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QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget Class Reference

#include <qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type {
  Default, Full, Table, LineEdit,

Public Slots

void apply ()
void helpOptions ()
 Opens window with options description for given provider and output format. More...
void updateProfiles ()
 Reloads profiles list from QGIS settings. More...
QString validateOptions (bool gui=true, bool reportOk=true)
 Validates options correctness. More...


void optionsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget (QWidget *parent SIP_TRANSFERTHIS=nullptr, const QString &format="GTiff", QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::Type type=Default, const QString &provider="gdal")
QStringList options () const
 Returns list of selected options. More...
void setFormat (const QString &format)
 Set output raster format, it is used to determine list of available options. More...
void setOptions (const QString &options)
 Populate widget with user-defined options. More...
void setProvider (const QString &provider)
 Set provider key, , it is used to determine list of available options. More...
void setPyramidsFormat (QgsRaster::RasterPyramidsFormat format)
 Set pyramids format to use. More...
void setRasterFileName (const QString &file)
 Set output raster file name. More...
void setRasterLayer (QgsRasterLayer *rasterLayer)
 Set output raster layer. More...
void setType (QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::Type type=Default)
 Set widget look and feel. More...

Protected Member Functions

void showEvent (QShowEvent *event) override

Detailed Description

A widget to select format-specific raster saving options

Definition at line 31 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Type


Definition at line 37 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget()

QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget ( QWidget *parent  SIP_TRANSFERTHIS = nullptr,
const QString &  format = "GTiff",
QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::Type  type = Default,
const QString &  provider = "gdal" 

Definition at line 39 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::apply ( )

Definition at line 254 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ helpOptions

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::helpOptions ( )

Opens window with options description for given provider and output format.

Definition at line 259 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ options()

QStringList QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::options ( ) const

Returns list of selected options.

See also

Definition at line 469 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ optionsChanged

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::optionsChanged ( )

◆ setFormat()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setFormat ( const QString &  format)

Set output raster format, it is used to determine list of available options.

Definition at line 110 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ setOptions()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setOptions ( const QString &  options)

Populate widget with user-defined options.

String should contain key=value pairs separated by spaces, e.g. "TILED=YES TFW=YES"

See also
QGIS 3.0

Definition at line 592 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ setProvider()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setProvider ( const QString &  provider)

Set provider key, , it is used to determine list of available options.

Definition at line 117 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ setPyramidsFormat()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setPyramidsFormat ( QgsRaster::RasterPyramidsFormat  format)

Set pyramids format to use.

Definition at line 95 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.h.

◆ setRasterFileName()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setRasterFileName ( const QString &  file)

Set output raster file name.

Definition at line 71 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.h.

◆ setRasterLayer()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setRasterLayer ( QgsRasterLayer rasterLayer)

Set output raster layer.

Definition at line 66 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.h.

◆ setType()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::setType ( QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::Type  type = Default)

Set widget look and feel.

Definition at line 124 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ showEvent()

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::showEvent ( QShowEvent *  event)

Definition at line 585 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ updateProfiles

void QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::updateProfiles ( )

Reloads profiles list from QGIS settings.

Definition at line 164 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

◆ validateOptions

QString QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget::validateOptions ( bool  gui = true,
bool  reportOk = true 

Validates options correctness.

Definition at line 293 of file qgsrasterformatsaveoptionswidget.cpp.

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