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QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat Class Reference

#include <qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h>

Public Member Functions

 QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat ()
 QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat (const QString &format, int precision=4, bool trimTrailingZeroes=false)
QString format () const
QString formatNumber (double value) const
QString labelForRange (double lower, double upper) const
QString labelForRange (const QgsRendererRangeV2 &range) const
bool operator!= (const QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat &other) const
bool operator== (const QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat &other) const
int precision () const
void saveToDomElement (QDomElement &element)
void setFormat (const QString &format)
void setFromDomElement (QDomElement &element)
void setPrecision (int precision)
void setTrimTrailingZeroes (bool trimTrailingZeroes)
bool trimTrailingZeroes () const

Static Public Attributes

static int MaxPrecision = 15
static int MinPrecision = -6

Protected Attributes

QString mFormat
double mNumberScale
QString mNumberSuffix
int mPrecision
QRegExp mReNegativeZero
QRegExp mReTrailingZeroes
bool mTrimTrailingZeroes

Detailed Description

added in QGIS 2.6

Definition at line 85 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat() [1/2]

QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat ( )

Definition at line 181 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat() [2/2]

QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat ( const QString format,
int  precision = 4,
bool  trimTrailingZeroes = false 

Definition at line 192 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ format()

QString QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::format ( ) const

Definition at line 94 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ formatNumber()

QString QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::formatNumber ( double  value) const

Definition at line 235 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ labelForRange() [1/2]

QString QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::labelForRange ( double  lower,
double  upper 
) const
labelForLowerUpper in python bindings

Definition at line 257 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ labelForRange() [2/2]

QString QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::labelForRange ( const QgsRendererRangeV2 range) const

Definition at line 230 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ operator!=()

bool QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::operator!= ( const QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat other) const

Definition at line 210 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ operator==()

bool QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::operator== ( const QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat other) const

Definition at line 202 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ precision()

int QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::precision ( ) const

Definition at line 97 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ saveToDomElement()

void QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::saveToDomElement ( QDomElement element)

Definition at line 277 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ setFormat()

void QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::setFormat ( const QString format)

Definition at line 95 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ setFromDomElement()

void QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::setFromDomElement ( QDomElement element)

Definition at line 266 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ setPrecision()

void QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::setPrecision ( int  precision)

Definition at line 215 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.cpp.

◆ setTrimTrailingZeroes()

void QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::setTrimTrailingZeroes ( bool  trimTrailingZeroes)

Definition at line 101 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ trimTrailingZeroes()

bool QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::trimTrailingZeroes ( ) const

Definition at line 100 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ MaxPrecision

int QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::MaxPrecision = 15

Definition at line 111 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mFormat

QString QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mFormat

Definition at line 115 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ MinPrecision

int QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::MinPrecision = -6

Definition at line 112 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mNumberScale

double QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mNumberScale

Definition at line 119 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mNumberSuffix

QString QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mNumberSuffix

Definition at line 120 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mPrecision

int QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mPrecision

Definition at line 116 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mReNegativeZero

QRegExp QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mReNegativeZero

Definition at line 122 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mReTrailingZeroes

QRegExp QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mReTrailingZeroes

Definition at line 121 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

◆ mTrimTrailingZeroes

bool QgsRendererRangeV2LabelFormat::mTrimTrailingZeroes

Definition at line 117 of file qgsgraduatedsymbolrendererv2.h.

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