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qgsogrutils.h File Reference
#include "qgis_core.h"
#include "qgsfeature.h"
#include <ogr_api.h>
#include <gdal.h>
#include <gdalwarper.h>
#include "cpl_conv.h"
#include "cpl_string.h"
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struct  gdal::GDALDatasetCloser
 Closes and cleanups GDAL dataset. More...
struct  gdal::GDALWarpOptionsDeleter
 Closes and cleanups GDAL warp options. More...
struct  gdal::OGRDataSourceDeleter
 Destroys OGR data sources. More...
struct  gdal::OGRFeatureDeleter
 Destroys OGR feature. More...
struct  gdal::OGRFldDeleter
 Destroys OGR field definition. More...
struct  gdal::OGRGeometryDeleter
 Destroys OGR geometries. More...
class  QgsOgrUtils
 Utilities for working with OGR features and layers. More...




#define SIP_NO_FILE


using gdal::dataset_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< std::remove_pointer< GDALDatasetH >::type, GDALDatasetCloser >
 Scoped GDAL dataset. More...
using gdal::ogr_datasource_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< std::remove_pointer< OGRDataSourceH >::type, OGRDataSourceDeleter >
 Scoped OGR data source. More...
using gdal::ogr_feature_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< std::remove_pointer< OGRFeatureH >::type, OGRFeatureDeleter >
 Scoped OGR feature. More...
using gdal::ogr_field_def_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< std::remove_pointer< OGRFieldDefnH >::type, OGRFldDeleter >
 Scoped OGR field definition. More...
using gdal::ogr_geometry_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< std::remove_pointer< OGRGeometryH >::type, OGRGeometryDeleter >
 Scoped OGR geometry. More...
using gdal::warp_options_unique_ptr = std::unique_ptr< GDALWarpOptions, GDALWarpOptionsDeleter >
 Scoped GDAL warp options. More...


void CORE_EXPORT gdal::fast_delete_and_close (dataset_unique_ptr &dataset, GDALDriverH driver, const QString &path)
 Performs a fast close of an unwanted GDAL dataset handle by deleting the underlying data store. More...

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#define SIP_NO_FILE

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