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QgsMapLayerDependency Class Reference

This class models dependencies with or between map layers. More...

#include <qgsmaplayerdependency.h>

Public Types

enum  Origin { FromProvider = 0, FromUser = 1 }
 Origin of the dependency. More...
enum  Type { PresenceDependency = 1, DataDependency = 2 }
 Type of dependency. More...

Public Member Functions

 QgsMapLayerDependency (const QString &layerId, Type type=DataDependency, Origin origin=FromUser)
 Standard constructor. More...
QString layerId () const
 Returns the ID of the layer this dependency depends on. More...
bool operator== (const QgsMapLayerDependency &other) const
 Comparison operator. More...
Origin origin () const
 Returns the dependency origin. More...
Type type () const
 Returns the dependency type. More...

Detailed Description

This class models dependencies with or between map layers.

A dependency is defined by a layer ID, a type and an origin. The two combinations of type/origin that are currently supported are:

QGIS 3.0

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Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Origin

Origin of the dependency.


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◆ Type

Type of dependency.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsMapLayerDependency()

QgsMapLayerDependency::QgsMapLayerDependency ( const QString &  layerId,
Type  type = DataDependency,
Origin  origin = FromUser 

Standard constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ layerId()

QString QgsMapLayerDependency::layerId ( ) const

Returns the ID of the layer this dependency depends on.

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◆ operator==()

bool QgsMapLayerDependency::operator== ( const QgsMapLayerDependency other) const

Comparison operator.

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◆ origin()

Origin QgsMapLayerDependency::origin ( ) const

Returns the dependency origin.

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◆ type()

Type QgsMapLayerDependency::type ( ) const

Returns the dependency type.

Definition at line 61 of file qgsmaplayerdependency.h.

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