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QgsDataSourceSelectDialog Class Reference

#include <qgsdatasourceselectdialog.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsDataSourceSelectDialog (QgsBrowserGuiModel *browserModel=nullptr, bool setFilterByLayerType=false, QgsMapLayerType layerType=QgsMapLayerType::VectorLayer, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 Constructs a QgsDataSourceSelectDialog, optionally filtering by layer type. More...
void setCaseSensitive (bool caseSensitive)
 Sets filter case sensitivity. More...
void setDescription (const QString &description)
 Sets a description label. More...
void setFilter ()
 Apply filter to the model. More...
void setFilterSyntax (QAction *)
 Sets filter syntax. More...
void setLayerTypeFilter (QgsMapLayerType layerType)
 Sets layer type filter to layerType and activates the filtering. More...
void showFilterWidget (bool visible)
 Show/hide filter widget. More...
QgsMimeDataUtils::Uri uri () const
 Returns the (possibly invalid) uri of the selected data source. More...

Detailed Description

The QgsDataSourceSelectDialog class embeds the browser view to select an existing data source.

By default any layer type can be chosen, the valid layer type can be restricted by setting a layer type filter with setLayerTypeFilter(layerType) or by activating the filter directly from the constructor.

To retrieve the selected data source, uri() can be called and it will return a (possibly invalid) QgsMimeDataUtils::Uri.

QGIS 3.6

Definition at line 152 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsDataSourceSelectDialog()

QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::QgsDataSourceSelectDialog ( QgsBrowserGuiModel browserModel = nullptr,
bool  setFilterByLayerType = false,
QgsMapLayerType  layerType = QgsMapLayerType::VectorLayer,
QWidget *  parent = nullptr 

Constructs a QgsDataSourceSelectDialog, optionally filtering by layer type.

browserModelan existing browser model (typically from app), if nullptr an instance will be created
setFilterByLayerTypeactivates filtering by layer type
layerTypesets the layer type filter, this is in effect only if filtering by layer type is also active
parentthe object

Definition at line 310 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setCaseSensitive()

void QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::setCaseSensitive ( bool  caseSensitive)

Sets filter case sensitivity.

Definition at line 357 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

◆ setDescription()

void QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::setDescription ( const QString &  description)

Sets a description label.

descriptiona description string
the description will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog

Definition at line 337 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

◆ setFilter()

void QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::setFilter ( )

Apply filter to the model.

Definition at line 362 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

◆ setFilterSyntax()

void QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::setFilterSyntax ( QAction *  syntax)

Sets filter syntax.

Definition at line 352 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

◆ setLayerTypeFilter()

void QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::setLayerTypeFilter ( QgsMapLayerType  layerType)

Sets layer type filter to layerType and activates the filtering.

Definition at line 332 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

◆ showFilterWidget()

void QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::showFilterWidget ( bool  visible)

Show/hide filter widget.

Definition at line 347 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

◆ uri()

QgsMimeDataUtils::Uri QgsDataSourceSelectDialog::uri ( ) const

Returns the (possibly invalid) uri of the selected data source.

Definition at line 342 of file qgsdatasourceselectdialog.cpp.

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