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QgsProviderSublayerItem Class Referencefinal

A generic data item for file based layers. More...

#include <qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsProviderSublayerItem (QgsDataItem *parent, const QString &name, const QgsProviderSublayerDetails &details, const QString &filePath)
 Constructor for QgsProviderSublayerItem.
QVector< QgsDataItem * > createChildren () override
 Create children.
QgsAbstractDatabaseProviderConnectiondatabaseConnection () const override
 For data items that represent a DB connection or one of its children, this method returns a connection.
QString layerName () const override
QgsProviderSublayerDetails sublayerDetails () const
 Returns the sublayer details for the item.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsLayerItem
 QgsLayerItem (QgsDataItem *parent, const QString &name, const QString &path, const QString &uri, Qgis::BrowserLayerType layerType, const QString &providerKey)
 Constructor for QgsLayerItem.
virtual QString comments () const
 Returns comments of the layer.
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED bool deleteLayer ()
 Delete this layer item Use QgsDataItemGuiProvider::deleteLayer instead.
bool equal (const QgsDataItem *other) override
 Returns true if this item is equal to another item (by testing item type and path).
bool hasDragEnabled () const override
 Returns true if the item may be dragged.
const QgsLayerMetadatalayerMetadata () const
 Returns layer's metadata, it may be a default constructed metadata if metadata is not explicitly set.
Qgis::LayerType mapLayerType () const
 Returns the associated map layer type.
QgsMimeDataUtils::UriList mimeUris () const override
 Returns mime URIs for the data item, most data providers will only return a single URI but some data collection items (e.g.
QString providerKey () const
 Returns provider key.
void setLayerMetadata (const QgsLayerMetadata &metadata)
 Set layer's metadata.
QStringList supportedCrs () const
 Returns the supported CRS.
QStringList supportedFormats () const
 Returns the supported formats.
QString uri () const
 Returns layer uri or empty string if layer cannot be created.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
 QgsDataItem (Qgis::BrowserItemType type, QgsDataItem *parent, const QString &name, const QString &path, const QString &providerKey=QString())
 Constructor for QgsDataItem, with the specified parent item.
 ~QgsDataItem () override
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED bool acceptDrop ()
 Returns whether the item accepts drag and dropped layers - e.g.
virtual QList< QAction * > actions (QWidget *parent)
 Returns the list of actions available for this item.
virtual void addChildItem (QgsDataItem *child, bool refresh=false)
 Inserts a new child item.
virtual Qgis::BrowserItemCapabilities capabilities2 () const
 Returns the capabilities for the data item.
QVector< QgsDataItem * > children () const
virtual void deleteChildItem (QgsDataItem *child)
 Removes and deletes a child item, emitting relevant signals to the model.
virtual bool handleDoubleClick ()
 Called when a user double clicks on the item.
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED bool handleDrop (const QMimeData *, Qt::DropAction)
 Attempts to process the mime data dropped on this item.
bool hasChildren ()
virtual QIcon icon ()
virtual bool layerCollection () const
 Returns true if the data item is a collection of layers The default implementation returns false, subclasses must implement this method if their children are layers.
virtual QList< QMenu * > menus (QWidget *parent)
 Returns the list of menus available for this item.
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED QgsMimeDataUtils::Uri mimeUri () const
 Returns mime URI for the data item.
void moveToThread (QThread *targetThread)
 Move object and all its descendants to thread.
QString name () const
 Returns the name of the item (the displayed text for the item).
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED QWidget * paramWidget ()
 Returns source widget from data item for QgsBrowserPropertiesWidget.
QgsDataItemparent () const
 Gets item parent.
QString path () const
QString providerKey () const
 Returns the provider key that created this item (e.g.
virtual QgsDataItemremoveChildItem (QgsDataItem *child)
 Removes a child item and returns it without deleting it.
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED bool rename (const QString &name)
 Sets a new name for the item, and returns true if the item was successfully renamed.
int rowCount ()
Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void setCapabilities (int capabilities)
virtual void setCapabilities (Qgis::BrowserItemCapabilities capabilities)
 Sets the capabilities for the data item.
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED bool setCrs (const QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem &crs)
 Writes the selected crs into data source.
void setIcon (const QIcon &icon)
void setIconName (const QString &iconName)
void setName (const QString &name)
 Sets the name of the item (the displayed text for the item).
void setParent (QgsDataItem *parent)
 Set item parent and connect / disconnect parent to / from item signals.
void setPath (const QString &path)
void setProviderKey (const QString &value)
 Sets the provider key that created this item (e.g.
void setSortKey (const QVariant &key)
 Sets a custom sorting key for the item.
virtual void setState (Qgis::BrowserItemState state)
 Set item state.
void setToolTip (const QString &msg)
virtual QVariant sortKey () const
 Returns the sorting key for the item.
Qgis::BrowserItemState state () const
QString toolTip () const
Qgis::BrowserItemType type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from QgsDataItem
virtual void childrenCreated ()
virtual void deleteLater ()
 Safely delete the item:
virtual void depopulate ()
 Remove children recursively and set as not populated. This is used when refreshing collapsed items.
virtual void populate (bool foreground=false)
virtual void refresh ()
virtual void refreshConnections (const QString &providerKey=QString())
 Causes a data item provider to refresh all registered connections.
- Signals inherited from QgsDataItem
void beginInsertItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void beginRemoveItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void connectionsChanged (const QString &providerKey=QString())
 Emitted when the connections of the provider with the specified providerKey have changed.
void dataChanged (QgsDataItem *item)
void endInsertItems ()
void endRemoveItems ()
void stateChanged (QgsDataItem *item, Qgis::BrowserItemState oldState)
 Emitted when an item's state is changed.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsLayerItem
static QIcon iconDefault ()
static QIcon iconForWkbType (Qgis::WkbType type)
 Returns the icon for a vector layer whose geometry type is provided.
static QIcon iconLine ()
static QIcon iconMesh ()
 Returns icon for mesh layer type.
static QString iconName (Qgis::BrowserLayerType layerType)
 Returns the icon name of the given layerType.
static QIcon iconPoint ()
static QIcon iconPointCloud ()
 Returns icon for point cloud layer.
static QIcon iconPolygon ()
static QIcon iconRaster ()
static QIcon iconTable ()
static QIcon iconVectorTile ()
 Returns icon for vector tile layer.
static QString layerTypeAsString (Qgis::BrowserLayerType layerType)
 Returns the string representation of the given layerType.
static Qgis::BrowserLayerType typeFromMapLayer (QgsMapLayer *layer)
 Returns the layer item type corresponding to a QgsMapLayer layer.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
static void deleteLater (QVector< QgsDataItem * > &items)
static int findItem (QVector< QgsDataItem * > items, QgsDataItem *item)
static QString pathComponent (const QString &component)
 Create path component replacing path separators.
- Protected Slots inherited from QgsDataItem
void updateIcon ()
 Will request a repaint of this icon.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
bool deferredDelete ()
 The item is scheduled to be deleted.
virtual void populate (const QVector< QgsDataItem * > &children)
virtual void refresh (const QVector< QgsDataItem * > &children)
 Refresh the items from a specified list of child items.
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsLayerItem
Qgis::BrowserLayerType mLayerType
 The layer type.
QStringList mSupportedCRS
 The list of supported CRS.
QStringList mSupportFormats
 The list of supported formats.
QString mUri
 The URI.
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsDataItem
Qgis::BrowserItemCapabilities mCapabilities = Qgis::BrowserItemCapability::NoCapabilities
QVector< QgsDataItem * > mChildren
QIcon mIcon
QMap< QString, QIcon > mIconMap
QString mIconName
QString mName
QgsDataItemmParent = nullptr
QString mPath
QString mProviderKey
QVariant mSortKey
 Custom sort key. If invalid, name() will be used for sorting instead.
Qgis::BrowserItemState mState = Qgis::BrowserItemState::NotPopulated
QString mToolTip
Qgis::BrowserItemType mType

Detailed Description

A generic data item for file based layers.

This is a generic data item for file based layers. It is created by a QgsFileBasedDataItemProvider for files which represent a single layer, or as children of a QgsFileDataCollectionItem for files which contain multiple layers.

QGIS 3.22

Definition at line 45 of file qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsProviderSublayerItem()

QgsProviderSublayerItem::QgsProviderSublayerItem ( QgsDataItem parent,
const QString &  name,
const QgsProviderSublayerDetails details,
const QString &  filePath 

Constructor for QgsProviderSublayerItem.

parentparent item
namedata item name (this should match either the layer's name or the filename of a single-layer file)
detailssublayer details
filePathpath to file (for sublayer items which directly represent a file)

Definition at line 37 of file qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createChildren()

QVector< QgsDataItem * > QgsProviderSublayerItem::createChildren ( )

Create children.

Children are not expected to have parent set.


Reimplemented from QgsDataItem.

Definition at line 48 of file qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.cpp.

◆ databaseConnection()

QgsAbstractDatabaseProviderConnection * QgsProviderSublayerItem::databaseConnection ( ) const

For data items that represent a DB connection or one of its children, this method returns a connection.

All other data items will return NULL.

Ownership of the returned objects is transferred to the caller.

QGIS 3.16

Reimplemented from QgsLayerItem.

Definition at line 103 of file qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.cpp.

◆ layerName()

QString QgsProviderSublayerItem::layerName ( ) const
the layer name

Reimplemented from QgsLayerItem.

Definition at line 175 of file qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.cpp.

◆ sublayerDetails()

QgsProviderSublayerDetails QgsProviderSublayerItem::sublayerDetails ( ) const

Returns the sublayer details for the item.

QGIS 3.28

Definition at line 98 of file qgsfilebaseddataitemprovider.cpp.

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