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qgsserverfeatureid.h File Reference
#include <QString>
#include <QHash>
#include "qgis_server.h"
#include "qgsfield.h"
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namespace  QgsServerFeatureId
 The QgsServerFeatureId namespace provides a way to use primary keys for feature id.


SERVER_EXPORT QString QgsServerFeatureId::getExpressionFromServerFid (const QString &serverFid, const QgsVectorDataProvider *provider)
 Returns the expression feature id based on primary keys.
SERVER_EXPORT QString QgsServerFeatureId::getServerFid (const QgsFeature &feature, const QgsAttributeList &pkAttributes)
 Returns the feature id based on primary keys.
SERVER_EXPORT QString QgsServerFeatureId::pkSeparator ()
 Returns the primary keys separator.
SERVER_EXPORT QgsFeatureRequest QgsServerFeatureId::updateFeatureRequestFromServerFids (QgsFeatureRequest &featureRequest, const QStringList &serverFids, const QgsVectorDataProvider *provider)
 Returns the feature request based on feature ids build with primary keys.