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QgsOverlayAnalyzer Class Reference

The QGis class provides vector overlay analysis functions. More...

#include <qgsoverlayanalyzer.h>

Public Member Functions

bool intersection (QgsVectorLayer *layerA, QgsVectorLayer *layerB, const QString &shapefileName, bool onlySelectedFeatures=false, QProgressDialog *p=0)
 Perform an intersection on two input vector layers and write output to a new shape file.

Private Member Functions

void combineFieldLists (QgsFields &fieldListA, const QgsFields &fieldListB)
void intersectFeature (QgsFeature &f, QgsVectorFileWriter *vfw, QgsVectorLayer *dp, QgsSpatialIndex *index)
void combineAttributeMaps (QgsAttributes &attributesA, const QgsAttributes &attributesB)

Detailed Description

The QGis class provides vector overlay analysis functions.

Definition at line 37 of file qgsoverlayanalyzer.h.

Member Function Documentation

void QgsOverlayAnalyzer::combineAttributeMaps ( QgsAttributes attributesA,
const QgsAttributes attributesB 

Definition at line 205 of file qgsoverlayanalyzer.cpp.

Referenced by intersectFeature().

void QgsOverlayAnalyzer::combineFieldLists ( QgsFields fieldListA,
const QgsFields fieldListB 
void QgsOverlayAnalyzer::intersectFeature ( QgsFeature f,
QgsVectorFileWriter vfw,
QgsVectorLayer dp,
QgsSpatialIndex index 
bool QgsOverlayAnalyzer::intersection ( QgsVectorLayer layerA,
QgsVectorLayer layerB,
const QString &  shapefileName,
bool  onlySelectedFeatures = false,
QProgressDialog *  p = 0 

Perform an intersection on two input vector layers and write output to a new shape file.

layerAinput vector layer
layerBinput vector layer
shapefileNamepath to the output shp
onlySelectedFeaturesif true, only selected features are considered, else all the features
pprogress dialog (or 0 if no progress dialog is to be shown)
: added in version 1.4

Definition at line 30 of file qgsoverlayanalyzer.cpp.

References combineFieldLists(), QgsMapLayer::crs(), QgsVectorLayer::dataProvider(), QgsVectorDataProvider::encoding(), QgsVectorLayer::featureCount(), QgsVectorDataProvider::geometryType(), QgsVectorLayer::getFeatures(), QgsSpatialIndex::insertFeature(), intersectFeature(), QgsFeatureIterator::nextFeature(), QgsVectorLayer::pendingFields(), and QgsVectorLayer::selectedFeaturesIds().

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