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qgsproviderregistry.cpp File Reference
#include "qgsproviderregistry.h"
#include <QString>
#include <QDir>
#include <QLibrary>
#include "qgis.h"
#include "qgsdataprovider.h"
#include "qgslogger.h"
#include "qgsmessageoutput.h"
#include "qgsmessagelog.h"
#include "qgsprovidermetadata.h"
#include "qgsvectorlayer.h"
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typedef QString providerkey_t ()
typedef QString description_t ()
typedef bool isprovider_t ()
typedef QString fileVectorFilters_t ()
typedef void buildsupportedrasterfilefilter_t (QString &theFileFiltersString)
typedef QString databaseDrivers_t ()
typedef QString directoryDrivers_t ()
typedef QString protocolDrivers_t ()
typedef void cleanupProviderFunction_t ()
typedef QgsDataProviderclassFactoryFunction_t (const QString *)
typedef QWidget * selectFactoryFunction_t (QWidget *parent, Qt::WindowFlags fl)


static QgsProviderMetadatafindMetadata_ (QgsProviderRegistry::Providers const &metaData, QString const &providerKey)
 convenience function for finding any existing data providers that match "providerKey"

Typedef Documentation

typedef void buildsupportedrasterfilefilter_t(QString &theFileFiltersString)
typedef QgsDataProvider* classFactoryFunction_t(const QString *)
typedef void cleanupProviderFunction_t()
typedef QString databaseDrivers_t()
typedef QString description_t()
typedef QString directoryDrivers_t()
typedef QString fileVectorFilters_t()
typedef bool isprovider_t()
typedef QString protocolDrivers_t()
typedef QString providerkey_t()
typedef QWidget* selectFactoryFunction_t(QWidget *parent, Qt::WindowFlags fl)

Function Documentation

static QgsProviderMetadata* findMetadata_ ( QgsProviderRegistry::Providers const &  metaData,
QString const &  providerKey 

convenience function for finding any existing data providers that match "providerKey"

Necessary because [] map operator will create a QgsProviderMetadata instance. Also you cannot use the map [] operator in const members for that very reason. So there needs to be a convenient way to find a data provider without accidentally adding a null meta data item to the metadata map.