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QgsScaleBarStyle Class Reference

Abstraction of composer scale bar style. More...

#include <qgsscalebarstyle.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsScaleBarStyle:
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Public Member Functions

 QgsScaleBarStyle (const QgsComposerScaleBar *bar)
virtual ~QgsScaleBarStyle ()
virtual void draw (QPainter *p, double xOffset=0) const =0
 Draws the style.
virtual void drawLabels (QPainter *p) const
virtual QRectF calculateBoxSize () const
virtual QString name () const =0

Protected Attributes

const QgsComposerScaleBarmScaleBar

Detailed Description

Abstraction of composer scale bar style.

Subclasses draw themselves, have the possibility to implement custom labeling and calculate corresponding box size.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsScaleBarStyle::QgsScaleBarStyle ( const QgsComposerScaleBar bar)
QgsScaleBarStyle::~QgsScaleBarStyle ( )

Member Function Documentation

QRectF QgsScaleBarStyle::calculateBoxSize ( ) const

Reimplemented in QgsNumericScaleBarStyle.

virtual void QgsScaleBarStyle::draw ( QPainter *  p,
double  xOffset = 0 
) const
pure virtual

Draws the style.

ppainter object
xOffsetoffset to account for centered labeling

Implemented in QgsTicksScaleBarStyle, QgsSingleBoxScaleBarStyle, QgsDoubleBoxScaleBarStyle, and QgsNumericScaleBarStyle.

void QgsScaleBarStyle::drawLabels ( QPainter *  p) const
virtual QString QgsScaleBarStyle::name ( ) const
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

const QgsComposerScaleBar* QgsScaleBarStyle::mScaleBar

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