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qgsalignraster.h File Reference
#include <QList>
#include <QPointF>
#include <QSizeF>
#include <QString>
#include <gdal_version.h>
#include "qgis_analysis.h"
#include "qgis_sip.h"
#include "qgsogrutils.h"
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struct  QgsAlignRaster::Item
 Definition of one raster layer for alignment. More...
struct  QgsAlignRaster::ProgressHandler
 Helper struct to be sub-classed for progress reporting. More...
class  QgsAlignRaster
 QgsAlignRaster takes one or more raster layers and warps (resamples) them so they have the same: More...
struct  QgsAlignRaster::RasterInfo
 Utility class for gathering information about rasters. More...


typedef void * GDALDatasetH

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◆ GDALDatasetH

typedef void* GDALDatasetH

Definition at line 30 of file qgsalignraster.h.