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QgsSmartGroupCondition Class Reference

#include <qgssmartgroupeditordialog.h>

Public Slots

void destruct ()


void removed (int)

Public Member Functions

 QgsSmartGroupCondition (int id, QWidget *parent=NULL)
QString constraint ()
 returns the constraint key
QString parameter ()
 returns the parameter
void setConstraint (QString constraint)
 sets the given constraint
void setParameter (QString param)
 sets the given param
void hideRemoveButton (bool hide)
 sets the remove button hidden state to 'hide'

Protected Attributes

int mConditionId

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsSmartGroupCondition::QgsSmartGroupCondition ( int  id,
QWidget *  parent = NULL 

Member Function Documentation

QString QgsSmartGroupCondition::constraint ( )

returns the constraint key

void QgsSmartGroupCondition::destruct ( )
void QgsSmartGroupCondition::hideRemoveButton ( bool  hide)

sets the remove button hidden state to 'hide'

QString QgsSmartGroupCondition::parameter ( )

returns the parameter

void QgsSmartGroupCondition::removed ( int  )
void QgsSmartGroupCondition::setConstraint ( QString  constraint)

sets the given constraint

void QgsSmartGroupCondition::setParameter ( QString  param)

sets the given param

Member Data Documentation

int QgsSmartGroupCondition::mConditionId

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