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1 /***************************************************************************
2  qgsvectorlayereditpassthrough.h
3  ---------------------
4  begin : Jan 12 2015
5  copyright : (C) 2015 by Sandro Mani
6  email : manisandro at gmail dot com
7  ***************************************************************************
8  * *
9  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
10  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
11  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
12  * (at your option) any later version. *
13  * *
14  ***************************************************************************/
20 class QgsVectorLayer;
26 {
28  public:
30  bool isModified() const override;
31  bool addFeature( QgsFeature& f ) override;
32  bool addFeatures( QgsFeatureList& features ) override;
33  bool deleteFeature( QgsFeatureId fid ) override;
34  bool deleteFeatures( const QgsFeatureIds& fids ) override;
35  bool changeGeometry( QgsFeatureId fid, QgsGeometry* geom ) override;
36  bool changeAttributeValue( QgsFeatureId fid, int field, const QVariant &newValue, const QVariant &oldValue = QVariant() ) override;
37  bool changeAttributeValues( QgsFeatureId fid, const QgsAttributeMap &newValues, const QgsAttributeMap &oldValues ) override;
38  bool addAttribute( const QgsField &field ) override;
39  bool deleteAttribute( int attr ) override;
40  bool renameAttribute( int attr, const QString& newName ) override;
41  bool commitChanges( QStringList& commitErrors ) override;
42  void rollBack() override;
44  private:
45  bool mModified;
46 };
virtual bool renameAttribute(int attr, const QString &newName)
Renames an attribute field (but does not commit it)
virtual bool addAttribute(const QgsField &field)
Add an attribute field (but does not commit it) returns true if the field was added.
virtual bool addFeatures(QgsFeatureList &features)
Insert a copy of the given features into the layer (but does not commit it)
virtual bool addFeature(QgsFeature &f)
Adds a feature.
virtual void rollBack()
Stop editing and discard the edits.
A geometry is the spatial representation of a feature.
Definition: qgsgeometry.h:76
The feature class encapsulates a single feature including its id, geometry and a list of field/values...
Definition: qgsfeature.h:187
virtual bool isModified() const
Returns true if the provider has been modified since the last commit.
virtual bool deleteFeatures(const QgsFeatureIds &fid)
Deletes a set of features from the layer (but does not commit it)
Encapsulate a field in an attribute table or data source.
Definition: qgsfield.h:44
virtual bool changeAttributeValues(QgsFeatureId fid, const QgsAttributeMap &newValues, const QgsAttributeMap &oldValues)
Changes values of attributes (but does not commit it).
virtual bool commitChanges(QStringList &commitErrors)
Attempts to commit any changes to disk.
virtual bool deleteAttribute(int attr)
Delete an attribute field (but does not commit it)
virtual bool deleteFeature(QgsFeatureId fid)
Delete a feature from the layer (but does not commit it)
qint64 QgsFeatureId
Definition: qgsfeature.h:31
virtual bool changeAttributeValue(QgsFeatureId fid, int field, const QVariant &newValue, const QVariant &oldValue=QVariant())
Changed an attribute value (but does not commit it)
Represents a vector layer which manages a vector based data sets.
virtual bool changeGeometry(QgsFeatureId fid, QgsGeometry *geom)
Change feature's geometry.