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1 /***************************************************************************
2  qgsprintlayout.h
3  -------------------
4  begin : December 2017
5  copyright : (C) 2017 by Nyall Dawson
6  email : nyall dot dawson at gmail dot com
7  ***************************************************************************/
8 /***************************************************************************
9  * *
10  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
11  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
12  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
13  * (at your option) any later version. *
14  * *
15  ***************************************************************************/
19 #include "qgis_core.h"
20 #include "qgslayout.h"
22 class QgsLayoutAtlas;
30 class CORE_EXPORT QgsPrintLayout : public QgsLayout, public QgsMasterLayoutInterface
31 {
33  Q_PROPERTY( QString name READ name WRITE setName NOTIFY nameChanged )
35  public:
40  QgsPrintLayout( QgsProject *project );
42  QgsPrintLayout *clone() const override SIP_FACTORY;
43  QgsProject *layoutProject() const override;
45  QIcon icon() const override;
50  QgsLayoutAtlas *atlas();
52  QString name() const override { return mName; }
53  void setName( const QString &name ) override;
55  QDomElement writeXml( QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context ) const override;
56  bool readXml( const QDomElement &layoutElement, const QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context ) override;
58  // QgsLayoutInterface
59  QDomElement writeLayoutXml( QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context ) const override;
60  bool readLayoutXml( const QDomElement &layoutElement, const QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context ) override;
62  void updateSettings() override;
64  bool layoutAccept( QgsStyleEntityVisitorInterface *visitor ) const override;
66  signals:
72  void nameChanged( const QString &name );
74  private:
76  QString mName;
77  QgsLayoutAtlas *mAtlas = nullptr;
79  QgsPrintLayout( const QgsPrintLayout & ) = delete;
80  QgsPrintLayout &operator=( const QgsPrintLayout & ) = delete;
81 };
Expression contexts are used to encapsulate the parameters around which a QgsExpression should be eva...
Class used to render QgsLayout as an atlas, by iterating over the features from an associated vector ...
Base class for layouts, which can contain items such as maps, labels, scalebars, etc.
Definition: qgslayout.h:51
virtual bool readXml(const QDomElement &layoutElement, const QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context)
Sets the collection's state from a DOM element.
Definition: qgslayout.cpp:950
QgsLayout * clone() const
Creates a clone of the layout.
Definition: qgslayout.cpp:83
QgsExpressionContext createExpressionContext() const override
Creates an expression context relating to the layout's current state.
Definition: qgslayout.cpp:395
virtual QDomElement writeXml(QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context) const
Returns the layout's state encapsulated in a DOM element.
Definition: qgslayout.cpp:823
Interface for master layout type objects, such as print layouts and reports.
virtual QDomElement writeLayoutXml(QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context) const =0
Returns the layout's state encapsulated in a DOM element.
virtual QgsProject * layoutProject() const =0
The project associated with the layout.
virtual QIcon icon() const =0
Returns an icon for the layout.
virtual QgsMasterLayoutInterface::Type layoutType() const =0
Returns the master layout type.
virtual void updateSettings()=0
Refreshes the layout when global layout related options change.
virtual bool layoutAccept(QgsStyleEntityVisitorInterface *visitor) const
Accepts the specified style entity visitor, causing it to visit all style entities associated with th...
virtual void setName(const QString &name)=0
Sets the layout's name.
virtual bool readLayoutXml(const QDomElement &layoutElement, const QDomDocument &document, const QgsReadWriteContext &context)=0
Sets the layout's state from a DOM element.
Print layout, a QgsLayout subclass for static or atlas-based layouts.
QString name() const override
Returns the layout's name.
void nameChanged(const QString &name)
Emitted when the layout's name is changed.
Encapsulates a QGIS project, including sets of map layers and their styles, layouts,...
Definition: qgsproject.h:104
The class is used as a container of context for various read/write operations on other objects.
An interface for classes which can visit style entity (e.g.
Definition: qgis_sip.h:76