaryLayer (QgsAuxiliaryLayer *layer)
void toggleEditing (QgsMapLayer *)

Public Member Functions

 QgsVectorLayerProperties (QgsMapCanvas *canvas, QgsMessageBar *messageBar, QgsVectorLayer *lyr=nullptr, QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags fl=QgsGuiUtils::ModalDialogFlags)
bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *ev) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsLayerPropertiesDialog
 QgsLayerPropertiesDialog (QgsMapLayer *layer, QgsMapCanvas *canvas, const QString &settingsKey, QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags fl=Qt::WindowFlags(), QgsSettings *settings=nullptr)
 Constructor for QgsLayerPropertiesDialog.
virtual void addPropertiesPageFactory (const QgsMapLayerConfigWidgetFactory *factory)
 Adds properties page from a factory.
void loadStyle ()
 Triggers a dialog to load a saved style.
void saveDefaultStyle ()
 Saves the default style when appropriate button is pressed.
void saveStyleAs ()
 Saves a style when appriate button is pressed.
void setMetadataWidget (QgsMetadataWidget *widget, QWidget *page)
 Sets the metadata widget and page associated with the dialog.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsOptionsDialogBase
 QgsOptionsDialogBase (const QString &settingsKey, QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags fl=Qt::WindowFlags(), QgsSettings *settings=nullptr)
 ~QgsOptionsDialogBase () override
void addPage (const QString &title, const QString &tooltip, const QIcon &icon, QWidget *widget, const QStringList &path=QStringList(), const QString &key=QString())
 Adds a new page to the dialog pages.
bool iconOnly ()
 Determine if the options list is in icon only mode.
void initOptionsBase (bool restoreUi=true, const QString &title=QString())
 Set up the base ui connections for vertical tabs.
void insertPage (const QString &title, const QString &tooltip, const QIcon &icon, QWidget *widget, const QString &before, const QStringList &path=QStringList(), const QString &key=QString())
 Inserts a new page into the dialog pages.
void resizeAlltabs (int index)
 Resizes all tabs when the dialog is resized.
void restoreLastPage ()
 Refocus the active tab from the last time the dialog was shown.
void restoreOptionsBaseUi (const QString &title=QString())
 Restore the base ui.
void setCurrentPage (const QString &page)
 Sets the dialog page (by object name) to show.
void setSettings (QgsSettings *settings)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsExpressionContextGenerator
virtual ~QgsExpressionContextGenerator ()=default

Protected Slots

void apply () FINAL
void optionsStackedWidget_CurrentChanged (int index) final
void rollback () FINAL
void syncToLayer () FINAL
- Protected Slots inherited from QgsLayerPropertiesDialog
virtual void apply ()=0
 Applies the dialog settings to the layer.
void openUrl (const QUrl &url)
 Handles opening a url from the dialog.
void optionsStackedWidget_CurrentChanged (int index) override
virtual void rollback ()
 Rolls back changes made to the layer.
virtual void syncToLayer ()=0
 Resets the dialog to the current layer state.
- Protected Slots inherited from QgsOptionsDialogBase
virtual void optionsStackedWidget_CurrentChanged (int index)
 Select relevant tab on current page change.
virtual void optionsStackedWidget_WidgetRemoved (int index)
 Remove tab and unregister widgets on page remove.
virtual void updateOptionsListVerticalTabs ()
 Update tabs on the splitter move.
void warnAboutMissingObjects ()


class QgsAppScreenShots
class TestQgsLayerPropertiesDialogs

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsLayerPropertiesDialog
enum  StyleType { QML , SLD , DatasourceDatabase , UserDatabase }
 Style storage type. More...
- Public Slots inherited from QgsLayerPropertiesDialog
void loadDefaultMetadata ()
 Reloads the default layer metadata for the layer.
void loadDefaultStyle ()
 Reloads the default style for the layer.
void loadMetadataFromFile ()
 Allows the user to load layer metadata from a file.
void loadStyleFromFile ()
 Allows the user to load layer style from a file.
void saveMetadataAsDefault ()
 Saves the current layer metadata as the default for the layer.
void saveMetadataToFile ()
 Allows the user to save the layer's metadata as a file.
void saveStyleAsDefault ()
 Saves the current layer style as the default for the layer.
void saveStyleToFile ()
 Allows the user to save the layer's style to a file.
- Public Slots inherited from QgsOptionsDialogBase
void searchText (const QString &text)
 searchText searches for a text in all the pages of the stacked widget and highlight the results
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsLayerPropertiesDialog
void initialize ()
 Initialize the dialog.
void refocusDialog ()
 Ensures the dialog is focused and activated.
void storeCurrentStyleForUndo ()
 Stores the current layer style so that undo operations can be performed.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsOptionsDialogBase
QStandardItem * createItem (const QString &name, const QString &tooltip, const QString &icon)
 Creates a new QStandardItem with the specified name, tooltip and icon.
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e) override
void registerTextSearchWidgets ()
 register widgets in the dialog to search for text in it it is automatically called if a line edit has "mSearchLineEdit" as object name.
void showEvent (QShowEvent *e) override
virtual void updateWindowTitle ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsLayerPropertiesDialog
QPushButton * mBtnMetadata = nullptr
 Metadata button.
QPushButton * mBtnStyle = nullptr
 Style button.
QgsMapCanvasmCanvas = nullptr
 Associated map canvas.
QList< QgsMapLayerConfigWidget * > mConfigWidgets
 Layer config widgets.
QgsMapLayerStyle mOldStyle
 Previous layer style.
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsOptionsDialogBase
bool mDelSettings = false
QString mDialogTitle
bool mIconOnly = false
bool mInit = false
QDialogButtonBox * mOptButtonBox = nullptr
QListWidget * mOptListWidget = nullptr
QString mOptsKey
QSplitter * mOptSplitter = nullptr
QStackedWidget * mOptStackedWidget = nullptr
QStandardItemModel * mOptTreeModel = nullptr
QTreeView * mOptTreeView = nullptr
QList< QPair< QgsOptionsDialogHighlightWidget *, int > > mRegisteredSearchWidgets
QgsFilterLineEditmSearchLineEdit = nullptr
QPointer< QgsSettingsmSettings
QgsOptionsProxyModel * mTreeProxyModel = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsVectorLayerProperties()

QgsVectorLayerProperties::QgsVectorLayerProperties ( QgsMapCanvas canvas,
QgsMessageBar messageBar,
QgsVectorLayer lyr = nullptr,
QWidget *  parent = nullptr,
Qt::WindowFlags  fl = QgsGuiUtils::ModalDialogFlags 

Definition at line 93 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply

void QgsVectorLayerProperties::apply ( )

Definition at line 747 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp.

◆ eventFilter()

bool QgsVectorLayerProperties::eventFilter ( QObject *  obj,
QEvent *  ev 

Definition at line 1975 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp.

◆ exportAuxiliaryLayer

void QgsVectorLayerProperties::exportAuxiliaryLayer ( QgsAuxiliaryLayer layer)

◆ optionsStackedWidget_CurrentChanged

void QgsVectorLayerProperties::optionsStackedWidget_CurrentChanged ( int  index)

Definition at line 1704 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp.

◆ rollback

void QgsVectorLayerProperties::rollback ( )

Definition at line 1006 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp.

◆ syncToLayer

void QgsVectorLayerProperties::syncToLayer ( )

Definition at line 554 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp.

◆ toggleEditing

void QgsVectorLayerProperties::toggleEditing ( QgsMapLayer )

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ QgsAppScreenShots

friend class QgsAppScreenShots

Definition at line 230 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.h.

◆ TestQgsLayerPropertiesDialogs

friend class TestQgsLayerPropertiesDialogs

Definition at line 231 of file qgsvectorlayerproperties.h.

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