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QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute Class Reference

Undo command for renaming an existing attribute of a vector layer. More...

#include <qgsvectorlayerundocommand.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute (QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer *buffer, int fieldIndex, const QString &newName)
 Constructor for QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute. More...
void redo () override
void undo () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsVectorLayerUndoCommand
 QgsVectorLayerUndoCommand (QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer *buffer)
 Constructor for QgsVectorLayerUndoCommand. More...
int id () const override
QgsVectorLayerlayer ()
 Returns the layer associated with the undo command. More...
bool mergeWith (const QUndoCommand *) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsVectorLayerUndoCommand
QgsVectorLayerEditBuffermBuffer = nullptr
 Associated edit buffer. More...

Detailed Description

Undo command for renaming an existing attribute of a vector layer.

QGIS 2.16

Definition at line 239 of file qgsvectorlayerundocommand.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute()

QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute::QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute ( QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer buffer,
int  fieldIndex,
const QString &  newName 

Constructor for QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute.

bufferassociated edit buffer
fieldIndexindex of field to rename
newNamenew name for field

Definition at line 420 of file qgsvectorlayerundocommand.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ redo()

void QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute::redo ( )

Definition at line 447 of file qgsvectorlayerundocommand.cpp.

◆ undo()

void QgsVectorLayerUndoCommandRenameAttribute::undo ( )

Definition at line 432 of file qgsvectorlayerundocommand.cpp.

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