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qgslabelingengine.h File Reference
#include "qgis_core.h"
#include "qgsmapsettings.h"
#include "qgspallabeling.h"
#include "qgslabelingenginesettings.h"
#include "qgslabeling.h"
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class  QgsAbstractLabelProvider
 The QgsAbstractLabelProvider class is an interface class. Implementations return list of labels and their associated geometries - these are used by QgsLabelingEngine to compute the final layout of labels. More...
class  QgsDefaultLabelingEngine
 Default QgsLabelingEngine implementation, which completes the whole labeling operation (including label rendering) in the run() method. More...
class  QgsLabelingEngine
 The QgsLabelingEngine class provides map labeling functionality. The input for the engine is a list of label provider objects and map settings. Based on the input, the engine computes layout of labels for the given map view with no collisions between the labels. Drawing of resulting labels is done again by label providers. More...
class  QgsLabelingUtils
 Contains helper utilities for working with QGIS' labeling engine. More...
class  QgsStagedRenderLabelingEngine
 A QgsLabelingEngine implementation, which only calculates the labeling solution during its run() method. The actual rendering of labels themselves is deferred to follow up calls to .... More...




#define SIP_NO_FILE

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#define SIP_NO_FILE

Definition at line 19 of file qgslabelingengine.h.