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QgsMapRendererQImageJob Class Referenceabstract

Intermediate base class adding functionality that allows client to query the rendered image. More...

#include <qgsmaprendererjob.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsMapRendererQImageJob (const QgsMapSettings &settings)
virtual QImage renderedImage ()=0
 Gets a preview/resulting image. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
 QgsMapRendererJob (const QgsMapSettings &settings)
virtual void cancel ()=0
 Stop the rendering job - does not return until the job has terminated. More...
virtual void cancelWithoutBlocking ()=0
 Triggers cancellation of the rendering job without blocking. More...
Errors errors () const
 List of errors that happened during the rendering job - available when the rendering has been finished. More...
const QgsFeatureFilterProviderfeatureFilterProvider () const
 Returns the feature filter provider used by the QgsRenderContext of each LayerRenderJob. More...
virtual bool isActive () const =0
 Tell whether the rendering job is currently running in background. More...
const QgsMapSettingsmapSettings () const
 Returns map settings with which this job was started. More...
QHash< QgsMapLayer *, int > perLayerRenderingTime () const
 Returns the render time (in ms) per layer. More...
int renderingTime () const
 Returns the total time it took to finish the job (in milliseconds). More...
void setCache (QgsMapRendererCache *cache)
 Assign a cache to be used for reading and storing rendered images of individual layers. More...
void setFeatureFilterProvider (const QgsFeatureFilterProvider *f)
 Set the feature filter provider used by the QgsRenderContext of each LayerRenderJob. More...
virtual void start ()=0
 Start the rendering job and immediately return. More...
virtual QgsLabelingResultstakeLabelingResults ()=0
 Gets pointer to internal labeling engine (in order to get access to the results). More...
virtual bool usedCachedLabels () const =0
 Returns true if the render job was able to use a cached labeling solution. More...
virtual void waitForFinished ()=0
 Block until the job has finished. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
typedef QList< QgsMapRendererJob::ErrorErrors
- Signals inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
void finished ()
 emitted when asynchronous rendering is finished (or canceled). More...
void renderingLayersFinished ()
 Emitted when the layers are rendered. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
static const QString LABEL_CACHE_ID
 QgsMapRendererCache ID string for cached label image. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
void cleanupJobs (LayerRenderJobs &jobs)
void cleanupLabelJob (LabelRenderJob &job)
 Handles clean up tasks for a label job, including deletion of images and storing cached label results. More...
void logRenderingTime (const LayerRenderJobs &jobs, const LabelRenderJob &labelJob)
LayerRenderJobs prepareJobs (QPainter *painter, QgsLabelingEngine *labelingEngine2, bool deferredPainterSet=false)
 Creates a list of layer rendering jobs and prepares them for later render. More...
bool prepareLabelCache () const
 Prepares the cache for storing the result of labeling. More...
LabelRenderJob prepareLabelingJob (QPainter *painter, QgsLabelingEngine *labelingEngine2, bool canUseLabelCache=true)
 Prepares a labeling job. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
static QImage composeImage (const QgsMapSettings &settings, const LayerRenderJobs &jobs, const LabelRenderJob &labelJob)
static Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void drawLabeling (const QgsMapSettings &settings, QgsRenderContext &renderContext, QgsLabelingEngine *labelingEngine2, QPainter *painter)
static void drawLabeling (QgsRenderContext &renderContext, QgsLabelingEngine *labelingEngine2, QPainter *painter)
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsMapRendererJob
QgsMapRendererCachemCache = nullptr
Errors mErrors
QHash< QgsWeakMapLayerPointer, int > mPerLayerRenderingTime
 Render time (in ms) per layer, by layer ID. More...
bool mRecordRenderingTime = true
 true if layer rendering time should be recorded. More...
QTime mRenderingStart
int mRenderingTime = 0
QgsMapSettings mSettings

Detailed Description

Intermediate base class adding functionality that allows client to query the rendered image.

The image can be queried even while the rendering is still in progress to get intermediate result

QGIS 2.4

Definition at line 356 of file qgsmaprendererjob.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsMapRendererQImageJob()

QgsMapRendererQImageJob::QgsMapRendererQImageJob ( const QgsMapSettings settings)

Member Function Documentation

◆ renderedImage()

virtual QImage QgsMapRendererQImageJob::renderedImage ( )
pure virtual

Gets a preview/resulting image.

Implemented in QgsMapRendererSequentialJob, and QgsMapRendererParallelJob.

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