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qgswmsgetlegendgraphics.h File Reference
#include "qgslayertreemodel.h"
#include "qgswmsrendercontext.h"
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namespace  QgsWms
 Median cut implementation.


void QgsWms::checkParameters (QgsWmsParameters &parameters)
 checkParameters checks request parameters and sets SRCHEIGHT and SRCWIDTH to default values in case BBOX is specified for contextual legend and (SRC)HEIGHT or (SRC)WIDTH are not.
QgsLayerTreeQgsWms::layerTree (const QgsWmsRenderContext &context)
QgsLayerTreeQgsWms::layerTreeWithGroups (const QgsWmsRenderContext &context, QgsLayerTree *projectRoot)
QgsLayerTreeModelQgsWms::legendModel (const QgsWmsRenderContext &context, QgsLayerTree &tree)
QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNodeQgsWms::legendNode (const QString &rule, QgsLayerTreeModel &model)
void QgsWms::writeGetLegendGraphics (QgsServerInterface *serverIface, const QgsProject *project, const QgsWmsRequest &request, QgsServerResponse &response)
 Output GetLegendGRaphics response.