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QgsNewVectorLayerDialog Class Reference

#include <qgsnewvectorlayerdialog.h>

Public Member Functions

 QgsNewVectorLayerDialog (QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WindowFlags fl=QgisGui::ModalDialogFlags)
 ~QgsNewVectorLayerDialog ()
QGis::WkbType selectedType () const
 Returns the selected geometry type.
void attributes (QList< QPair< QString, QString > > &at) const
 Appends the chosen attribute names and types to at.
QString selectedFileFormat () const
 Returns the file format for storage.
QString selectedFileEncoding () const
 Returns the file format for storage.
int selectedCrsId () const
 Returns the selected crs id.

Static Public Member Functions

static QString runAndCreateLayer (QWidget *parent=0, QString *enc=0)

Protected Slots

void on_mAddAttributeButton_clicked ()
void on_mRemoveAttributeButton_clicked ()
void on_mFileFormatComboBox_currentIndexChanged (int index)
void on_mTypeBox_currentIndexChanged (int index)
void on_pbnChangeSpatialRefSys_clicked ()
void on_buttonBox_helpRequested ()
void nameChanged (QString)
void selectionChanged ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::QgsNewVectorLayerDialog ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
Qt::WindowFlags  fl = QgisGui::ModalDialogFlags 
QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::~QgsNewVectorLayerDialog ( )

Member Function Documentation

void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::attributes ( QList< QPair< QString, QString > > &  at) const

Appends the chosen attribute names and types to at.

void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::nameChanged ( QString  name)
void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::on_buttonBox_helpRequested ( )
void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::on_mAddAttributeButton_clicked ( )
void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::on_mFileFormatComboBox_currentIndexChanged ( int  index)
void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::on_mRemoveAttributeButton_clicked ( )
void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::on_mTypeBox_currentIndexChanged ( int  index)
void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::on_pbnChangeSpatialRefSys_clicked ( )
QString QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::runAndCreateLayer ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
QString *  enc = 0 
int QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::selectedCrsId ( ) const

Returns the selected crs id.

QString QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::selectedFileEncoding ( ) const

Returns the file format for storage.

QString QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::selectedFileFormat ( ) const

Returns the file format for storage.

QGis::WkbType QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::selectedType ( ) const

Returns the selected geometry type.

void QgsNewVectorLayerDialog::selectionChanged ( )

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