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QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode Class Reference

Implementation of legend node interface for displaying raster legend entries. More...

#include <qgslayertreemodellegendnode.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode:
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Public Member Functions

 QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode (QgsLayerTreeLayer *nodeLayer, const QColor &color, const QString &label, QObject *parent=0)
virtual QVariant data (int role) const override
 Return data associated with the item.
QSizeF drawSymbol (const QgsLegendSettings &settings, ItemContext *ctx, double itemHeight) const override
 Draws symbol on the left side of the item.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode
 ~QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode ()
virtual ItemMetrics draw (const QgsLegendSettings &settings, ItemContext *ctx)
 Entry point called from QgsLegendRenderer to do the rendering.
virtual QSizeF drawSymbolText (const QgsLegendSettings &settings, ItemContext *ctx, const QSizeF &symbolSize) const
 Draws label on the right side of the item.
virtual Qt::ItemFlags flags () const
 Return item flags associated with the item.
virtual void invalidateMapBasedData ()
 Notification from model that information from associated map view has changed.
virtual bool isEmbeddedInParent () const
virtual bool isScaleOK (double scale) const
QgsLayerTreeLayerlayerNode () const
 Return pointer to the parent layer node.
QgsLayerTreeModelmodel () const
 Return pointer to model owning this legend node.
virtual bool setData (const QVariant &value, int role)
 Set some data associated with the item.
virtual void setEmbeddedInParent (bool embedded)
virtual void setUserLabel (const QString &userLabel)
virtual QString userLabel () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode
enum  LegendNodeRoles { RuleKeyRole = Qt::UserRole, SymbolV2LegacyRuleKeyRole, ParentRuleKeyRole }
- Signals inherited from QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode
void dataChanged ()
 Emitted on internal data change so the layer tree model can forward the signal to views.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode
 QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode (QgsLayerTreeLayer *nodeL, QObject *parent=0)
 Construct the node with pointer to its parent layer node.
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode
bool mEmbeddedInParent
QString mUserLabel

Detailed Description

Implementation of legend node interface for displaying raster legend entries.

added in 2.6

Definition at line 218 of file qgslayertreemodellegendnode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode::QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode ( QgsLayerTreeLayer nodeLayer,
const QColor &  color,
const QString &  label,
QObject *  parent = 0 

Definition at line 448 of file qgslayertreemodellegendnode.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QVariant QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode::data ( int  role) const

Return data associated with the item.

Must be implemented in derived class.

Implements QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode.

Definition at line 455 of file qgslayertreemodellegendnode.cpp.

QSizeF QgsRasterSymbolLegendNode::drawSymbol ( const QgsLegendSettings settings,
ItemContext ctx,
double  itemHeight 
) const

Draws symbol on the left side of the item.

settingsLegend layout configuration
ctxContext for rendering - may be null if only doing layout without actual rendering
itemHeightMinimal height of the legend item - used for correct positioning when rendering
Real size of the symbol (may be bigger than "normal" symbol size from settings)

Reimplemented from QgsLayerTreeModelLegendNode.

Definition at line 471 of file qgslayertreemodellegendnode.cpp.

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