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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNQgisGui/namespace QgisGui The QgisGui namespace contains constants and helper functions used throughout the QGIS GUI
oNQgsLayerTreeNamespace with helper functions for layer tree operations
oC_nmeaGPGGAGGA packet information structure (Global Positioning System Fix Data)
oC_nmeaGPGSAGSA packet information structure (Satellite status)
oC_nmeaGPGSVGSV packet information structure (Satellites in view)
oC_nmeaGPRMCRMC packet information structure (Recommended Minimum sentence C)
oC_nmeaGPVTGVTG packet information structure (Track made good and ground speed)
oC_nmeaINFOSummary GPS information from all parsed packets, used also for generating NMEA stream
oC_nmeaPOSPosition data in fractional degrees or radians
oC_nmeaSATELLITEInformation about satellite
oC_nmeaSATINFOInformation about all satellites in view
oC_nmeaTIMEDate and time data
oCBezier3DClass Bezier3D represents a bezier curve, represented by control points
oCCloughTocherInterpolatorThis is an implementation of a Clough-Tocher interpolator based on a triangular tessellation
oCDualEdgeTriangulationDualEdgeTriangulation is an implementation of a triangulation class based on the dual edge data structure
oCLayerRenderJobStructure keeping low-level rendering job information
oCLine3DThis class represents a line
oCLinTriangleInterpolatorLinTriangleInterpolator is a class which interpolates linearly on a triangulation
oCNodeNode is a class used by Line3D
oCNormVecDecoratorDecorator class which adds the functionality of estimating normals at the data points
oCParametricLineParametricLine is an Interface for parametric lines
oCPoint3DPoint3D is a class to represent a three dimensional point
oCQGisGlobal constants for use throughout the application
oCQgisInterfaceQgisInterface Abstract base class defining interfaces exposed by QgisApp and made available to plugins
oCQgisPluginAbstract base class from which all plugins must inherit
oCQgsAbstractCacheIndexAbstract base class for cache indices
oCQgsAbstractFeatureIteratorInternal feature iterator to be implemented within data providers
oCQgsAbstractFeatureIteratorFromSourceHelper template that cares of two things: 1
oCQgsAbstractFeatureSourceBase class that can be used for any class that is capable of returning features
oCQgsAbstractGeometrySimplifierAbstract base class for simplify geometries using a specific algorithm
oCQgsAbstractGeometryV2Abstract base class for all geometries
oCQgsActionUtility class that encapsulates an action based on vector attributes
oCQgsActionMenuThis class is a menu that is populated automatically with the actions defined for a given layer
oCQgsAddRemoveItemCommandA composer command class for adding / removing composer items
oCQgsAnimatedIconAnimated icon is keeping an animation running if there are listeners connected to frameChanged
oCQgsAnnotationItemAn annotation item can be either placed either on screen corrdinates or on map coordinates
oCQgsApplicationExtends QApplication to provide access to QGIS specific resources such as theme paths, database paths etc
oCQgsApplyDialogInterface class for dialogs that have an apply operation (e.g
oCQgsAspectFilterCalculates aspect values in a window of 3x3 cells based on first order derivatives in x- and y- directions
oCQgsAtlasCompositionClass used to render an Atlas, iterating over geometry features
oCQgsAttributeActionStorage and management of actions associated with Qgis layer attributes
oCQgsAttributeEditorCreate attribute widget for editing
oCQgsAttributeEditorContainerThis is a container for attribute editors, used to group them visually in the attribute form if it is set to the drag and drop designer
oCQgsAttributeEditorContextThis class contains context information for attribute editor widgets
oCQgsAttributeEditorElementThis is an abstract base class for any elements of a drag and drop form
oCQgsAttributeEditorFieldThis element will load a field's widget onto the form
oCQgsAttributeEditorRelationThis element will load a relation editor onto the form
oCQgsAttributeFormLegacyInterfaceThis class helps to support legacy open form scripts to be compatible with the new QgsAttributeForm style interface
oCQgsAttributesA vector of attributes
oCQgsAttributeTableDelegateA delegate item class for QgsAttributeTable (see Qt documentation for QItemDelegate)
oCQgsAttributeTableModelA model backed by a QgsVectorLayerCache which is able to provide feature/attribute information to a QAbstractItemView
oCQgsAttributeTableViewProvides a table view of features of a QgsVectorLayer
oCQgsBilinearRasterResamplerBilinear Raster Resampler
oCQgsBlendModeComboBoxA combobox which lets the user select blend modes from a predefined list
oCQgsBlurEffectA paint effect which blurs a source picture, using a number of different blur methods
oCQgsBrightnessContrastFilterBrightness/contrast filter pipe for rasters
oCQgsBrowserTreeViewExtends QTreeView with save/restore tree state functionality
oCQgsBusyIndicatorDialogA simple dialog to show an indeterminate busy progress indicator
oCQgsCachedFeatureIteratorDelivers features from the cache
oCQgsCachedFeatureWriterIteratorUses another iterator as backend and writes features to the cache
oCQgsCapabilitiesCacheA cache for capabilities xml documents (by configuration file path)
oCQgsCharacterSelectorDialogA dialog for selecting a single character from a single font
oCQgsCheckboxWidgetWrapperWraps a checkbox widget
oCQgsCircularStringV2Circular string geometry type
oCQgsClipperA class to trim lines and polygons to within a rectangular region
oCQgsClipToMinMaxEnhancementA raster contrast enhancement that will clip a value to the specified min/max range
oCQgsCodeEditorA text editor based on QScintilla2
oCQgsCodeEditorCSSA CSS editor based on QScintilla2
oCQgsCodeEditorHTMLA HTML editor based on QScintilla2
oCQgsCodeEditorPythonA Python editor based on QScintilla2
oCQgsCodeEditorSQLA SQL editor based on QScintilla2
oCQgsCollapsibleGroupBoxA groupbox that collapses/expands when toggled and can save its collapsed and checked states
oCQgsCollapsibleGroupBoxBasicA groupbox that collapses/expands when toggled
oCQgsColorBoxA color box widget
oCQgsColorButtonA cross platform button subclass for selecting colors. Will open a color chooser dialog when clicked. Offers live updates to button from color chooser dialog
oCQgsColorButtonV2A cross platform button subclass for selecting colors
oCQgsColorDialogA native operating system dialog for selecting a color
oCQgsColorDialogV2A custom QGIS dialog for selecting a color
oCQgsColorEffectA paint effect which alters the colors (eg brightness, contrast) in a source picture
oCQgsColorGridActionA color swatch grid which can be embedded into a menu
oCQgsColorPreviewWidgetA preview box which displays one or two colors as swatches
oCQgsColorRampShaderA ramp shader will color a raster pixel based on a list of values ranges in a ramp
oCQgsColorRampWidgetA color ramp widget
oCQgsColorSchemeAbstract base class for color schemes
oCQgsColorSchemeListAn editable list of color swatches, taken from an associated QgsColorScheme
oCQgsColorSchemeModelA model for colors in a color scheme
oCQgsColorSchemeRegistryRegistry of color schemes
oCQgsColorSliderWidgetA composite horizontal color ramp widget and associated spinbox for manual value entry
oCQgsColorSwatchDelegateA delegate for showing a color swatch in a list
oCQgsColorSwatchGridA grid of color swatches, which allows for user selection
oCQgsColorTextWidgetA line edit widget which displays colors as text and accepts string representations of colors
oCQgsColorWheelA color wheel widget
oCQgsColorWidgetA base class for interactive color widgets
oCQgsColorWidgetWrapperWraps a color widget
oCQgsComposerArrowAn item that draws an arrow between to points
oCQgsComposerAttributeTableA table class that displays a vector attribute table
oCQgsComposerAttributeTableColumnModelA model for displaying columns shown in a QgsComposerAttributeTable
oCQgsComposerAttributeTableColumnModelV2A model for displaying columns shown in a QgsComposerAttributeTableV2
oCQgsComposerAttributeTableCompareHelper class for sorting tables, takes into account sorting column and ascending / descending
oCQgsComposerAttributeTableCompareV2Helper class for sorting tables, takes into account sorting column and ascending / descending
oCQgsComposerAttributeTableV2A table that displays attributes from a vector layer
oCQgsComposerFrameFrame item for a composer multiframe item
oCQgsComposerItemA item that forms part of a map composition
oCQgsComposerItemCommandUndo command to undo/redo all composer item related changes
oCQgsComposerItemGroupA container for grouping several QgsComposerItems
oCQgsComposerLabelA label that can be placed onto a map composition
oCQgsComposerLegendA legend that can be placed onto a map composition
oCQgsComposerLegendItemAbstract base class for the legend item types
oCQgsComposerLegendStyleComposer legend components style
oCQgsComposerMapObject representing map window
oCQgsComposerMapGridAn individual grid which is drawn above the map content in a QgsComposerMap
oCQgsComposerMapGridStackA collection of grids which is drawn above the map content in a QgsComposerMap
oCQgsComposerMapItemAn item which is drawn inside a QgsComposerMap, eg a grid or map overview
oCQgsComposerMapItemStackA collection of map items which are drawn above the map content in a QgsComposerMap
oCQgsComposerMapOverviewAn individual overview which is drawn above the map content in a QgsComposerMap, and shows the extent of another QgsComposerMap
oCQgsComposerMapOverviewStackA collection of overviews which are drawn above the map content in a QgsComposerMap
oCQgsComposerMergeCommandA composer command that merges together with other commands having the same context (=id)
oCQgsComposerModelA model for items attached to a composition
oCQgsComposerMouseHandlesHandles drawing of selection outlines and mouse handles
oCQgsComposerMultiFrameAbstract base class for composer items with the ability to distribute the content to several frames (QgsComposerFrame items)
oCQgsComposerMultiFrameMergeCommandA composer command that merges together with other commands having the same context (=id) for multi frame items
oCQgsComposerObjectA base class for objects which belong to a map composition
oCQgsComposerPictureA composer class that displays svg files or raster format (jpg, png, ...)
oCQgsComposerRulerA class to show paper scale and the current cursor position
oCQgsComposerScaleBarA scale bar item that can be added to a map composition
oCQgsComposerShapeA composer items that draws common shapes (ellipse, triangle, rectangle)
oCQgsComposerTableA class to display feature attributes in the print composer
oCQgsComposerTableColumnStores properties of a column in a QgsComposerTable
oCQgsComposerTableSortColumnsProxyModelAllows for filtering QgsComposerAttributeTable columns by columns which are sorted or unsorted
oCQgsComposerTableSortColumnsProxyModelV2Allows for filtering QgsComposerAttributeTable columns by columns which are sorted or unsorted
oCQgsComposerTableV2A class to display a table in the print composer, and allow the table to span over multiple frames
oCQgsComposerTextTableA text table item that reads text from string lists
oCQgsComposerTextTableV2A text table item that reads text from string lists
oCQgsComposerUtilsUtilities for compositions
oCQgsComposerViewWidget to display the composer items
oCQgsCompositionGraphics scene for map printing
oCQgsCompoundCurveV2Compound curve geometry type
oCQgsConnectionPoolTemplate class responsible for keeping a pool of open connections
oCQgsConnectionPoolGroupTemplate that stores data related to one server
oCQgsContextHelpProvides a context based help browser for a dialog
oCQgsContrastEnhancementManipulates raster pixel values so that they enhanceContrast or clip into a specified numerical range according to the specified ContrastEnhancementAlgorithm
oCQgsContrastEnhancementFunctionA contrast enhancement funcion is the base class for all raster contrast enhancements
oCQgsCoordinateReferenceSystemClass for storing a coordinate reference system (CRS)
oCQgsCoordinateTransformClass for doing transforms between two map coordinate systems
oCQgsCoordinateTransformCacheCache coordinate transform by authid of source/dest transformation to avoid the overhead of initialisation for each redraw
oCQgsCptCityAllRampsItemAn "All ramps item", which contains all items in a flat hierarchy
oCQgsCptCityCollectionItemA Collection: logical collection of subcollections and color ramps
oCQgsCptCityColorRampItemItem that represents a layer that can be opened with one of the providers
oCQgsCptCityDataItemBase class for all items in the model
oCQgsCptCityDirectoryItemA directory: contains subdirectories and color ramps
oCQgsCptCitySelectionItemA selection: contains subdirectories and color ramps
oCQgsCredentialDialogA generic dialog for requesting credentials
oCQgsCredentialsInterface for requesting credentials in QGIS in GUI independent way
oCQgsCredentialsConsoleDefault implementation of credentials interface
oCQgsCsExceptionCustom exception class for Coordinate Reference System related exceptions
oCQgsCubicRasterResamplerCubic Raster Resampler
oCQgsCurvePolygonV2Curve polygon geometry type
oCQgsCurveV2Abstract base class for curved geometry type
oCQgsCustomColorSchemeA color scheme which contains custom colors set through QGIS app options dialog
oCQgsCustomLayerOrderWidgetList box where the user can define custom order for drawing of layers
oCQgsDashSpaceDialogA dialog to enter a custom dash space pattern for lines
oCQgsDataCollectionItemA Collection: logical collection of layers or subcollections, e.g
oCQgsDataDefinedA container class for data source field mapping or expression
oCQgsDataDefinedAssistantAn assistant (wizard) dialog, accessible from a QgsDataDefinedButton
oCQgsDataDefinedButtonA button for defining data source field mappings or expressions
oCQgsDataDefinedValueDialogUtility classes for "en masse" size definition
oCQgsDataItemBase class for all items in the model
oCQgsDataItemProviderThis is the interface for those who want to add custom data items to the browser tree
oCQgsDataItemProviderFromPluginSimple data item provider implementation that handles the support for provider plugins (which may contain dataCapabilities() and dataItem() functions)
oCQgsDataItemProviderRegistryThis singleton class keeps a list of data item providers that may add items to the browser tree
oCQgsDataProviderAbstract base class for spatial data provider implementations
oCQgsDataSourceURIClass for storing the component parts of a PostgreSQL/RDBMS datasource URI
oCQgsDateTimeEditQDateTimeEdit with the capability of setting/reading null date/times
oCQgsDateTimeEditWrapperWraps a date time widget
oCQgsDatumTransformStoreKeeps track of datum transformations as chosen by the user
oCQgsDbFilterProxyModelA class that implements a custom filter and can be used as a proxy for QgsDbTableModel
oCQgsDefaultPluginLayerLegendDefault legend implementation for plugin layers
oCQgsDefaultRasterLayerLegendDefault legend implementation for raster layers
oCQgsDefaultSearchWidgetWrapperWraps a search widget
oCQgsDefaultVectorLayerLegendDefault legend implementation for vector layers
oCQgsDerivativeFilterAdds the ability to calculate derivatives in x- and y-directions
oCQgsDetailedItemDataThis class is the data only representation of a QgsDetailedItemWidget, designed to be used in custom views
oCQgsDetailedItemDelegateA custom model/view delegate that can display an icon, heading and detail sections
oCQgsDetailedItemWidgetA widget renderer for detailed item views
oCQgsDiagramBase class for all diagram types
oCQgsDiagramRendererV2Returns diagram settings for a feature
oCQgsDialogA generic dialog with layout and button box
oCQgsDirectoryItemA directory: contains subdirectories and layers
oCQgsDistanceAreaGeneral purpose distance and area calculator
oCQgsDoubleBoxScaleBarStyleDouble box with alternating colors
oCQgsDoubleSpinBoxThe QgsSpinBox is a spin box with a clear button that will set the value to the defined clear value
oCQgsDrawSourceEffectA paint effect which draws the source picture with minor or no alterations
oCQgsDropShadowEffectA paint effect which draws an offset and optionally blurred drop shadow
oCQgsDualViewThis widget is used to show the attributes of a set of features of a QgsVectorLayer
oCQgsDxfPaintDeviceA paint device for drawing into dxf files
oCQgsEdgeProperterQgsEdgeProperter is a strategy pattern
oCQgsEditorConfigWidgetThis class should be subclassed for every configurable editor widget type
oCQgsEditorWidgetFactoryEvery attribute editor widget needs a factory, which inherits this class
oCQgsEditorWidgetRegistryThis class manages all known edit widget factories
oCQgsEditorWidgetWrapperManages an editor widget Widget and wrapper share the same parent
oCQgsEffectDrawModeComboBoxA combo box allowing selection of paint effect draw modes
oCQgsEffectStackA paint effect which consists of a stack of other chained paint effects
oCQgsEffectStackCompactWidgetA small widget consisting of a check box for enabling/disabling an effect stack and a button for opening an effect stack customisation dialog
oCQgsEffectStackPropertiesDialogA dialog for modifying the properties of a QgsEffectStack, including adding and reordering effects within the stack
oCQgsEffectStackPropertiesWidgetA widget for modifying the properties of a QgsEffectStack, including adding and reordering effects within the stack
oCQgsEllipseSymbolLayerV2A symbol layer for rendering objects with major and minor axis (e.g
oCQgsEncodingFileDialogA file dialog which lets the user select the preferred encoding type for a data provider
oCQgsErrorQgsError is container for error messages (report)
oCQgsErrorItemData item that can be used to report problems (e.g
oCQgsErrorMessageQgsErrorMessage represents single error message
oCQgsExceptionDefines a qgis exception class
oCQgsExpressionClass for parsing and evaluation of expressions (formerly called "search strings")
oCQgsExpressionBuilderDialogA generic dialog for building expression strings
oCQgsExpressionBuilderWidgetA reusable widget that can be used to build a expression string
oCQgsExpressionFieldBufferBuffers information about expression fields for a vector layer
oCQgsExpressionItemAn expression item that can be used in the QgsExpressionBuilderWidget tree
oCQgsExpressionItemSearchProxySearch proxy used to filter the QgsExpressionBuilderWidget tree
oCQgsExpressionSelectionDialogThis class offers a dialog to change feature selections
oCQgsExtentGroupBoxCollapsible group box for configuration of extent, typically for a save operation
oCQgsFavouritesItemContains various Favourites directories
oCQgsFeatureThe feature class encapsulates a single feature including its id, geometry and a list of field/values attributes
oCQgsFeatureIteratorWrapper for iterator of features from vector data provider or vector layer
oCQgsFeatureIteratorDataStreamUtility class for bulk loading of R-trees
oCQgsFeatureListViewShows a list of features and renders a edit button next to each feature
oCQgsFeatureRequestThis class wraps a request for features to a vector layer (or directly its vector data provider)
oCQgsFeatureStoreContainer for features with the same fields and crs
oCQgsFieldEncapsulate a field in an attribute table or data source
oCQgsFieldComboBoxThe QgsFieldComboBox is a combo box which displays the list of fields of a given layer
oCQgsFieldExpressionWidgetReates a widget to choose fields and edit expressions It contains a combo boxto display the fields and expression and a button to open the expression dialog
oCQgsFieldModelModel to display the list of fields of a layer in widgets
oCQgsFieldProxyModelEasy to use model to display the list of fields of a layer
oCQgsFieldsContainer of fields for a vector layer
oCQgsFileDropEditA line edit for capturing file names that can have files dropped onto it via drag & drop
oCQgsFileNameWidgetWrapperWraps a file name widget
oCQgsFilterLineEditLineedit with builtin clear button
oCQgsFormAnnotationItemAn annotation item that embedds a designer form showing the feature attribute
oCQgsGenericFeatureSelectionManagerThis selection manager synchronizes a local set of selected features with an attribute table
oCQgsGenericProjectionSelectorA generic dialog to prompt the user for a Coordinate Reference System
oCQgsGeometryA geometry is the spatial representation of a feature
oCQgsGeometryAnalyzerThe QGis class provides vector geometry analysis functions
oCQgsGeometryCollectionV2Geometry collection
oCQgsGeometryEditUtilsConvenience functions for geometry editing
oCQgsGeometryEngineContains geometry relation and modification algorithms
oCQgsGeometryFactoryContains geometry creation routines
oCQgsGeometryUtilsContains various geometry utility functions
oCQgsGeosDoes vector analysis using the geos library and handles import, export, exception handling*
oCQgsGlowEffectBase class for paint effect which draw a glow inside or outside a picture
oCQgsGmlThis class reads data from a WFS server or alternatively from a GML file
oCQgsGplColorSchemeA color scheme which stores its colors in a gpl palette file
oCQgsGPSConnectionAbstract base class for connection to a GPS device
oCQgsGPSConnectionRegistryA singleton class to register / unregister existing GPS connections such that the information is available to all classes and plugins
oCQgsGpsdConnectionEvaluates NMEA sentences coming from gpsd
oCQgsGraduatedHistogramWidgetGraphical histogram for displaying distribution of field values and editing range breaks for a QgsGraduatedSymbolRendererV2 renderer
oCQgsGraphMathematics graph representation
oCQgsGraphAnalyzerThe QGis class provides graph analysis functions
oCQgsGraphArcThis class implement a graph edge
oCQgsGraphBuilderThis class making the QgsGraph object
oCQgsGraphBuilderInterfaceDetermine interface for creating a graph
oCQgsGraphDirectorDetermine making the graph
oCQgsGraphVertexThis class implement a graph vertex
oCQgsGridFileWriterA class that does interpolation to a grid and writes the results to an ascii grid
oCQgsHeatmapRendererA renderer which draws points as a live heatmap
oCQgsHiddenWidgetWrapperWraps a hidden widget
oCQgsHighlightA class for highlight features on the map
oCQgsHistogramCalculator for a numeric histogram from a list of values
oCQgsHistogramWidgetGraphical histogram for displaying distributions of field values
oCQgsHtmlAnnotationItemAn annotation item that embedds a designer form showing the feature attribute
oCQgsHttpTransactionHTTP request/response manager that is redirect-aware
oCQgsHueSaturationFilterColor and saturation filter pipe for rasters
oCQgsIdentifyMenuBuilds a menu to be used with identify results (
oCQgsIFeatureSelectionManagerIs an interface class to abstract feature selection handling
oCQgsImageFetcherHandles asynchronous download of images
oCQgsImageFillSymbolLayerBase class for polygon renderers generating texture images
oCQgsImageLegendNodeImplementation of legend node interface for displaying arbitrary raster image
oCQgsImageOperationContains operations and filters which apply to QImages
oCQgsInnerGlowEffectA paint effect which draws a glow within a picture
oCQgsInnerShadowEffectA paint effect which draws an offset and optionally blurred drop shadow within a picture
oCQgsInterpolatorInterface class for interpolations
oCQgsInvertedPolygonRendererQgsInvertedPolygonRenderer is a polygon-only feature renderer used to display features inverted, where the exterior is turned to an interior and where the exterior theoretically spans the entire plane, allowing to mask the surroundings of some features
oCQgsInvertedPolygonRendererWidgetA widget used represent options of a QgsInvertedPolygonRenderer
oCQgsLabelA class to render labels
oCQgsLabelAttributesA class to store attributes needed for label rendering
oCQgsLabelComponentMaintains current state of more grainular and temporal values when creating/painting component parts of an individual label (e.g
oCQgsLabelingEngineInterfaceLabeling engine interface
oCQgsLabelingResultsClass that stores computed placement from labeling engine
oCQgsLabelSearchTreeA class to query the labeling structure at a given point (small wraper around pal RTree class)
oCQgsLayerDefinitionHolds generic methods for loading/exporting QLR files
oCQgsLayerItemItem that represents a layer that can be opened with one of the providers
oCQgsLayerTreeGroupLayer tree group node serves as a container for layers and further groups
oCQgsLayerTreeLayerLayer tree node points to a map layer
oCQgsLayerTreeMapCanvasBridgeTakes care of updates of layer set for QgsMapCanvas from a layer tree
oCQgsLayerTreeModelModel implementation for Qt item views framework
oCQgsLayerTreeModelLegendNodeThe QgsLegendRendererItem class is abstract interface for legend items returned from QgsMapLayerLegend implementation
oCQgsLayerTreeNodeThis class is a base class for nodes in a layer tree
oCQgsLayerTreeRegistryBridgeListens to the updates in map layer registry and does changes in layer tree
oCQgsLayerTreeUtilsAssorted functions for dealing with layer trees
oCQgsLayerTreeViewExtends QTreeView and provides some additional functionality when working with a layer tree
oCQgsLayerTreeViewDefaultActionsServes as a factory of actions that can be used together with a layer tree view
oCQgsLayerTreeViewMenuProviderImplementation of this interface can be implemented to allow QgsLayerTreeView instance to provide custom context menus (opened upon right-click)
oCQgsLegendInterfaceQgsLegendInterface Abstract base class to make QgsLegend available to plugins
oCQgsLegendModelA model that provides group, layer and classification items
oCQgsLegendModelV2Item model implementation based on layer tree model for composer legend
oCQgsLegendRendererHandles automatic layout and rendering of legend
oCQgsLegendSettingsStores the appearance and layout settings for legend drawing with QgsLegendRenderer
oCQgsLegendSymbolItemV2The class stores information about one class/rule of a vector layer renderer in a unified way that can be used by legend model for rendering of legend
oCQgsLinearMinMaxEnhancementA color enhancement function that performs a linear enhanceContrast between min and max
oCQgsLinearMinMaxEnhancementWithClipA linear enhanceContrast enhancement that first clips to min max and then enhanceContrastes linearly between min and max
oCQgsLineStringV2Line string geometry type
oCQgsLineVectorLayerDirectorDetermine making the graph from vector line layer
oCQgsLoggerQgsLogger is a class to print debug/warning/error messages to the console
oCQgsMapCanvasMap canvas is a class for displaying all GIS data types on a canvas
oCQgsMapCanvasItemAn abstract class for items that can be placed on the map canvas
oCQgsMapCanvasLayerA class that stores visibility and presence in overview flags together with pointer to the layer
oCQgsMapCanvasMapA rectangular graphics item representing the map on the canvas
oCQgsMapCanvasRendererSyncClass that does synchronization between QgsMapCanvas and its associated QgsMapRenderer:
oCQgsMapCanvasSnapperThis class reads the snapping properties from the current project and configures a QgsSnapper to perform the snapping
oCQgsMapCanvasSnappingUtilsSnapping utils instance that is connected to a canvas and updates the configuration (map settings + current layer) whenever that is changed in the canvas
oCQgsMapHitTestClass that runs a hit test with given map settings
oCQgsMapLayerBase class for all map layer types
oCQgsMapLayerActionAn action which can run on map layers
oCQgsMapLayerActionRegistryThis class tracks map layer actions
oCQgsMapLayerComboBoxCombo box which displays the list of layers
oCQgsMapLayerLegendAbstract interface for implementations of legends for one map layer
oCQgsMapLayerLegendUtilsMiscellaneous utility functions for handling of map layer legend
oCQgsMapLayerModelModel to display layers in widgets
oCQgsMapLayerProxyModelEasy to use model to display the list of layers in widgets
oCQgsMapLayerRegistryThis class tracks map layers that are currently loaded and provides a means to fetch a pointer to a map layer and delete it
oCQgsMapLayerRendererBase class for utility classes that encapsulate information necessary for rendering of map layers
oCQgsMapLayerStyleStores style information (renderer, transparency, labeling, diagrams etc.) applicable to a map layer
oCQgsMapLayerStyleManagerManagement of styles for use with one map layer
oCQgsMapOverviewCanvasA widget that displays an overview map
oCQgsMapRendererA non GUI class for rendering a map layer set onto a QPainter
oCQgsMapRendererCacheThis class is responsible for keeping cache of rendered images of individual layers
oCQgsMapRendererCustomPainterJobJob implementation that renders everything sequentially using a custom painter
oCQgsMapRendererJobAbstract base class for map rendering implementations
oCQgsMapRendererParallelJobJob implementation that renders all layers in parallel
oCQgsMapRendererQImageJobIntermediate base class adding functionality that allows client to query the rendered image
oCQgsMapRendererSequentialJobJob implementation that renders everything sequentially in one thread
oCQgsMapServiceExceptionException class for WMS service exceptions
oCQgsMapSettingsConfiguration for rendering of the map
oCQgsMapTipA maptip is a class to display a tip on a map canvas when a mouse is hovered over a feature
oCQgsMapToolAbstract base class for all map tools
oCQgsMapToolEmitPointA map tool that simply emits a point when clicking on the map
oCQgsMapToolIdentifyMap tool for identifying features in layers
oCQgsMapToolIdentifyFeatureMap tool to identify a feature on a chosen layer
oCQgsMapToolPanA map tool for panning the map
oCQgsMapToolTouchA map tool for panning the map
oCQgsMapToolZoomA map tool for zooming into the map
oCQgsMapToPixelPerform transforms between map coordinates and device coordinates
oCQgsMapToPixelSimplifierImplementation of GeometrySimplifier using the "MapToPixel" algorithm
oCQgsMapUnitScaleDialogDialog allowing the user to choose the minimum and maximum scale of an object in map units
oCQgsMessageBarA bar for displaying non-blocking messages to the user
oCQgsMessageLogInterface for logging messages from QGIS in GUI independent way
oCQgsMessageLogConsoleDefault implementation of message logging interface
oCQgsMessageLogViewerA generic dialog widget for displaying QGIS log messages
oCQgsMessageOutputInterface for showing messages from QGIS in GUI independent way
oCQgsMessageOutputConsoleDefault implementation of message output interface
oCQgsMessageViewerA generic message view for displaying QGIS messages
oCQgsMultiBandColorRendererRenderer for multiband images with the color components
oCQgsMultiCurveV2Multi curve geometry collection
oCQgsMultiLineStringV2Multi line string geometry collection
oCQgsMultiPointV2Multi point geometry collection
oCQgsMultiPolygonV2Multi polygon geometry collection
oCQgsMultiRenderCheckerThis class allows checking rendered images against comparison images
oCQgsMultiSurfaceV2Multi surface geometry collection
oCQgsNetworkContentFetcherHTTP network content fetcher
oCQgsNetworkReplyParserMultipart QNetworkReply parser
oCQgsNewHttpConnectionDialog to allow the user to configure and save connection information for an HTTP Server for WMS, etc
oCQgsNewNameDialogNew name, for example new layer name dialog
oCQgsNineCellFilterBase class for raster analysis methods that work with a 3x3 cell filter and calculate the value of each cell based on the cell value and the eight neighbour cells
oCQgsNMEAConnectionEvaluates NMEA sentences coming from a GPS device
oCQgsNumericScaleBarStyleA scale bar style that draws text in the form of '1:XXXXX'
oCQgsNumericSortTreeWidgetItemQTreeWidgetItem that can sort numerically (as opposed to just lexigraphically)
oCQgsObjectCustomPropertiesSimple key-value store (keys = strings, values = variants) that supports loading/saving to/from XML in
oCQgsOgcUtilsVarious utility functions for conversion between OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards and QGIS internal representations
oCQgsOptionsDialogBaseA base dialog for options and properties dialogs that offers vertical tabs
oCQgsOSMDatabaseClass that encapsulates access to OpenStreetMap data stored in a database previously imported from XML file
oCQgsOSMDownloadOSMDownload is a utility class for downloading OpenStreetMap via Overpass API
oCQgsOSMElementElements (also data primitives) are the basic components in OpenStreetMap from which everything else is defined
oCQgsOSMNodeA node is one of the core elements in the OpenStreetMap data model
oCQgsOSMNodeIteratorEncapsulate iteration over table of nodes
oCQgsOSMTagsThis class is a container of tags for a node, way or a relation
oCQgsOSMWayA way is an ordered list of nodes which normally also has at least one tag or is included within a Relation
oCQgsOSMWayIteratorEncapsulate iteration over table of ways
oCQgsOSMXmlImportImports OpenStreetMap XML format to our topological representation in a SQLite database (see QgsOSMDatabase for details)
oCQgsOuterGlowEffectA paint effect which draws a glow outside of a picture
oCQgsOverlayAnalyzerThe QGis class provides vector overlay analysis functions
oCQgsOWSConnectionConnections management
oCQgsOWSSourceSelectDialog to create connections and add layers from WMS, WFS, WCS etc
oCQgsPaintEffectBase class for visual effects which can be applied to QPicture drawings
oCQgsPaintEffectAbstractMetadataStores metadata about a paint effect class
oCQgsPaintEffectMetadataConvenience metadata class that uses static functions to create an effect and its widget
oCQgsPaintEffectPropertiesWidgetA widget which modifies the properties of a QgsPaintEffect
oCQgsPaintEffectRegistrySingleton registry of available paint effects
oCQgsPaintEffectWidgetBase class for effect properties widgets
oCQgsPalettedRasterRendererRenderer for paletted raster images
oCQgsPanningWidgetWidget that serves as rectangle showing current extent in overview
oCQgsPaperGridItem representing a grid
oCQgsPaperItemItem representing the paper
oCQgsPhotoWidgetWrapperWraps a photo widget
oCQgsPluginLayerBase class for plugin layers
oCQgsPluginLayerRegistryRegistry of plugin layers types
oCQgsPluginLayerRendererFallback layer renderer implementation for layer that do not support map renderer yet
oCQgsPluginLayerTypeClass for creating plugin specific layers
oCQgsPointA class to represent a point
oCQgsPointDisplacementRendererA renderer that automatically displaces points with the same position
oCQgsPointLocatorThe class defines interface for querying point location:
oCQgsPointLocator_DumpTreeHelper class to dump the R-index nodes and their content
oCQgsPointLocator_StreamHelper class for bulk loading of R-trees
oCQgsPointLocator_VisitorAreaHelper class used when traversing the index with areas - builds a list of matches
oCQgsPointLocator_VisitorEdgesInRectHelper class used when traversing the index looking for edges - builds a list of matches
oCQgsPointLocator_VisitorNearestEdgeHelper class used when traversing the index looking for edges - builds a list of matches
oCQgsPointLocator_VisitorNearestVertexHelper class used when traversing the index looking for vertices - builds a list of matches
oCQgsPointSampleCreates random points in polygons / multipolygons
oCQgsPointV2Point geometry type
oCQgsPolygonV2Polygon geometry type
oCQgsPreviewEffectA graphics effect which can be applied to a widget to simulate various printing and color blindness modes
oCQgsProjectReads and writes project states
oCQgsProjectBadLayerDefaultHandlerDefault bad layer handler which ignores any missing layers
oCQgsProjectBadLayerGuiHandlerHandler for missing layers within project
oCQgsProjectBadLayerHandlerInterface for classes that handle missing layer files when reading project file
oCQgsProjectColorSchemeA color scheme which contains project specific colors set through project properties dialog
oCQgsProjectionSelectionWidgetA widget for selecting a projection
oCQgsProjectionSelectorA widget for selecting a Coordinate reference system from a tree
oCQgsProjectVersionA class to describe the version of a project
oCQgsPropertyAn Abstract Base Class for QGIS project property hierarchies
oCQgsPropertyKeyQgsPropertyKey node
oCQgsPropertyValueQgsPropertyValue node
oCQgsProviderCountCalcEventA custom event that is designed to be fired when a layer count has been fully calculated
oCQgsProviderExtentCalcEventA custom event that is designed to be fired when a layer extent has been fully calculated
oCQgsProviderMetadataHolds data provider key, description, and associated shared library file information
oCQgsProviderRegistryA registry / canonical manager of data providers
oCQgsPseudoColorShaderA raster color shader that highlighs low values in blue and high values in red
oCQgsPythonRunnerUtility class for running python commands from various parts of QGIS
oCQgsQueryBuilderQuery Builder for layers
oCQgsRangeWidgetWrapperWraps a range widget
oCQgsRasterRaster namespace
oCQgsRasterBandStatsThe RasterBandStats struct is a container for statistics about a single raster band
oCQgsRasterBlockRaster data container
oCQgsRasterCalculatorRaster calculator class
oCQgsRasterCheckerThis is a helper class for unit tests that need to write an image and compare it to an expected result or render time
oCQgsRasterDataProviderBase class for raster data providers
oCQgsRasterDrawerThe drawing pipe for raster layers
oCQgsRasterFileWriterThe raster file writer which allows you to save a raster to a new file
oCQgsRasterFillSymbolLayerA class for filling symbols with a repeated raster image
oCQgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidgetA widget to select format-specific raster saving options
oCQgsRasterHistogramThe QgsRasterHistogram is a container for histogram of a single raster band
oCQgsRasterHistogramWidgetHistogram widget
oCQgsRasterIdentifyResultRaster identify results container
oCQgsRasterInterfaceBase class for processing filters like renderers, reprojector, resampler etc
oCQgsRasterIteratorIterator for sequentially processing raster cells
oCQgsRasterLayerThis class provides qgis with the ability to render raster datasets onto the mapcanvas
oCQgsRasterLayerRendererImplementation of threaded rendering for raster layers
oCQgsRasterNullerRaster pipe that deals with null values
oCQgsRasterPipeBase class for processing modules
oCQgsRasterPyramidThis struct is used to store pyramid info for the raster layer
oCQgsRasterPyramidsOptionsWidgetA widget to select format-specific raster saving options
oCQgsRasterRangeRaster values range container
oCQgsRasterRendererRaster renderer pipe that applies colors to a raster
oCQgsRasterRendererRegistryRegistry for raster renderers
oCQgsRasterRendererRegistryEntryRegistry for raster renderer entries
oCQgsRasterResampleFilterResample filter pipe for rasters
oCQgsRasterResamplerInterface for resampling rasters (e.g
oCQgsRasterShaderInterface for all raster shaders
oCQgsRasterShaderFunctionThe raster shade function applies a shader to a pixel at render time - typically used to render grayscale images as false color
oCQgsRasterSymbolLegendNodeImplementation of legend node interface for displaying raster legend entries
oCQgsRasterTransparencyDefines the list of pixel values to be considered as transparent or semi transparent when rendering rasters
oCQgsRasterViewPortThis class provides details of the viewable area that a raster will be rendered into
oCQgsRecentColorSchemeA color scheme which contains the most recently used colors
oCQgsRectangleA rectangle specified with double values
oCQgsRelationManagerThis class manages a set of relations between layers
oCQgsRelationReferenceWidgetWrapperWraps a relation reference widget
oCQgsReliefProduces coloured relief rasters from DEM
oCQgsRenderCheckerThis is a helper class for unit tests that need to write an image and compare it to an expected result or render time
oCQgsRenderContextContains information about the context of a rendering operation
oCQgsRendererCategoryV2Categorized renderer
oCQgsRendererV2AbstractMetadataStores metadata about one renderer class
oCQgsRendererV2DataDefinedMenusUtility class for providing GUI for data-defined rendering
oCQgsRendererV2MetadataConvenience metadata class that uses static functions to create renderer and its widget
oCQgsRendererV2RegistryRegistry of renderers
oCQgsRendererV2WidgetBase class for renderer settings widgets
oCQgsRequestHandlerThis class is an interface hiding the details of reading input and writing output from/to a wms request mechanism
oCQgsRubberBandA class for drawing transient features (e.g
oCQgsRuggednessFilterCalculates the ruggedness index based on a 3x3 moving window
oCQgsRuleBasedRendererV2When drawing a vector layer with rule-based renderer, it goes through the rules and draws features with symbols from rules that match
oCQgsRunProcessA class that executes an external program/script
oCQgsScaleBarStyleAbstraction of composer scale bar style
oCQgsScaleCalculatorCalculates scale for a given combination of canvas size, map extent, and monitor dpi
oCQgsScaleComboBoxA combobox which lets the user select map scale from predefined list and highlights nearest to current scale value
oCQgsScaleExpressionClass storing parameters of a scale expression, which is a subclass of QgsExpression for expressions which return a size or width
oCQgsScaleWidgetA combobox which lets the user select map scale from predefined list and highlights nearest to current scale value
oCQgsSearchQueryBuilderQuery Builder for search strings
oCQgsServerFilterClass defining I/O filters for Qgis Mapserver and implemented in plugins
oCQgsServerInterfaceQgsServerInterface Class defining interfaces exposed by Qgis Mapserver and made available to plugins
oCQgsShadowEffectBase class for paint effects which offset, blurred shadows
oCQgsSimpleLegendNodeImplementation of legend node interface for displaying arbitrary label with icon
oCQgsSimplifyMethodThis class contains information about how to simplify geometries fetched from a QgsFeatureIterator
oCQgsSingleBandColorDataRendererRaster renderer pipe for single band color
oCQgsSingleBandGrayRendererRaster renderer pipe for single band gray
oCQgsSingleBandPseudoColorRendererRaster renderer pipe for single band pseudocolor
oCQgsSingleBoxScaleBarStyleScalebar style that draws a single box with alternating color for the segments
oCQgsSingleCategoryDiagramRendererRenders the diagrams for all features with the same settings
oCQgsSlopeFilterCalculates slope values in a window of 3x3 cells based on first order derivatives in x- and y- directions
oCQgsSnapperA class that allows advanced snapping operations on a set of vector layers
oCQgsSnappingResultRepresents the result of a snapping operation
oCQgsSnappingUtilsThis class has all the configuration of snapping and can return answers to snapping queries
oCQgsSpatialIndexDataData of spatial index that may be implicitly shared
oCQgsSpinBoxThe QgsSpinBox is a spin box with a clear button that will set the value to the defined clear value
oCQgsStatisticalSummaryCalculator for summary statistics for a list of doubles
oCQgsSvgCacheA cache for images / pictures derived from svg files
oCQgsSVGFillSymbolLayerA class for svg fill patterns
oCQgsSymbolLayerV2AbstractMetadataStores metadata about one symbol layer class
oCQgsSymbolLayerV2MetadataConvenience metadata class that uses static functions to create symbol layer and its widget
oCQgsSymbolLayerV2RegistryRegistry of available symbol layer classes
oCQgsSymbologyV2ConversionThis class is not a part of public API, it is intended only for compatibility with older versions of QGIS (1.x)
oCQgsSymbolV2LegendNodeImplementation of legend node interface for displaying preview of vector symbols and their labels and allowing interaction with the symbol / renderer
oCQgsTextAnnotationItemAn annotation item that displays formated text
oCQgsTextEditWrapperWraps a text widget
oCQgsTicksScaleBarStyleA scale bar that draws segments using short ticks
oCQgsTINInterpolatorInterpolation in a triangular irregular network
oCQgsToleranceThis is the class is providing tolerance value in map unit values
oCQgsTopologyPreservingSimplifierImplementation of GeometrySimplifier using the Douglas-Peucker algorithm
oCQgsTotalCurvatureFilterCalculates total curvature as described by Wilson, Gallant (2000): terrain analysis
oCQgsTransactionThis class allows to include a set of layers in a database-side transaction, provided the layer data providers support transactions and are compatible with each other
oCQgsTransectSampleA class for the creation of transect sample lines based on a set of strata polygons and baselines
oCQgsTransformEffectA paint effect which applies transformations (such as move, scale and rotate) to a picture
oCQgsUniqueValuesWidgetWrapperWraps a unique value widget
oCQgsUnitSelectionWidgetWidget displaying a combobox allowing the user to choose between millimeter and map units If the user chooses map units, a button appears allowing the specification of minimum and maximum scale
oCQgsUserColorSchemeA color scheme which stores its colors in a gpl palette file within the "palettes" subfolder off the user's QGIS settings folder
oCQgsUserInputDockWidgetDock widget that shall be used to display widgets for user inputs
oCQgsUuidWidgetWrapperWraps a uuid widget
oCQgsValueMapWidgetWrapperWraps a value map widget
oCQgsValueRelationWidgetWrapperWraps a value relation widget
oCQgsVectorA class to represent a vector
oCQgsVectorDataProviderThis is the base class for vector data providers
oCQgsVectorFieldSymbolLayerA symbol layer class for displaying displacement arrows based on point layer attributes
oCQgsVectorFileWriterA convenience class for writing vector files to disk
oCQgsVectorLayerRepresents a vector layer which manages a vector based data sets
oCQgsVectorLayerCacheThis class caches features of a given QgsVectorLayer
oCQgsVectorLayerFeatureSourcePartial snapshot of vector layer's state (only the members necessary for access to features)
oCQgsVectorLayerImportA convenience class for writing vector files to disk
oCQgsVectorLayerJoinBufferManages joined fields for a vector layer
oCQgsVectorLayerRendererImplementation of threaded rendering for vector layers
oCQgsVectorLayerToolsMethods in this class are used to handle basic operations on vector layers
oCQgsVectorSimplifyMethodThis class contains information how to simplify geometries fetched from a vector layer
oCQgsVertexIdUtility class for identifying a unique vertex within a geometry
oCQgsVertexMarkerA class for marking vertices of features using e.g
oCQgsWebViewCollection of stubs to mimic the API of QWebView on systems where the real library is not available
oCQgsWebViewWidgetWrapperWraps a web view widget
oCQgsWidgetWrapperManages an editor widget Widget and wrapper share the same parent
oCQgsWKBTypesClass to store information about wkb types
oCQgsWMSLegendNodeImplementation of legend node interface for displaying WMS legend entries
oCQgsXmlUtilsAssorted helper methods for reading and writing chunks of XML
oCQgsZipItemA zip file: contains layers, using GDAL/OGR VSIFILE mechanism
oCQgsZonalStatisticsA class that calculates raster statistics (count, sum, mean) for a polygon or multipolygon layer and appends the results as attributes
oCTriangleInterpolatorThis is an interface for interpolator classes for triangulations
oCTriangulationInterface for Triangulation classes
oCTriDecoratorDecorator class for Triangulations (s
oCVector3DClass Vector3D represents a 3D-Vector, capable to store x-,y- and z-coordinates in double values