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QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect (QgsPointLocator *pl, QgsPointLocator::MatchList &lst, const QgsRectangle &srcRect, QgsPointLocator::MatchFilter *filter=nullptr)
 Constructs the visitor. More...
void visitData (const IData &d) override
void visitData (std::vector< const IData * > &v) override
void visitNode (const INode &n) override

Detailed Description

Helper class used when traversing the index looking for middle segment - builds a list of matches.

not available in Python bindings
QGIS 3.10

Definition at line 633 of file qgspointlocator.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect()

QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect::QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect ( QgsPointLocator pl,
QgsPointLocator::MatchList lst,
const QgsRectangle srcRect,
QgsPointLocator::MatchFilter filter = nullptr 

Constructs the visitor.

Definition at line 637 of file qgspointlocator.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ visitData() [1/2]

void QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect::visitData ( const IData &  d)

Definition at line 647 of file qgspointlocator.cpp.

◆ visitData() [2/2]

void QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect::visitData ( std::vector< const IData * > &  v)

Definition at line 645 of file qgspointlocator.cpp.

◆ visitNode()

void QgsPointLocator_VisitorMiddlesInRect::visitNode ( const INode &  n)

Definition at line 644 of file qgspointlocator.cpp.

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