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QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties Class Reference

Layer properties. More...

#include <qgsogcutils.h>

Public Member Functions

 LayerProperties ()=default
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

QString mGeometryAttribute
 Geometry attribute name. More...
QString mName
 Layer name. More...
QString mNamespacePrefix
 Namespace prefix. More...
QString mNamespaceURI
 Namespace URI. More...
QString mSRSName
 SRS name. More...

Detailed Description

Layer properties.

Used by SQLStatementToOgcFilter().

not available in Python bindings
QGIS 2.16

Definition at line 247 of file qgsogcutils.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LayerProperties()

QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties::LayerProperties ( )


Member Data Documentation

◆ mGeometryAttribute

QString QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties::mGeometryAttribute

Geometry attribute name.

Definition at line 256 of file qgsogcutils.h.

◆ mName

QString QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties::mName

Layer name.

Definition at line 254 of file qgsogcutils.h.

◆ mNamespacePrefix

QString QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties::mNamespacePrefix

Namespace prefix.

Definition at line 260 of file qgsogcutils.h.

◆ mNamespaceURI

QString QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties::mNamespaceURI

Namespace URI.

Definition at line 262 of file qgsogcutils.h.

◆ mSRSName

QString QgsOgcUtils::LayerProperties::mSRSName

SRS name.

Definition at line 258 of file qgsogcutils.h.

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