QGIS API Documentation 3.33.0-Master (bf22a165b3)
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geos Namespace Reference

Contains geos related utilities and functions. More...


struct  GeosDeleter
 Destroys the GEOS geometry geom, using the static QGIS geos context. More...


using buffer_params_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< GEOSBufferParams, GeosDeleter >
 Scoped GEOS buffer params pointer.
using coord_sequence_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< GEOSCoordSequence, GeosDeleter >
 Scoped GEOS coordinate sequence pointer.
using prepared_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< const GEOSPreparedGeometry, GeosDeleter >
 Scoped GEOS prepared geometry pointer.
using unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< GEOSGeometry, GeosDeleter >
 Scoped GEOS pointer.

Detailed Description

Contains geos related utilities and functions.

not available in Python bindings.
QGIS 3.0

Typedef Documentation

◆ buffer_params_unique_ptr

using geos::buffer_params_unique_ptr = typedef std::unique_ptr< GEOSBufferParams, GeosDeleter>

Scoped GEOS buffer params pointer.

Definition at line 84 of file qgsgeos.h.

◆ coord_sequence_unique_ptr

using geos::coord_sequence_unique_ptr = typedef std::unique_ptr< GEOSCoordSequence, GeosDeleter>

Scoped GEOS coordinate sequence pointer.

Definition at line 89 of file qgsgeos.h.

◆ prepared_unique_ptr

using geos::prepared_unique_ptr = typedef std::unique_ptr< const GEOSPreparedGeometry, GeosDeleter>

Scoped GEOS prepared geometry pointer.

Definition at line 79 of file qgsgeos.h.

◆ unique_ptr

using geos::unique_ptr = typedef std::unique_ptr< GEOSGeometry, GeosDeleter>

Scoped GEOS pointer.

Definition at line 74 of file qgsgeos.h.