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2 qgscompoundcurve.h
3 ---------------------
4 begin : September 2014
5 copyright : (C) 2014 by Marco Hugentobler
6 email : marco at sourcepole dot ch
7 ***************************************************************************/
10 * *
11 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
12 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
13 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
14 * (at your option) any later version. *
15 * *
16 ***************************************************************************/
21#include "qgis_core.h"
22#include "qgis_sip.h"
23#include "qgscurve.h"
31class CORE_EXPORT QgsCompoundCurve: public QgsCurve
33 public:
35 QgsCompoundCurve( const QgsCompoundCurve &curve );
37 ~QgsCompoundCurve() override;
39 bool equals( const QgsCurve &other ) const override;
41 QString geometryType() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
42 int dimension() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
43 QgsCompoundCurve *clone() const override SIP_FACTORY;
44 void clear() override;
46 bool fromWkb( QgsConstWkbPtr &wkb ) override;
47 bool fromWkt( const QString &wkt ) override;
49 int wkbSize( QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags flags = QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags() ) const override;
50 QByteArray asWkb( QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags flags = QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags() ) const override;
51 QString asWkt( int precision = 17 ) const override;
52 QDomElement asGml2( QDomDocument &doc, int precision = 17, const QString &ns = "gml", QgsAbstractGeometry::AxisOrder axisOrder = QgsAbstractGeometry::AxisOrder::XY ) const override;
53 QDomElement asGml3( QDomDocument &doc, int precision = 17, const QString &ns = "gml", QgsAbstractGeometry::AxisOrder axisOrder = QgsAbstractGeometry::AxisOrder::XY ) const override;
54 json asJsonObject( int precision = 17 ) const override SIP_SKIP;
56 //curve interface
57 double length() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
58 QgsPoint startPoint() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
59 QgsPoint endPoint() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
60 void points( QgsPointSequence &pts SIP_OUT ) const override;
61 int numPoints() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
62 bool isEmpty() const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
63 bool isValid( QString &error SIP_OUT, Qgis::GeometryValidityFlags flags = Qgis::GeometryValidityFlags() ) const override;
64 int indexOf( const QgsPoint &point ) const final;
72 QgsLineString *curveToLine( double tolerance = M_PI_2 / 90, SegmentationToleranceType toleranceType = MaximumAngle ) const override SIP_FACTORY;
74 QgsCompoundCurve *snappedToGrid( double hSpacing, double vSpacing, double dSpacing = 0, double mSpacing = 0 ) const override SIP_FACTORY;
75 bool removeDuplicateNodes( double epsilon = 4 * std::numeric_limits<double>::epsilon(), bool useZValues = false ) override;
76 bool boundingBoxIntersects( const QgsRectangle &rectangle ) const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
82 int nCurves() const SIP_HOLDGIL { return mCurves.size(); }
87 const QgsCurve *curveAt( int i ) const SIP_HOLDGIL;
98 void addCurve( QgsCurve *c SIP_TRANSFER, bool extendPrevious = false );
104 void removeCurve( int i );
109 void addVertex( const QgsPoint &pt );
117 void condenseCurves();
127 bool toggleCircularAtVertex( QgsVertexId position );
129 void draw( QPainter &p ) const override;
130 void transform( const QgsCoordinateTransform &ct, Qgis::TransformDirection d = Qgis::TransformDirection::Forward, bool transformZ = false ) override SIP_THROW( QgsCsException );
131 void transform( const QTransform &t, double zTranslate = 0.0, double zScale = 1.0, double mTranslate = 0.0, double mScale = 1.0 ) override;
132 void addToPainterPath( QPainterPath &path ) const override;
133 void drawAsPolygon( QPainter &p ) const override;
134 bool insertVertex( QgsVertexId position, const QgsPoint &vertex ) override;
135 bool moveVertex( QgsVertexId position, const QgsPoint &newPos ) override;
136 bool deleteVertex( QgsVertexId position ) override;
137 double closestSegment( const QgsPoint &pt, QgsPoint &segmentPt SIP_OUT, QgsVertexId &vertexAfter SIP_OUT, int *leftOf SIP_OUT = nullptr, double epsilon = 4 * std::numeric_limits<double>::epsilon() ) const override;
138 bool pointAt( int node, QgsPoint &point, Qgis::VertexType &type ) const override;
139 void sumUpArea( double &sum SIP_OUT ) const override;
142 void close();
144 bool hasCurvedSegments() const override;
145 double vertexAngle( QgsVertexId vertex ) const override;
146 double segmentLength( QgsVertexId startVertex ) const override;
147 QgsCompoundCurve *reversed() const override SIP_FACTORY;
148 QgsPoint *interpolatePoint( double distance ) const override SIP_FACTORY;
149 QgsCompoundCurve *curveSubstring( double startDistance, double endDistance ) const override SIP_FACTORY;
151 bool addZValue( double zValue = 0 ) override;
152 bool addMValue( double mValue = 0 ) override;
154 bool dropZValue() override;
155 bool dropMValue() override;
156 void swapXy() override;
158 double xAt( int index ) const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
159 double yAt( int index ) const override SIP_HOLDGIL;
161 bool transform( QgsAbstractGeometryTransformer *transformer, QgsFeedback *feedback = nullptr ) override;
162 void scroll( int firstVertexIndex ) final;
164#ifndef SIP_RUN
165 void filterVertices( const std::function< bool( const QgsPoint & ) > &filter ) override;
166 void transformVertices( const std::function< QgsPoint( const QgsPoint & ) > &transform ) override;
167 std::tuple< std::unique_ptr< QgsCurve >, std::unique_ptr< QgsCurve > > splitCurveAtVertex( int index ) const final;
176 inline static const QgsCompoundCurve *cast( const QgsAbstractGeometry *geom )
177 {
178 if ( geom && QgsWkbTypes::flatType( geom->wkbType() ) == QgsWkbTypes::CompoundCurve )
179 return static_cast<const QgsCompoundCurve *>( geom );
180 return nullptr;
181 }
186#ifdef SIP_RUN
187 SIP_PYOBJECT __repr__();
188 % MethodCode
189 QString wkt = sipCpp->asWkt();
190 if ( wkt.length() > 1000 )
191 wkt = wkt.left( 1000 ) + QStringLiteral( "..." );
192 QString str = QStringLiteral( "<QgsCompoundCurve: %1>" ).arg( wkt );
193 sipRes = PyUnicode_FromString( str.toUtf8().constData() );
194 % End
197 protected:
199 int compareToSameClass( const QgsAbstractGeometry *other ) const final;
200 QgsRectangle calculateBoundingBox() const override;
202 private:
203 QVector< QgsCurve * > mCurves;
209 QVector< QPair<int, QgsVertexId> > curveVertexId( QgsVertexId id ) const;
213// clazy:excludeall=qstring-allocations
The Qgis class provides global constants for use throughout the application.
Definition: qgis.h:72
Flags for raster layer temporal capabilities.
Definition: qgis.h:1320
An abstract base class for classes which transform geometries by transforming input points to output ...
Abstract base class for all geometries.
virtual bool fromWkb(QgsConstWkbPtr &wkb)=0
Sets the geometry from a WKB string.
Segmentation tolerance as maximum angle or maximum difference between approximation and circle.
virtual void draw(QPainter &p) const =0
Draws the geometry using the specified QPainter.
virtual QgsRectangle calculateBoundingBox() const
Default calculator for the minimal bounding box for the geometry.
virtual void transformVertices(const std::function< QgsPoint(const QgsPoint &) > &transform)
Transforms the vertices from the geometry in place, applying the transform function to every vertex.
virtual bool boundingBoxIntersects(const QgsRectangle &rectangle) const SIP_HOLDGIL
Returns true if the bounding box of this geometry intersects with a rectangle.
Axis order for GML generation.
virtual QString geometryType() const =0
Returns a unique string representing the geometry type.
virtual QgsAbstractGeometry * createEmptyWithSameType() const =0
Creates a new geometry with the same class and same WKB type as the original and transfers ownership.
virtual QByteArray asWkb(WkbFlags flags=QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags()) const =0
Returns a WKB representation of the geometry.
virtual QDomElement asGml2(QDomDocument &doc, int precision=17, const QString &ns="gml", AxisOrder axisOrder=QgsAbstractGeometry::AxisOrder::XY) const =0
Returns a GML2 representation of the geometry.
QgsAbstractGeometry & operator=(const QgsAbstractGeometry &geom)
virtual void transform(const QgsCoordinateTransform &ct, Qgis::TransformDirection d=Qgis::TransformDirection::Forward, bool transformZ=false) SIP_THROW(QgsCsException)=0
Transforms the geometry using a coordinate transform.
virtual QgsAbstractGeometry * snappedToGrid(double hSpacing, double vSpacing, double dSpacing=0, double mSpacing=0) const =0
Makes a new geometry with all the points or vertices snapped to the closest point of the grid.
virtual double length() const
Returns the planar, 2-dimensional length of the geometry.
virtual QString asWkt(int precision=17) const =0
Returns a WKT representation of the geometry.
virtual const QgsAbstractGeometry * simplifiedTypeRef() const SIP_HOLDGIL
Returns a reference to the simplest lossless representation of this geometry, e.g.
virtual bool isEmpty() const
Returns true if the geometry is empty.
virtual json asJsonObject(int precision=17) const
Returns a json object representation of the geometry.
virtual QDomElement asGml3(QDomDocument &doc, int precision=17, const QString &ns="gml", AxisOrder axisOrder=QgsAbstractGeometry::AxisOrder::XY) const =0
Returns a GML3 representation of the geometry.
virtual bool fromWkt(const QString &wkt)=0
Sets the geometry from a WKT string.
virtual void clear()=0
Clears the geometry, ie reset it to a null geometry.
virtual void filterVertices(const std::function< bool(const QgsPoint &) > &filter)
Filters the vertices from the geometry in place, removing any which do not return true for the filter...
QgsWkbTypes::Type wkbType() const SIP_HOLDGIL
Returns the WKB type of the geometry.
virtual int dimension() const =0
Returns the inherent dimension of the geometry.
virtual bool removeDuplicateNodes(double epsilon=4 *std::numeric_limits< double >::epsilon(), bool useZValues=false)=0
Removes duplicate nodes from the geometry, wherever removing the nodes does not result in a degenerat...
virtual int wkbSize(QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags flags=QgsAbstractGeometry::WkbFlags()) const =0
Returns the length of the QByteArray returned by asWkb()
virtual int compareToSameClass(const QgsAbstractGeometry *other) const =0
Compares to an other geometry of the same class, and returns a integer for sorting of the two geometr...
Compound curve geometry type.
static const QgsCompoundCurve * cast(const QgsAbstractGeometry *geom)
Cast the geom to a QgsCompoundCurve.
int nCurves() const SIP_HOLDGIL
Returns the number of curves in the geometry.
A const WKB pointer.
Definition: qgswkbptr.h:138
Class for doing transforms between two map coordinate systems.
Custom exception class for Coordinate Reference System related exceptions.
Definition: qgsexception.h:66
Abstract base class for curved geometry type.
Definition: qgscurve.h:36
virtual bool equals(const QgsCurve &other) const =0
Checks whether this curve exactly equals another curve.
virtual int numPoints() const =0
Returns the number of points in the curve.
bool isValid(QString &error, Qgis::GeometryValidityFlags flags=Qgis::GeometryValidityFlags()) const override
Checks validity of the geometry, and returns true if the geometry is valid.
Definition: qgscurve.cpp:247
virtual int indexOf(const QgsPoint &point) const =0
Returns the index of the first vertex matching the given point, or -1 if a matching vertex is not fou...
QgsCurve * clone() const override=0
Clones the geometry by performing a deep copy.
virtual QgsPoint startPoint() const =0
Returns the starting point of the curve.
virtual std::tuple< std::unique_ptr< QgsCurve >, std::unique_ptr< QgsCurve > > splitCurveAtVertex(int index) const =0
Splits the curve at the specified vertex index, returning two curves which represent the portion of t...
virtual QgsPoint endPoint() const =0
Returns the end point of the curve.
virtual void points(QgsPointSequence &pt) const =0
Returns a list of points within the curve.
virtual QgsLineString * curveToLine(double tolerance=M_PI_2/90, SegmentationToleranceType toleranceType=MaximumAngle) const =0
Returns a new line string geometry corresponding to a segmentized approximation of the curve.
Base class for feedback objects to be used for cancellation of something running in a worker thread.
Definition: qgsfeedback.h:45
Line string geometry type, with support for z-dimension and m-values.
Definition: qgslinestring.h:45
Point geometry type, with support for z-dimension and m-values.
Definition: qgspoint.h:49
A rectangle specified with double values.
Definition: qgsrectangle.h:42
static Type flatType(Type type) SIP_HOLDGIL
Returns the flat type for a WKB type.
Definition: qgswkbtypes.h:732
double ANALYSIS_EXPORT leftOf(const QgsPoint &thepoint, const QgsPoint *p1, const QgsPoint *p2)
Returns whether 'thepoint' is left or right of the line from 'p1' to 'p2'. Negative values mean left ...
Definition: MathUtils.cpp:292
As part of the API refactoring and improvements which landed in the Processing API was substantially reworked from the x version This was done in order to allow much of the underlying Processing framework to be ported into c
#define str(x)
Definition: qgis.cpp:37
#define SIP_SKIP
Definition: qgis_sip.h:126
Definition: qgis_sip.h:36
#define SIP_OUT
Definition: qgis_sip.h:58
Definition: qgis_sip.h:166
Definition: qgis_sip.h:76
#define SIP_THROW(name,...)
Definition: qgis_sip.h:198
QVector< QgsPoint > QgsPointSequence
double closestSegment(const QgsPolylineXY &pl, const QgsPointXY &pt, int &vertexAfter, double epsilon)
Definition: qgstracer.cpp:69
int precision
Utility class for identifying a unique vertex within a geometry.
Definition: qgsvertexid.h:31