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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 C_LayerRef< TYPE >Internal structure to keep weak pointer to QgsMapLayer or layerId if the layer is not available yet
 C_LayerRef< QgsMapLayer >
 C_LayerRef< QgsVectorLayer >
 CQgsAbstractMetadataBase::AddressMetadata address structure
 CQgsAggregateCalculator::AggregateInfoStructured information about the available aggregates
 CQgsAggregateCalculator::AggregateParametersA bundle of parameters controlling aggregate calculation
 CQgsCadUtils::AlignMapPointConstraintStructure with details of one constraint
 CQgsCadUtils::AlignMapPointContextStructure defining all constraints for alignMapPoint() method
 CQgsCadUtils::AlignMapPointOutputStructure returned from alignMapPoint() method
 CAnchorAlongSegmentRecord about anchor being along a segment
 CAnchorPointRecord about vertex coordinates and index of anchor to which it is snapped
 CQgsUnitTypes::AreaValueA combination of area value and unit
 CQgsSQLComposerDialog::ArgumentArgument of a function
 CQgsAdvancedDigitizingDockWidget::CadConstraintThe CadConstraint is an abstract class for all basic constraints (angle/distance/x/y)
 CQgsMapCanvas::CanvasPropertiesDeprecated to be deleted, stuff from here should be moved elsewhere
 CQgsPalettedRasterRenderer::ClassProperties of a single value class
 CQgsAttributeTableConfig::ColumnConfigDefines the configuration of a column in the attribute table
 CQgsAbstractGeometry::const_part_iteratorThe part_iterator class provides STL-style iterator for const references to geometry parts
 CQgsLayerMetadata::ConstraintMetadata constraint structure
 CQgsAbstractMetadataBase::ContactMetadata contact structure
 CQgsOpenClUtils::CPLAllocator< T >Tiny smart-pointer-like wrapper around CPLMalloc and CPLFree: this is needed because OpenCL C++ API may throw exceptions
 CQgsLayerDefinition::DependencySorterClass used to work with layer dependencies stored in a XML project or layer definition file
 CQgsImageOperation::DistanceTransformPropertiesStruct for storing properties of a distance transform operation
 CQgsUnitTypes::DistanceValueA combination of distance value and unit
 CQgsVectorFileWriter::DriverDetailsDetails of available driver formats
 CQgsDxfExport::DxfLayerLayers and optional attribute index to split into multiple layers using attribute value as layer name
 CQgsEllipsoidUtils::EllipsoidDefinitionContains definition of an ellipsoid
 CQgsEllipsoidUtils::EllipsoidParametersContains parameters for an ellipsoid
 CQgsLayerMetadata::ExtentMetadata extent structure
 Cpal::FeatsFor usage in problem solving algorithm
 CQgsRuleBasedRenderer::FeatureToRenderFeature for rendering by a QgsRuleBasedRenderer
 CQgsVectorLayerFeatureIterator::FetchJoinInfoJoin information prepared for fast attribute id mapping in QgsVectorLayerJoinBuffer::updateFeatureAttributes()
 CQgsVectorFileWriter::FieldValueConverterInterface to convert raw field values to their user-friendly value
 CQgsVectorFileWriter::FilterFormatDetailsDetails of available filters and formats
 CQgsRasterFileWriter::FilterFormatDetailsDetails of available filters and formats
 CQgsSQLComposerDialog::FunctionDescription of server functions
 Cgdal::GDALDatasetCloserCloses and cleanups GDAL dataset
 Cgdal::GDALWarpOptionsDeleterCloses and cleanups GDAL warp options
 Cgeos::GeosDeleterDestroys the GEOS geometry geom, using the static QGIS geos context
 CQgsPointDistanceRenderer::GroupedFeatureContains properties for a feature within a clustered group
 CQgsLayoutExporter::ImageExportSettingsContains settings relating to exporting layouts to raster images
 CQgsSnappingConfig::IndividualLayerSettingsThis is a container of advanced configuration (per layer) of the snapping of the project
 Cpal::InternalExceptionVarious Exceptions
 CQgsAlignRaster::ItemDefinition of one raster layer for alignment
 CQgsConnectionPoolGroup< T >::Item
 Cpal::LabelInfoOptional additional info about label (for curved labels)
 Cpal::LayerA set of features which influence the labeling process
 CQgsSnappingUtils::LayerConfigConfigures how a certain layer should be handled in a snapping operation
 CQgsInterpolator::LayerDataA source together with the information about interpolation attribute / z-coordinate interpolation and the type (point, structure line, breakline)
 CQgsSublayersDialog::LayerDefinitionA structure that defines layers for the purpose of this dialog
 CQgsProcessingContext::LayerDetailsDetails for layers to load into projects
 CQgsLayerTreeModel::LayerLegendDataStructure that stores all data associated with one map layer
 CQgsLayerTreeModel::LayerLegendTreeStructure that stores tree representation of map layer's legend
 CQgsMeshLayer::LayerOptionsSetting options for loading mesh layers
 CQgsVectorLayer::LayerOptionsSetting options for loading vector layers
 CQgsRasterLayer::LayerOptionsSetting options for loading raster layers
 CQgsAccessControlFilter::LayerPermissionsDescribe the layer permission
 CQgsGmlStreamingParser::LayerPropertiesLayer properties
 CQgsOgcUtils::LayerPropertiesLayer properties
 CQgsAbstractMetadataBase::LinkMetadata link structure
 CQgsMapThemeCollection::MapThemeLayerRecordIndividual record of a visible layer in a map theme record
 CQgsMapThemeCollection::MapThemeRecordIndividual map theme record of visible layers and styles
 CQgsPointLocator::MatchFilterInterface that allows rejection of some matches in intersection queries (e.g
 CQgsProjectStorage::MetadataMetadata associated with a project
 CQgsExpressionNode::NamedNodeNamed node
 CQgsSQLStatement::NodeAbstract node class
 CQgsExpressionNode::NodeListA list of expression nodes
 CQgsSQLStatement::NodeListA list of nodes
 Cgdal::OGRDataSourceDeleterDestroys OGR data sources
 Cgdal::OGRFeatureDeleterDestroys OGR feature
 Cgdal::OGRFldDeleterDestroys OGR field definition
 Cgdal::OGRGeometryDeleterDestroys OGR geometries
 CQgsFeatureRequest::OrderByClauseOrder by clause for a QgsFeatureRequest
 CQgsLayoutExporter::PageExportDetailsContains details of a page being exported by the class
 Cpal::PalMain Pal labeling class
 Cpal::PalExceptionVarious Exceptions
 Cpal::PalStatSummary statistics of labeling problem
 CQgsExpressionFunction::ParameterRepresents a single parameter passed to a function
 CQgsKernelDensityEstimation::ParametersKDE parameters
 CParametricLineParametricLine is an Interface for parametric lines
 CQgsExpression::ParserErrorDetails about any parser errors that were found when parsing the expression
 CQgsAbstractGeometry::part_iteratorSTL-style iterator for geometry parts
 CQgsLayoutExporter::PdfExportSettingsContains settings relating to exporting layouts to PDF
 Cpal::PolygonCostCalculatorData structure to compute polygon's candidates costs
 CQgsDataProvider::PreviewContextStores settings related to the context in which a preview job runs
 CQgsLayoutExporter::PrintExportSettingsContains settings relating to printing layouts
 Cpal::ProblemRepresentation of a labeling problem
 CQgsAlignRaster::ProgressHandlerHelper struct to be sub-classed for progress reporting
 CQgsDataProvider::ProviderOptionsSetting options for creating vector data providers
 CQgisGlobal constants for use throughout the application
 CQgisPluginAbstract base class from which all plugins must inherit
 CQgs3DMapScenePickHandler3 Abstract base class for handlers that process pick events from a 3D map scene
 CQgs3DRendererAbstractMetadataBase metadata class for 3D renderers
 CQgs3DRendererRegistryKeeps track of available 3D renderers
 CQgs3DTypes3 Defines enumerations and other auxiliary types for QGIS 3D
 CQgs3DUtils3 Miscellaneous utility functions used from 3D code
 CQgsAABB3 Axis-aligned bounding box - in world coords
 CQgsAbstract3DRendererBase class for all renderers that may to participate in 3D view
 CQgsAbstract3DSymbol3 Abstract base class for 3D symbols that are used by VectorLayer3DRenderer objects
 CQgsAbstractCacheIndexAbstract base class for cache indices
 CQgsAbstractFeatureIteratorInternal feature iterator to be implemented within data providers
 CQgsAbstractFeatureSourceBase class that can be used for any class that is capable of returning features
 CQgsAbstractGeometryAbstract base class for all geometries
 CQgsAbstractGeometrySimplifierAbstract base class for simplify geometries using a specific algorithm
 CQgsAbstractLabelProviderInterface class
 CQgsAbstractLayoutIteratorAn abstract base class for QgsLayout based classes which can be exported by QgsLayoutExporter
 CQgsAbstractMetadataBaseAn abstract base class for metadata stores
 CQgsAbstractMetadataBaseValidatorAbstract base class for metadata validators
 CQgsAbstractPropertyCollectionAbstract base class for QgsPropertyCollection like objects
 CQgsAbstractVectorLayerLabelingAbstract base class - its implementations define different approaches to the labeling of a vector layer
 CQgsAccessControlFilterClass defining access control interface for QGIS Server plugins
 CQgsActionUtility class that encapsulates an action based on vector attributes
 CQgsActionScopeAn action scope defines a "place" for an action to be shown and may add additional expression variables
 CQgsAggregateCalculatorUtility class for calculating aggregates for a field (or expression) over the features from a vector layer
 CQgsAlignRasterQgsAlignRaster takes one or more raster layers and warps (resamples) them so they have the same:
 CQgsAnalysisQgsAnalysis is a singleton class containing various registry and other global members related to analysis classes
 CQgsArchiveClass allowing to manage the zip/unzip actions
 CQgsAttributeEditorContextThis class contains context information for attribute editor widgets
 CQgsAttributeEditorElementThis is an abstract base class for any elements of a drag and drop form
 CQgsAttributeTableConfigThis is a container for configuration of the attribute table
 CQgsAuthCertUtilsUtilities for working with certificates and keys
 CQgsAuthConfigSslServerConfiguration container for SSL server connection exceptions or overrides
 CQgsAuthCryptoFunctions for hashing/checking master password and encrypt/decrypting data with password
 CQgsAuthGuiUtilsUtility functions for use by authentication GUI widgets or standalone apps
 CQgsAuthMethodConfigConfiguration storage class for authentication method configurations
 CQgsAuthMethodMetadataHolds data auth method key, description, and associated shared library file information
 CQgsAuthMethodRegistryA registry / canonical manager of authentication methods
 CQgsAuxiliaryStorageClass providing some utility methods to manage auxiliary storage
 CQgsBearingUtilsUtilities for calculating bearings and directions
 CQgsBox3dA 3-dimensional box composed of x, y, z coordinates
 CQgsCadUtilsRoutines for CAD editing
 CQgsCameraPose3 Class that encapsulates camera pose in a 3D scene
 CQgsClipperA class to trim lines and polygons to within a rectangular region
 CQgsColorRampAbstract base class for color ramps
 CQgsColorSchemeAbstract base class for color schemes
 CQgsColorSchemeRegistryRegistry of color schemes
 CQgsCompositionConverterQgsCompositionConverter class converts a QGIS 2.x composition to a QGIS 3.x layout
 CQgsConditionalLayerStylesHolds conditional style information for a layer
 CQgsConditionalStyleConditional styling for a rule
 CQgsConnectionPool< T, T_Group >Template class responsible for keeping a pool of open connections
 CQgsConnectionPoolGroup< T >Template that stores data related to a connection to a single server or datasource
 CQgsContrastEnhancementManipulates raster pixel values so that they enhanceContrast or clip into a specified numerical range according to the specified ContrastEnhancementAlgorithm
 CQgsContrastEnhancementFunctionA contrast enhancement function is the base class for all raster contrast enhancements
 CQgsCoordinateFormatterContains methods for converting coordinates for display in various formats
 CQgsCoordinateReferenceSystemThis class represents a coordinate reference system (CRS)
 CQgsCoordinateTransformClass for doing transforms between two map coordinate systems
 CQgsCoordinateTransformContextContains information about the context in which a coordinate transform is executed
 CQgsCredentialsInterface for requesting credentials in QGIS in GUI independent way
 CQgsCurveTransformHandles scaling of input values to output values by using a curve created from smoothly joining a number of set control points
 CQgsDataDefinedSizeLegendObject that keeps configuration of appearance of marker symbol's data-defined size in legend
 CQgsDataItemProviderThis is the interface for those who want to add custom data items to the browser tree
 CQgsDataItemProviderRegistryThis class keeps a list of data item providers that may add items to the browser tree
 CQgsDataSourceUriClass for storing the component parts of a PostgreSQL/RDBMS datasource URI
 CQgsDateTimeStatisticalSummaryCalculator for summary statistics and aggregates for a list of datetimes
 CQgsDatumTransformContains methods and classes relating the datum transformations
 CQgsDefaultValueContainer for managing client side default values for fields
 CQgsDetailedItemDataThis class is the data only representation of a QgsDetailedItemWidget, designed to be used in custom views
 CQgsDiagramBase class for all diagram types
 CQgsDiagramInterpolationSettingsAdditional diagram settings for interpolated size rendering
 CQgsDiagramLayerSettingsStores the settings for rendering of all diagrams for a layer
 CQgsDiagramRendererEvaluates and returns the diagram settings relating to a diagram for a specific feature
 CQgsDiagramSettingsStores the settings for rendering a single diagram
 CQgsDistanceAreaA general purpose distance and area calculator, capable of performing ellipsoid based calculations
 CQgsVectorLayerUtils::QgsDuplicateFeatureContextContains mainly the QMap with QgsVectorLayer and QgsFeatureIds do list all the duplicated features
 CQgsEditorWidgetAutoConfPluginBase class for plugins allowing to pick automatically a widget type for editing fields
 CQgsEditorWidgetFactoryEvery attribute editor widget needs a factory, which inherits this class
 CQgsEditorWidgetSetupHolder for the widget type and its configuration for a field
 CQgsEffectPainterA class to manager painter saving and restoring required for effect drawing
 CQgsEllipseEllipse geometry type
 CQgsEllipsoidUtilsContains utility functions for working with ellipsoids and querying the ellipsoid database
 CQgsErrorQgsError is container for error messages (report)
 CQgsErrorMessageQgsErrorMessage represents single error message
 CQgsExceptionDefines a QGIS exception class
 CQgsExpressionClass for parsing and evaluation of expressions (formerly called "search strings")
 CQgsExpressionContextExpression contexts are used to encapsulate the parameters around which a QgsExpression should be evaluated
 CQgsExpressionContextGeneratorAbstract interface for generating an expression context
 CQgsExpressionContextScopeSingle scope for storing variables and functions for use within a QgsExpressionContext
 CQgsExpressionContextScopeGeneratorAbstract interface for generating an expression context scope
 CQgsExpressionContextUtilsContains utilities for working with QgsExpressionContext objects, including methods for creating scopes for specific uses (e.g., project scopes, layer scopes)
 CQgsExpressionFieldBufferBuffers information about expression fields for a vector layer
 CQgsExpressionFunctionA abstract base class for defining QgsExpression functions
 CQgsExpressionNodeAbstract base class for all nodes that can appear in an expression
 CQgsFeatureThe feature class encapsulates a single feature including its id, geometry and a list of field/values attributes
 CQgsFeatureFilterProviderAbstract interface for use by classes that filter the features of a layer
 CQgsFeatureIteratorWrapper for iterator of features from vector data provider or vector layer
 CQgsFeatureRequestThis class wraps a request for features to a vector layer (or directly its vector data provider)
 CQgsFeatureSinkAn interface for objects which accept features via addFeature(s) methods
 CQgsFeatureSourceAn interface for objects which provide features via a getFeatures method
 CQgsFieldEncapsulate a field in an attribute table or data source
 CQgsFieldConstraintsStores information about constraints which may be present on a field
 CQgsFieldFormatterA field formatter helps to handle and display values for a field
 CQgsFieldsContainer of fields for a vector layer
 CQgsFileUtilsClass for file utilities
 CQgsGdalUtilsUtilities for working with GDAL
 CQgsGeometryA geometry is the spatial representation of a feature
 CQgsGeometryConstPartIteratorJava-style iterator for const traversal of parts of a geometry
 CQgsGeometryEditUtilsConvenience functions for geometry editing
 CQgsGeometryEngineContains geometry relation and modification algorithms
 CQgsGeometryFactoryContains geometry creation routines
 CQgsGeometryPartIteratorJava-style iterator for traversal of parts of a geometry
 CQgsGeometrySnapperSingleSourceMakes sure that any two vertices of the vector layer are at least at distance given by the threshold value
 CQgsGeometryUtilsContains various geometry utility functions
 CQgsGeoNodeConnectionEncapsulates settings related to a single GeoNode connection
 CQgsGeoNodeConnectionUtilsContains various utilities for managing the known collection of GeoNode servers associated with a QGIS install
 CQgsGeoNodeStyleEncapsulates information about a GeoNode layer style
 CQgsGmlFeatureClassDescription of feature class in GML
 CQgsGmlStreamingParserThis class builds features from GML data in a streaming way
 CQgsGpsConnectionRegistryA class to register / unregister existing GPS connections such that the information is available to all classes and plugins
 CQgsGradientStopRepresents a color stop within a QgsGradientColorRamp color ramp
 CQgsGraphMathematical graph representation
 CQgsGraphAnalyzerThis class performs graph analysis, e.g
 CQgsGraphBuilderInterfaceDetermine interface for creating a graph
 CQgsGraphEdgeThis class implements a graph edge
 CQgsGraphVertexThis class implements a graph vertex
 CQgsGridFileWriterA class that does interpolation to a grid and writes the results to an ascii grid
 CQgsHelpHelper class for showing help topic URI for the given key
 CQgsHistogramCalculator for a numeric histogram from a list of values
 CQgsHtmlUtilsClass for HTML utilities
 CQgsImageOperationContains operations and filters which apply to QImages
 CQgsIndexedFeatureTemporarily used structure to cache order by information
 CQgsInternalGeometryEngineThis class offers geometry processing methods
 CQgsInternalGeometrySnapperQgsInternalGeometrySnapper allows a set of geometries to be snapped to each other
 CQgsInterpolatorInterface class for interpolations
 CQgsInterpolatorVertexDataInterpolation data for an individual source vertex
 CQgsIntervalA representation of the interval between two datetime values
 CQgsJsonExporterHandles exporting QgsFeature features to GeoJSON features
 CQgsJsonUtilsHelper utilities for working with JSON and GeoJSON conversions
 CQgsKernelDensityEstimationPerforms Kernel Density Estimation ("heatmap") calculations on a vector layer
 CQgsLabelFeatureDescribes a feature that should be used within the labeling engine
 CQgsLabelingEngineMap labeling functionality
 CQgsLabelingEngineSettingsStores global configuration for labeling engine
 CQgsLabelingResultsClass that stores computed placement from labeling engine
 CQgsLabelingUtilsContains helper utilities for working with QGIS' labeling engine
 CQgsLabelSearchTreeA class to query the labeling structure at a given point (small wrapper around pal RTree class)
 CQgsLabelSorterHelper class for sorting labels into correct draw order
 CQgsLayerDefinitionHolds generic methods for loading/exporting QLR files
 CQgsLayerMetadataFormatterClass for metadata formatter
 CQgsLayerRestorerRAII class to restore layer configuration on destruction (opacity, filters, ...)
 CQgsLayerTreeEmbeddedWidgetProviderProvider interface to be implemented in order to introduce new kinds of embedded widgets for use in layer tree
 CQgsLayerTreeEmbeddedWidgetRegistryRegistry of widgets that may be embedded into layer tree view
 CQgsLayerTreeUtilsAssorted functions for dealing with layer trees
 CQgsLayerTreeViewMenuProviderImplementation of this interface can be implemented to allow QgsLayerTreeView instance to provide custom context menus (opened upon right-click)
 CQgsLayoutAlignerHandles aligning and distributing sets of layout items
 CQgsLayoutExporterHandles rendering and exports of layouts to various formats
 CQgsLayoutItemAbstractGuiMetadataStores GUI metadata about one layout item class
 CQgsLayoutItemAbstractMetadataStores metadata about one layout item class
 CQgsLayoutItemGuiGroupStores GUI metadata about a group of layout item classes
 CQgsLayoutItemMapItemStackA collection of map items which are drawn above the map content in a QgsLayoutItemMap
 CQgsLayoutItemRenderContextContains settings and helpers relating to a render of a QgsLayoutItem
 CQgsLayoutMeasurementThis class provides a method of storing measurements for use in QGIS layouts using a variety of different measurement units
 CQgsLayoutMeasurementConverterThis class provides a method of converting QgsLayoutMeasurements from one unit to another
 CQgsLayoutMultiFrameAbstractMetadataStores metadata about one layout multiframe class
 CQgsLayoutPointThis class provides a method of storing points, consisting of an x and y coordinate, for use in QGIS layouts
 CQgsLayoutSizeThis class provides a method of storing sizes, consisting of a width and height, for use in QGIS layouts
 CQgsLayoutTableStyleStyling option for a composer table cell
 CQgsLayoutUndoObjectInterfaceInterface for layout objects which support undo/redo commands
 CQgsLayoutUtilsUtilities for layouts
 CQgsLayoutViewMenuProviderInterface for a QgsLayoutView context menu
 CQgsLegendRendererHandles automatic layout and rendering of legend
 CQgsLegendSettingsStores the appearance and layout settings for legend drawing with QgsLegendRenderer
 CQgsLegendStyleComposer legend components style
 CQgsLegendSymbolItemThe class stores information about one class/rule of a vector layer renderer in a unified way that can be used by legend model for rendering of legend
 CQgsLineSegment2DRepresents a single 2D line segment, consisting of a 2D start and end vertex only
 CQgsLocatorContextEncapsulates the properties relating to the context of a locator search
 CQgsLocatorResultEncapsulates properties of an individual matching result found by a QgsLocatorFilter
 CQgsLoggerQgsLogger is a class to print debug/warning/error messages to the console
 CQgsMapDecorationInterface for map decorations
 CQgsMapHitTestClass that runs a hit test with given map settings
 CQgsMapLayerConfigWidgetFactoryFactory class for creating custom map layer property pages
 CQgsMapLayerDependencyThis class models dependencies with or between map layers
 CQgsMapLayerLegendUtilsMiscellaneous utility functions for handling of map layer legend
 CQgsMapLayerRendererBase class for utility classes that encapsulate information necessary for rendering of map layers
 CQgsMapLayerStyleStores style information (renderer, opacity, labeling, diagrams etc.) applicable to a map layer
 CQgsMapLayerStyleOverrideRestore overridden layer style on destruction
 CQgsWms::QgsMapRendererJobProxyProxy for sequential or parallel map render job
 CQgsMapSettingsConfiguration for rendering of the map
 CQgsMapSettingsUtilsUtilities for map settings
 CQgsMapToPixelPerform transforms between map coordinates and device coordinates
 CQgsMapUnitScaleStruct for storing maximum and minimum scales for measurements in map units
 CQgsMarginsDefines the four margins of a rectangle
 CQgsMasterLayoutInterfaceInterface for master layout type objects, such as print layouts and reports
 CQgsMemoryProviderUtilsUtility functions for use with the memory vector data provider
 CQgsMeshMesh - vertices and faces
 CQgsMeshDatasetGroupMetadataQgsMeshDatasetGroupMetadata is a collection of dataset group metadata such as whether the data is vector or scalar, name
 CQgsMeshDatasetIndexQgsMeshDatasetIndex is index that identifies the dataset group (e.g
 CQgsMeshDatasetMetadataQgsMeshDatasetMetadata is a collection of mesh dataset metadata such as whether the data is valid or associated time for the dataset
 CQgsMeshDatasetSourceInterfaceInterface for mesh datasets and dataset groups
 CQgsMeshDatasetValueQgsMeshDatasetValue represents single dataset value
 CQgsMeshDataSourceInterfaceInterface for mesh data sources
 CQgsMeshRendererMeshSettingsRepresents a mesh renderer settings for mesh object
 CQgsMeshRendererScalarSettingsRepresents a mesh renderer settings for scalar datasets
 CQgsMeshRendererSettingsRepresents all mesh renderer settings
 CQgsMeshRendererVectorSettingsRepresents a mesh renderer settings for vector datasets
 CQgsMessageLogNotifyBlockerTemporarily blocks the application QgsMessageLog (see QgsApplication::messageLog()) from emitting the messageReceived( bool ) signal for the lifetime of the object
 CQgsMessageOutputInterface for showing messages from QGIS in GUI independent way
 CQgsMultiRenderCheckerThis class allows checking rendered images against comparison images
 CQgsNetworkStrategyQgsNetworkStrategy defines strategy used for calculation of the edge cost
 CQgsNineCellFilterBase class for raster analysis methods that work with a 3x3 cell filter and calculate the value of each cell based on the cell value and the eight neighbour cells
 CQgsObjectCustomPropertiesSimple key-value store (keys = strings, values = variants) that supports loading/saving to/from XML in
 CQgsOgcUtilsVarious utility functions for conversion between OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards and QGIS internal representations
 CQgsOgcUtilsExpressionFromFilterInternal use by QgsOgcUtils
 CQgsOgcUtilsExprToFilterInternal use by QgsOgcUtils
 CQgsOgcUtilsSQLStatementToFilterInternal use by QgsOgcUtils
 CQgsOgrUtilsUtilities for working with OGR features and layers
 CQgsOpenClUtilsResponsible for common OpenCL operations such as
 CQgsOptional< T >QgsOptional is a container for other classes and adds an additional enabled/disabled flag
 CQgsOptional< QgsExpression >
 CQgsOWSServerFilterRestorerRAII class to restore layer filters on destruction
 CQgsPageSizeA named page size for layouts
 CQgsPageSizeRegistryA registry for known page sizes
 CQgsPaintEffectBase class for visual effects which can be applied to QPicture drawings
 CQgsPaintEffectAbstractMetadataStores metadata about a paint effect class
 CQgsPaintEffectRegistryRegistry of available paint effects
 CQgsPaintingMisc painting enums and functions
 CQgsPathResolverResolves relative paths into absolute paths and vice versa
 CQgsPhongMaterialSettings3 Basic shading material used for rendering based on the Phong shading model with three color components: ambient, diffuse and specular
 CQgsPkiBundleStorage set for PKI bundle: SSL certificate, key, optional CA cert chain
 CQgsPkiConfigBundleStorage set for constructed SSL certificate, key, associated with an authentication config
 CQgsPluginLayerRegistryA registry of plugin layers types
 CQgsPluginLayerTypeClass for creating plugin specific layers
 CQgsPointXYA class to represent a 2D point
 CQgsProcessingContains enumerations and other constants for use in processing algorithms and parameters
 CQgsProcessingAlgorithmAbstract base class for processing algorithms
 CQgsProcessingAlgorithmConfigurationWidgetFactoryInterface base class for factories for algorithm configuration widgets
 CQgsProcessingContextContains information about the context in which a processing algorithm is executed
 CQgsProcessingContextGeneratorAn interface for objects which can create Processing contexts
 CQgsProcessingFeatureSourceDefinitionEncapsulates settings relating to a feature source input to a processing algorithm
 CQgsProcessingGuiContains general functions and values related to Processing GUI components
 CQgsProcessingGuiRegistryThe QgsProcessingGuiRegistry is a home for widgets for processing configuration widgets
 CQgsProcessingLayerPostProcessorInterfaceAn interface for layer post-processing handlers for execution following a processing algorithm operation
 CQgsProcessingOutputDefinitionBase class for the definition of processing outputs
 CQgsProcessingOutputLayerDefinitionEncapsulates settings relating to a feature sink or output raster layer for a processing algorithm
 CQgsProcessingParameterDefinitionBase class for the definition of processing parameters
 CQgsProcessingParameterLimitedDataTypesCan be inherited by parameters which require limits to their acceptable data types
 CQgsProcessingParametersA collection of utilities for working with parameters when running a processing algorithm
 CQgsProcessingParameterTypeMakes metadata of processing parameters available
 CQgsProcessingParameterWidgetContextContains settings which reflect the context in which a Processing parameter widget is shown, e.g., the parent model algorithm, a linked map canvas, and other relevant information which allows the widget to fine-tune its behavior
 CQgsProcessingParameterWidgetFactoryInterfaceAn interface for Processing widget wrapper factories
 CQgsProcessingUtilsUtility functions for use with processing classes
 CQgsProjectBadLayerHandlerInterface for classes that handle missing layer files when reading project file
 CQgsProjectDirtyBlockerTemporarily blocks QgsProject "dirtying" for the lifetime of the object
 CQgsProjectPropertyAn Abstract Base Class for QGIS project property hierarchys
 CQgsProjectStorageAbstract interface for project storage - to be implemented by various backends and registered in QgsProjectStorageRegistry
 CQgsProjectStorageRegistryRegistry of storage backends that QgsProject may use
 CQgsProjectTranslatorWherever an object of this class is available, the derived translate function can be called from
 CQgsProjectVersionA class to describe the version of a project
 CQgsPropertyA store for object properties
 CQgsPropertyDefinitionDefinition for a property
 CQgsPropertyTransformerAbstract base class for objects which transform the calculated value of a property
 CQgsProviderMetadataHolds data provider key, description, and associated shared library file or function pointer information
 CQgsProviderRegistryA registry / canonical manager of data providers
 CQgsPythonRunnerUtility class for running Python commands from various parts of QGIS
 CQgsQuickFeatureLayerPairPair of QgsFeature and QgsVectorLayer
 CQgsRange< T >A template based class for storing ranges (lower to upper values)
 CQgsRasterRaster namespace
 CQgsRasterBandStatsThe RasterBandStats struct is a container for statistics about a single raster band
 CQgsRasterBlockRaster data container
 CQgsRasterCalculatorPerforms raster layer calculations
 CQgsRasterCalculatorEntryRepresents an individual raster layer/band number entry within a raster calculation
 CQgsRasterCheckerThis is a helper class for unit tests that need to write an image and compare it to an expected result or render time
 CQgsRasterDrawerThe drawing pipe for raster layers
 CQgsRasterFileWriterThe raster file writer which allows you to save a raster to a new file
 CQgsRasterHistogramThe QgsRasterHistogram is a container for histogram of a single raster band
 CQgsRasterIdentifyResultRaster identify results container
 CQgsRasterInterfaceBase class for processing filters like renderers, reprojector, resampler etc
 CQgsRasterIteratorIterator for sequentially processing raster cells
 CQgsRasterMinMaxOriginThis class describes the origin of min/max values
 CQgsRasterPipeBase class for processing modules
 CQgsRasterPyramidThis struct is used to store pyramid info for the raster layer
 CQgsRasterRangeRaster values range container
 CQgsRasterRendererRegistryRegistry for raster renderers
 CQgsRasterRendererRegistryEntryRegistry for raster renderer entries
 CQgsRasterResamplerInterface for resampling rasters (e.g
 CQgsRasterShaderInterface for all raster shaders
 CQgsRasterShaderFunctionThe raster shade function applies a shader to a pixel at render time - typically used to render grayscale images as false color
 CQgsRasterTransparencyDefines the list of pixel values to be considered as transparent or semi transparent when rendering rasters
 CQgsRasterViewPortThis class provides details of the viewable area that a raster will be rendered into
 CQgsRay2DA 2D ray which extends from an origin point to an infinite distance in a given direction
 CQgsReadWriteContextThe class is used as a container of context for various read/write operations on other objects
 CQgsReadWriteContextCategoryPopperAllows entering a context category and takes care of leaving this category on deletion of the class
 CQgsReadWriteLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking QReadWriteLocks
 CQgsRectangleA rectangle specified with double values
 CQgsReferencedGeometryBaseA base class for geometry primitives which are stored with an associated reference system
 CQgsRegularPolygonRegular Polygon geometry type
 CQgsReliefProduces colored relief rasters from DEM
 CQgsRenderCheckerThis is a helper class for unit tests that need to write an image and compare it to an expected result or render time
 CQgsRenderContextContains information about the context of a rendering operation
 CQgsWms::QgsRendererMap renderer for WMS requests
 CQgsRendererAbstractMetadataStores metadata about one renderer class
 CQgsRendererCategoryRepresents an individual category (class) from a QgsCategorizedSymbolRenderer
 CQgsRendererRegistryRegistry of renderers
 CQgsRequestHandlerThis class is an interface hiding the details of reading input and writing output from/to a wms request mechanism
 CQgsScaleBarRendererAbstract base class for scale bar renderers
 CQgsScaleBarSettingsStores the appearance and layout settings for scalebar drawing with QgsScaleBarRenderer
 CQgsScaleCalculatorCalculates scale for a given combination of canvas size, map extent, and monitor dpi
 CQgsScopedProxyProgressTaskScoped QgsScopedProxyProgressTask, which automatically adds the proxy task to the application task manager on construction and finalizes the task when it goes out of scope
 CQgsServerOGC web services
 CQgsServerCacheFilterClass defining cache interface for QGIS Server plugins
 CQgsServerCacheManagerA helper class that centralizes caches accesses given by all the server cache filter plugins
 CQgsServerFilterClass defining I/O filters for QGIS Server and implemented in plugins
 CQgsServerInterfaceQgsServerInterface Class defining interfaces exposed by QGIS Server and made available to plugins
 CQgsServerParameterDefinitionDefinition of a parameter with basic conversion methods
 CQgsServerParametersQgsServerParameters provides an interface to retrieve and manipulate global parameters received from the client
 CQgsServerPluginsInitializes Python server plugins and stores a list of server plugin names
 CQgsServerRequestQgsServerRequest Class defining request interface passed to services QgsService::executeRequest() method
 CQgsServerResponseQgsServerResponse Class defining response interface passed to services QgsService::executeRequest() method
 CQgsServerSettingsProvides a way to retrieve settings by prioritizing according to environment variables, ini file and default values
 CQgsServiceQgsService Class defining interfaces for QGIS server services
 CQgsServiceModuleClass defining the service module interface for QGIS server services
 CQgsServiceNativeLoaderClass defining the native service module loader for QGIS server services
 CQgsServiceNativeModuleEntryNative module (location, the module itself and the unload function)
 CQgsServiceRegistryQgsServiceRegistry Class defining the registry manager for QGIS server services
 CQgsSignalBlocker< Object >RAII signal blocking class
 CQgsSimplifyMethodThis class contains information about how to simplify geometries fetched from a QgsFeatureIterator
 CQgsSnapIndicatorClass that shows snapping marker on map canvas for the current snapping match
 CQgsSnappingConfigThis is a container for configuration of the snapping of the project
 CQgsSourceSelectProviderThis is the interface for those who want to add entries to the QgsDataSourceManagerDialog
 CQgsSourceSelectProviderRegistryThis class keeps a list of source select providers that may add items to the QgsDataSourceManagerDialog When created, it automatically adds providers from data provider plugins (e.g
 CQgsSpatialIndexKDBushA very fast static spatial index for 2D points based on a flat KD-tree
 CQgsSpatialIndexKDBushDataA container for data stored inside a QgsSpatialIndexKDBush index
 CQgsSpatialiteCloserCloses a spatialite database
 CQgsSqlExpressionCompilerGeneric expression compiler for translation to provider specific SQL WHERE clauses
 CQgsSqlite3CloserCloses a sqlite3 database
 CQgsSqlite3StatementFinalizerFinalizes an sqlite3 statement
 CQgsSqliteUtilsContains utilities for working with Sqlite data sources
 CQgsSQLStatementClass for parsing SQL statements
 CQgsStatisticalSummaryCalculator for summary statistics for a list of doubles
 CQgsStringReplacementA representation of a single string replacement
 CQgsStringReplacementCollectionA collection of string replacements (specified using QgsStringReplacement objects)
 CQgsStringStatisticalSummaryCalculator for summary statistics and aggregates for a list of strings
 CQgsStringUtilsUtility functions for working with strings
 CQgsSymbolAbstract base class for all rendered symbols
 CQgsSymbolLayerAbstractMetadataStores metadata about one symbol layer class
 CQgsSymbolLayerRegistryRegistry of available symbol layer classes
 CQgsSymbolWidgetContextContains settings which reflect the context in which a symbol (or renderer) widget is shown, e.g., the map canvas and relevant expression contexts
 CQgsTemporalRange< T >A template based class for storing temporal ranges (beginning to end values)
 CQgsTemporaryCursorOverrideTemporarily sets a cursor override for the QApplication for the lifetime of the object
 CQgsTessellatorClass that takes care of tessellation of polygons into triangles
 CQgsTextBackgroundSettingsContainer for settings relating to a text background object
 CQgsTextBufferSettingsContainer for settings relating to a text buffer
 CQgsTextFormatContainer for all settings relating to text rendering
 CQgsTextRendererHandles rendering text using rich formatting options, including drop shadows, buffers and background shapes
 CQgsTextShadowSettingsContainer for settings relating to a text shadow
 CQgsThreadingUtilsProvides threading utilities for QGIS
 CQgsTilingScheme3 The class encapsulates tiling scheme (just like with WMTS / TMS / XYZ layers)
 CQgsToleranceThis is the class is providing tolerance value in map unit values
 CQgsTracerGraphSimple graph structure for shortest path search
 CQgsTranslationContextUsed for the collecting of strings from projects for translation and creation of ts files
 CQgsTriangularMeshTriangular/Derived Mesh is mesh with vertices in map coordinates
 CQgsUnitTypesHelper functions for various unit types
 CQgsUserProfileUser profile contains information about the user profile folders on the machine
 CQgsVectorA class to represent a vector
 CQgsVector3D3 Class for storage of 3D vectors similar to QVector3D, with the difference that it uses double precision instead of single precision floating point numbers
 CQgsVectorLayerJoinInfoDefines left outer join from our vector layer to some other vector layer
 CQgsVectorLayerUtilsContains utility methods for working with QgsVectorLayers
 CQgsVectorSimplifyMethodThis class contains information how to simplify geometries fetched from a vector layer
 CQgsVertexIdUtility class for identifying a unique vertex within a geometry
 CQgsVertexIteratorJava-style iterator for traversal of vertices of a geometry
 CQgsVirtualLayerDefinitionClass to manipulate the definition of a virtual layer
 CQgsVirtualLayerDefinitionUtilsUtils class for QgsVirtualLayerDefinition
 CQgsWkbTypesHandles storage of information regarding WKB types and their properties
 CQgsXmlUtilsAssorted helper methods for reading and writing chunks of XML
 CQgsZonalStatisticsA class that calculates raster statistics (count, sum, mean) for a polygon or multipolygon layer and appends the results as attributes
 CQgsAlignRaster::RasterInfoUtility class for gathering information about rasters
 CQgsReadWriteContext::ReadWriteMessageStruct for QgsReadWriteContext error or warning messages
 CQgsRuleBasedRenderer::RenderJobA QgsRuleBasedRenderer rendering job, consisting of a feature to be rendered with a particular symbol
 CQgsRuleBasedRenderer::RenderLevelRender level: a list of jobs to be drawn at particular level for a QgsRuleBasedRenderer
 CQgsRuleBasedRenderer::RuleThis class keeps data about a rules for rule-based renderer
 CQgsVectorFileWriter::SaveVectorOptionsOptions to pass to writeAsVectorFormat()
 CQgsScaleBarRenderer::ScaleBarContextContains parameters regarding scalebar calculations
 CQgsGeoNodeRequest::ServiceLayerDetailService layer details for an individual layer from a GeoNode connection
 CQgsDataDefinedSizeLegend::SizeClassDefinition of one class for the legend
 CQgsVirtualLayerDefinition::SourceLayerA SourceLayer is either a reference to a live layer in the registry or all the parameters needed to load it (provider key, source, etc.)
 CQgsLayerMetadata::SpatialExtentMetadata spatial extent structure
 CQgsSQLComposerDialog::SQLValidatorCallbackCallback to do validation check on dialog validation
 CQgsExpressionContextScope::StaticVariableSingle variable definition for use within a QgsExpressionContextScope
 CQgsOWSSourceSelect::SupportedFormatFormats supported by provider
 CQgsLayoutExporter::SvgExportSettingsContains settings relating to exporting layouts to SVG
 CQgsSQLComposerDialog::TableSelectedCallbackCallback to do actions on table selection
 CQgsTaskManager::TaskDefinitionDefinition of a task for inclusion in the manager
 CQgsDatumTransform::TransformInfoContains datum transform information
 CQgsDatumTransform::TransformPairContains datum transform information
 CTriangleInterpolatorThis is an interface for interpolator classes for triangulations
 CTriangulationInterface for Triangulation classes
 CQgsAbstractMetadataBaseValidator::ValidationResultContains the parameters describing a metadata validation failure
 CVector3DClass Vector3D represents a 3D-Vector, capable to store x-,y- and z-coordinates in double values
 CQgsAbstractGeometry::vertex_iteratorSTL-style iterator for vertices
 CQgsSQLStatement::VisitorSupport for visitor pattern - algorithms dealing with the statement may be implemented without modifying the Node classes
 CQgsExpressionNodeCondition::WhenThenRepresents a "WHEN... THEN..." portation of a CASE WHEN clause in an expression