QGIS API Documentation 3.37.0-Master (fdefdf9c27f)
QgsPainting Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsPainting, including all inherited members.

drawTriangleUsingTexture(QPainter *painter, const QPolygonF &triangle, const QImage &textureImage, float textureX1, float textureY1, float textureX2, float textureY2, float textureX3, float textureY3)QgsPaintingstatic
getBlendModeEnum(QPainter::CompositionMode blendMode)QgsPaintingstatic
getCompositionMode(Qgis::BlendMode blendMode)QgsPaintingstatic
isClippingMode(Qgis::BlendMode mode)QgsPaintingstatic
triangleToTriangleTransform(double inX1, double inY1, double inX2, double inY2, double inX3, double inY3, double outX1, double outY1, double outX2, double outY2, double outX3, double outY3, bool &ok)QgsPaintingstatic