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qgsrendererv2registry.h File Reference
#include <QIcon>
#include <QMap>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QDomElement>
#include "qgis.h"
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class  QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata
 Stores metadata about one renderer class. More...
class  QgsRendererV2Metadata
 Convenience metadata class that uses static functions to create renderer and its widget. More...
class  QgsRendererV2Registry
 Registry of renderers. More...


typedef QgsFeatureRendererV2 *(* QgsRendererV2CreateFunc )(QDomElement &)
typedef QgsRendererV2Widget *(* QgsRendererV2WidgetFunc )(QgsVectorLayer *, QgsStyleV2 *, QgsFeatureRendererV2 *)
typedef QgsFeatureRendererV2 *(* QgsRendererV2CreateFromSldFunc )(QDomElement &, QGis::GeometryType geomType)

Typedef Documentation

typedef QgsFeatureRendererV2*( * QgsRendererV2CreateFromSldFunc)(QDomElement &, QGis::GeometryType geomType)
typedef QgsFeatureRendererV2*( * QgsRendererV2CreateFunc)(QDomElement &)
typedef QgsRendererV2Widget*( * QgsRendererV2WidgetFunc)(QgsVectorLayer *, QgsStyleV2 *, QgsFeatureRendererV2 *)