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qgswfsutils.cpp File Reference
#include "qgswfsutils.h"
#include "qgsogcutils.h"
#include "qgsserverprojectutils.h"
#include "qgsvectorlayer.h"
#include "qgsproject.h"
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namespace  QgsWfs
 WMS implementation.


QString QgsWfs::implementationVersion ()
 Returns the highest version supported by this implementation.
QgsVectorLayerQgsWfs::layerByTypeName (const QgsProject *project, const QString &typeName)
 Retrieve a layer by typename.
QString QgsWfs::layerTypeName (const QgsMapLayer *layer)
 Returns typename from vector layer.
QgsFeatureRequest QgsWfs::parseFilterElement (const QString &typeName, QDomElement &filterElem, QgsProject *project=nullptr)
 Transform a Filter element to a feature request.
QgsFeatureRequest QgsWfs::parseFilterElement (const QString &typeName, QDomElement &filterElem, QStringList &serverFids, const QgsProject *project=nullptr, const QgsMapLayer *layer=nullptr)
 Transform a Filter element to a feature request and update server feature ids.
QString QgsWfs::serviceUrl (const QgsServerRequest &request, const QgsProject *project, const QgsServerSettings &settings)
 Service URL string.