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qgsguiutils.h File Reference
#include <Qt>
#include <QPair>
#include <QWidget>
#include <QStringList>
#include "qgis_gui.h"
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class  QgsTemporaryCursorOverride
 Temporarily sets a cursor override for the QApplication for the lifetime of the object. More...
class  QgsTemporaryCursorRestoreOverride
 Temporarily removes all cursor overrides for the QApplication for the lifetime of the object. More...


 The QgsGuiUtils namespace contains constants and helper functions used throughout the QGIS GUI.


#define SIP_NO_FILE


QString QgsGuiUtils::createFileFilter_ (QString const &longName, QString const &glob)
 Convenience function for readily creating file filters. More...
QString QgsGuiUtils::createFileFilter_ (QString const &format)
 Create file filters suitable for use with QFileDialog. More...
QString QgsGuiUtils::createWidgetKey (QWidget *widget, const QString &keyName=QString())
 Creates a key for the given widget that can be used to store related data in settings. More...
QFont QgsGuiUtils::getFont (bool &ok, const QFont &initial, const QString &title=QString())
 Show font selection dialog. More...
QPair< QString, QString > GUI_EXPORT QgsGuiUtils::getSaveAsImageName (QWidget *parent, const QString &message, const QString &defaultFilename=QString())
 A helper function to get an image name from the user. More...
QSize QgsGuiUtils::iconSize (bool dockableToolbar=false)
 Returns the user-preferred size of a window's toolbar icons. More...
bool GUI_EXPORT QgsGuiUtils::openFilesRememberingFilter (QString const &filterName, QString const &filters, QStringList &selectedFiles, QString &enc, QString &title, bool cancelAll=false)
 Open files, preferring to have the default file selector be the last one used, if any; also, prefer to start in the last directory associated with filterName. More...
QSize QgsGuiUtils::panelIconSize (QSize size)
 Returns dockable panel toolbar icon width based on the provided window toolbar width. More...
bool QgsGuiUtils::restoreGeometry (QWidget *widget, const QString &keyName=QString())
 Restore the wigget geometry from settings. More...
void QgsGuiUtils::saveGeometry (QWidget *widget, const QString &keyName=QString())
 Save the wigget geometry into settings. More...
int QgsGuiUtils::scaleIconSize (int standardSize)
 Scales an icon size to compensate for display pixel density, making the icon size hi-dpi friendly, whilst still resulting in pixel-perfect sizes for low-dpi displays. More...


constexpr double QgsGuiUtils::CANVAS_MAGNIFICATION_MAX = 16.0
 Maximum magnification level allowed in map canvases. More...
constexpr double QgsGuiUtils::CANVAS_MAGNIFICATION_MIN = 0.1
 Minimum magnification level allowed in map canvases. More...

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#define SIP_NO_FILE

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