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pal::_featCbackCtx Struct Reference

Public Attributes

double scale
LinkedList< Feats * > * fFeats
RTree< PointSet *, double,
2, double > * 
RTree< LabelPosition *, double,
2, double > * 
double priority
double bbox_min [2]
double bbox_max [2]

Member Data Documentation

double pal::_featCbackCtx::bbox_max[2]
double pal::_featCbackCtx::bbox_min[2]
RTree<LabelPosition*, double, 2, double>* pal::_featCbackCtx::candidates
LinkedList<Feats*>* pal::_featCbackCtx::fFeats
Layer* pal::_featCbackCtx::layer
RTree<PointSet*, double, 2, double>* pal::_featCbackCtx::obstacles
double pal::_featCbackCtx::priority
double pal::_featCbackCtx::scale

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