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QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter Class Reference

Internal use by QgsOgcUtils. More...

#include <qgsogcutils.h>

Public Member Functions

 QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter (QDomDocument &doc, QgsOgcUtils::GMLVersion gmlVersion, QgsOgcUtils::FilterVersion filterVersion, const QString &geometryName, const QString &srsName, bool honourAxisOrientation, bool invertAxisOrientation)
 Constructor. More...
QString errorMessage () const
 Returns the error message. More...
QDomElement expressionNodeToOgcFilter (const QgsExpressionNode *node, QgsExpression *expression, const QgsExpressionContext *context)
 Convert an expression to a OGC filter. More...
bool GMLNamespaceUsed () const
 Returns whether the gml: namespace is used. More...

Detailed Description

Internal use by QgsOgcUtils.

not available in Python bindings

Definition at line 361 of file qgsogcutils.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter()

QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter::QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter ( QDomDocument &  doc,
QgsOgcUtils::GMLVersion  gmlVersion,
QgsOgcUtils::FilterVersion  filterVersion,
const QString &  geometryName,
const QString &  srsName,
bool  honourAxisOrientation,
bool  invertAxisOrientation 


Definition at line 46 of file qgsogcutils.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ errorMessage()

QString QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter::errorMessage ( ) const

Returns the error message.

Definition at line 380 of file qgsogcutils.h.

◆ expressionNodeToOgcFilter()

QDomElement QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter::expressionNodeToOgcFilter ( const QgsExpressionNode node,
QgsExpression expression,
const QgsExpressionContext context 

Convert an expression to a OGC filter.

Definition at line 1975 of file qgsogcutils.cpp.

◆ GMLNamespaceUsed()

bool QgsOgcUtilsExprToFilter::GMLNamespaceUsed ( ) const

Returns whether the gml: namespace is used.

Definition at line 377 of file qgsogcutils.h.

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