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QgsExpressionContextScopePopper Class Reference

#include <qgsexpressioncontextutils.h>

Public Member Functions

 QgsExpressionContextScopePopper (QgsExpressionContext &context, QgsExpressionContextScope *scope)
 Constructor for QgsExpressionContextScopePopper. More...
 ~QgsExpressionContextScopePopper ()

Detailed Description

RAII class to pop scope from an expression context on destruction

QGIS 3.10

Definition at line 354 of file qgsexpressioncontextutils.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsExpressionContextScopePopper()

QgsExpressionContextScopePopper::QgsExpressionContextScopePopper ( QgsExpressionContext context,
QgsExpressionContextScope scope 

Constructor for QgsExpressionContextScopePopper.

Appends the specified scope to the end of context. scope will be automatically popped and deleted when this QgsExpressionContextScopePopper is destroyed.

Ownership of scope is transferred to the popper, but it is guaranteed to exist of the lifetime of the popper.

Definition at line 366 of file qgsexpressioncontextutils.h.

◆ ~QgsExpressionContextScopePopper()

QgsExpressionContextScopePopper::~QgsExpressionContextScopePopper ( )

Definition at line 372 of file qgsexpressioncontextutils.h.

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