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util.h File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include <cstring>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <geos_c.h>
#include <pal/pal.h>
#include "rtree.hpp"
#include "pointset.h"
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class  pal::Feats
 For usage in problem solving algorithm. More...
struct  pal::_elementary_transformation
struct  pal::Point


namespace  pal


#define _UTIL_H
#define EPSILON   1e-9


typedef struct


LinkedList< const GEOSGeometry * > * pal::unmulti (const GEOSGeometry *the_geom)
int pal::max (int a, int b)
double pal::max (double a, double b)
 returns the maximum of two doubles or the first argument if both are equal
int pal::min (int a, int b)
double pal::min (double a, double b)
 returns the minimum of two doubles or the first argument if both are equal
double pal::vabs (double x)
double pal::degree2meter (double delta_deg)
double pal::unit_convert (double x, Units from, Units to, int dpi, double scale, double delta_canvas_width)
void pal::convert2pt (int *x, double scale, int dpi)
int pal::convert2pt (double x, double scale, int dpi)
void pal::sort (double *heap, int *x, int *y, int N)
bool pal::intCompare (int a, int b)
bool pal::strCompare (char *a, char *b)
bool pal::ptrLPosCompare (LabelPosition *a, LabelPosition *b)
bool pal::ptrPSetCompare (PointSet *a, PointSet *b)
bool pal::ptrFeatureCompare (Feature *a, Feature *b)
bool pal::ptrFeaturePartCompare (FeaturePart *a, FeaturePart *b)
bool pal::ptrFeatsCompare (Feats *a, Feats *b)
bool pal::ptrLayerCompare (Layer *a, Layer *b)
bool pal::ptrETCompare (ElemTrans *a, ElemTrans *b)
void pal::sort (void **items, int N, bool(*greater)(void *l, void *r))
 Sort an array of pointers.
void pal::tabcpy (int n, const int *const x, const int *const y, const double *const prob, int *cx, int *cy, double *p)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _UTIL_H
#define EPSILON   1e-9