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QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames Class Reference

Internal use. More...

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Public Types

typedef QPair< QString, QString > TableColumnPair

Public Member Functions

 QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames ()=default
 Constructor for QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeColumnRef &n) override
 Visit NodeColumnRef.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeTableDef &n) override
 Visit NodeTableDef.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsSQLStatement::RecursiveVisitor
 RecursiveVisitor ()=default
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeBetweenOperator &n) override
 Visit NodeBetweenOperator.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeBinaryOperator &n) override
 Visit NodeBinaryOperator.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeCast &n) override
 Visit NodeCast.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeColumnRef &) override
 Visit NodeColumnRef.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeColumnSorted &n) override
 Visit NodeColumnSorted.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeFunction &n) override
 Visit NodeFunction.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeInOperator &n) override
 Visit NodeInOperator.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeJoin &n) override
 Visit NodeJoin.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeLiteral &) override
 Visit NodeLiteral.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeSelect &n) override
 Visit NodeSelect.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeSelectedColumn &n) override
 Visit NodeSelectedColumn.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeTableDef &) override
 Visit NodeTableDef.
void visit (const QgsSQLStatement::NodeUnaryOperator &n) override
 Visit NodeUnaryOperator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsSQLStatement::Visitor
virtual ~Visitor ()=default

Public Attributes

QSet< QString > tableNamesDeclared
QSet< TableColumnPairtableNamesReferenced

Detailed Description

Internal use.

not available in Python bindings

Definition at line 223 of file qgssqlstatement.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TableColumnPair

typedef QPair<QString, QString> QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames::TableColumnPair

Definition at line 226 of file qgssqlstatement.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames()

QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames::QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ visit() [1/2]

void QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames::visit ( const QgsSQLStatement::NodeColumnRef n)

Visit NodeColumnRef.

Implements QgsSQLStatement::Visitor.

Definition at line 240 of file qgssqlstatement.cpp.

◆ visit() [2/2]

void QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames::visit ( const QgsSQLStatement::NodeTableDef n)

Visit NodeTableDef.

Implements QgsSQLStatement::Visitor.

Definition at line 247 of file qgssqlstatement.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ tableNamesDeclared

QSet<QString> QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames::tableNamesDeclared

Definition at line 236 of file qgssqlstatement.cpp.

◆ tableNamesReferenced

QSet<TableColumnPair> QgsSQLStatementCollectTableNames::tableNamesReferenced

Definition at line 237 of file qgssqlstatement.cpp.

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