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QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo Struct Reference

Setting to define QGIS Server WMS Dimension. More...

#include <qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h>

Public Types

enum  DefaultDisplay { AllValues = 0 , MinValue = 1 , MaxValue = 2 , ReferenceValue = 3 }
 Selection behavior for QGIS Server WMS Dimension default display. More...

Public Member Functions

 WmsDimensionInfo (const QString &dimName, const QString &dimFieldName, const QString &dimEndFieldName=QString(), const QString &dimUnits=QString(), const QString &dimUnitSymbol=QString(), const int &dimDefaultDisplayType=QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::AllValues, const QVariant &dimReferenceValue=QVariant())
 Constructor for WmsDimensionInfo.

Public Attributes

int defaultDisplayType
QString endFieldName
QString fieldName
QString name
QVariant referenceValue
QString units
QString unitSymbol

Detailed Description

Setting to define QGIS Server WMS Dimension.

QGIS 3.10

Definition at line 156 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ DefaultDisplay

Selection behavior for QGIS Server WMS Dimension default display.

QGIS 3.10

Display all values of the dimension.


Add selection to current selection.


Modify current selection to include only select features which match.


Remove from current selection.

Definition at line 163 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WmsDimensionInfo()

QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::WmsDimensionInfo ( const QString &  dimName,
const QString &  dimFieldName,
const QString &  dimEndFieldName = QString(),
const QString &  dimUnits = QString(),
const QString &  dimUnitSymbol = QString(),
const int &  dimDefaultDisplayType = QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::AllValues,
const QVariant &  dimReferenceValue = QVariant() 

Constructor for WmsDimensionInfo.

Definition at line 174 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ defaultDisplayType

int QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::defaultDisplayType

Definition at line 194 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

◆ endFieldName

QString QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::endFieldName

Definition at line 191 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

◆ fieldName

QString QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::fieldName

Definition at line 190 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

◆ name

QString QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::name

Definition at line 189 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

◆ referenceValue

QVariant QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::referenceValue

Definition at line 195 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

◆ units

QString QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::units

Definition at line 192 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

◆ unitSymbol

QString QgsServerWmsDimensionProperties::WmsDimensionInfo::unitSymbol

Definition at line 193 of file qgsmaplayerserverproperties.h.

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