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QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings Class Reference

Additional diagram settings for interpolated size rendering. More...

#include <qgsdiagramrenderer.h>

Public Attributes

QString classificationAttributeExpression
bool classificationAttributeIsExpression
QString classificationField
 Name of the field for classification. More...
QSizeF lowerSize
double lowerValue
QSizeF upperSize
double upperValue

Detailed Description

Additional diagram settings for interpolated size rendering.

Definition at line 662 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ classificationAttributeExpression

QString QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::classificationAttributeExpression

Definition at line 673 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

◆ classificationAttributeIsExpression

bool QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::classificationAttributeIsExpression

Definition at line 674 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

◆ classificationField

QString QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::classificationField

Name of the field for classification.

Definition at line 671 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

◆ lowerSize

QSizeF QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::lowerSize

Definition at line 665 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

◆ lowerValue

double QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::lowerValue

Definition at line 667 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

◆ upperSize

QSizeF QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::upperSize

Definition at line 666 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

◆ upperValue

double QgsDiagramInterpolationSettings::upperValue

Definition at line 668 of file qgsdiagramrenderer.h.

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