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DxfLayerJob Struct Reference

Holds information about each layer in a DXF job. More...

#include <qgsdxfexport_p.h>

Public Member Functions

 DxfLayerJob (QgsVectorLayer *vl, const QString &layerStyleOverride, QgsRenderContext &renderContext, QgsDxfExport *dxfExport, const QString &splitLayerAttribute)

Public Attributes

QSet< QString > attributes
QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem crs
QgsDxfExportdxfExport = nullptr
QgsVectorLayerFeatureSource featureSource
QgsFields fields
std::unique_ptr< QgsAbstractVectorLayerLabelinglabeling
QgsLabelSinkProviderlabelProvider = nullptr
QString layerName
QString layerTitle
QgsRenderContext renderContext
std::unique_ptr< QgsFeatureRendererrenderer
QgsRuleBasedLabelSinkProviderruleBasedLabelProvider = nullptr
QgsFeatureIds selectedFeatureIds
QString splitLayerAttribute
QgsMapLayerStyleOverride styleOverride

Detailed Description

Holds information about each layer in a DXF job.

This can be used for multithreading.

Definition at line 34 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DxfLayerJob()

DxfLayerJob::DxfLayerJob ( QgsVectorLayer vl,
const QString &  layerStyleOverride,
QgsRenderContext renderContext,
QgsDxfExport dxfExport,
const QString &  splitLayerAttribute 

Definition at line 36 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attributes

QSet<QString> DxfLayerJob::attributes

Definition at line 109 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ crs

QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem DxfLayerJob::crs

Definition at line 103 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ dxfExport

QgsDxfExport* DxfLayerJob::dxfExport = nullptr

Definition at line 102 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ featureSource

QgsVectorLayerFeatureSource DxfLayerJob::featureSource

Definition at line 99 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ fields

QgsFields DxfLayerJob::fields

Definition at line 96 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ labeling

std::unique_ptr<QgsAbstractVectorLayerLabeling> DxfLayerJob::labeling

Definition at line 101 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ labelProvider

QgsLabelSinkProvider* DxfLayerJob::labelProvider = nullptr

Definition at line 105 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ layerName

QString DxfLayerJob::layerName

Definition at line 104 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ layerTitle

QString DxfLayerJob::layerTitle

Definition at line 108 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ renderContext

QgsRenderContext DxfLayerJob::renderContext

Definition at line 95 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ renderer

std::unique_ptr< QgsFeatureRenderer > DxfLayerJob::renderer

Definition at line 100 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ ruleBasedLabelProvider

QgsRuleBasedLabelSinkProvider* DxfLayerJob::ruleBasedLabelProvider = nullptr

Definition at line 106 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ selectedFeatureIds

QgsFeatureIds DxfLayerJob::selectedFeatureIds

Definition at line 97 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ splitLayerAttribute

QString DxfLayerJob::splitLayerAttribute

Definition at line 107 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

◆ styleOverride

QgsMapLayerStyleOverride DxfLayerJob::styleOverride

Definition at line 98 of file qgsdxfexport_p.h.

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