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qgswmsutils.h File Reference
#include "qgsmodule.h"
#include "qgsserversettings.h"
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namespace  QgsWms
 Median cut implementation.


enum class  QgsWms::ImageOutputFormat {
  QgsWms::Unknown , QgsWms::PNG , QgsWms::PNG8 , QgsWms::PNG16 ,
  QgsWms::PNG1 , QgsWms::JPEG , QgsWms::WEBP
 Supported image output format. More...


QString QgsWms::implementationVersion ()
 Returns the highest version supported by this implementation. More...
ImageOutputFormat QgsWms::parseImageFormat (const QString &format)
 Parse image format parameter. More...
QUrl QgsWms::serviceUrl (const QgsServerRequest &request, const QgsProject *project, const QgsServerSettings &settings)
 Returns WMS service URL. More...
void QgsWms::writeImage (QgsServerResponse &response, QImage &img, const QString &formatStr, int imageQuality=-1)
 Write image response. More...