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QgsDxfPaintEngine Class Reference

#include <qgsdxfpaintengine.h>

Public Member Functions

 QgsDxfPaintEngine (const QgsDxfPaintDevice *dxfDevice, QgsDxfExport *dxf)
 ~QgsDxfPaintEngine ()
bool begin (QPaintDevice *pdev)
bool end ()
QPaintEngine::Type type () const
void updateState (const QPaintEngineState &state)
void drawPixmap (const QRectF &r, const QPixmap &pm, const QRectF &sr)
void drawPolygon (const QPointF *points, int pointCount, PolygonDrawMode mode)
void drawRects (const QRectF *rects, int rectCount)
void drawPath (const QPainterPath &path)
void drawLines (const QLineF *lines, int lineCount)
void setLayer (const QString &layer)
QString layer () const
void setShift (const QPointF &shift)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsDxfPaintEngine::QgsDxfPaintEngine ( const QgsDxfPaintDevice dxfDevice,
QgsDxfExport dxf 
QgsDxfPaintEngine::~QgsDxfPaintEngine ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool QgsDxfPaintEngine::begin ( QPaintDevice *  pdev)
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::drawLines ( const QLineF *  lines,
int  lineCount 
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::drawPath ( const QPainterPath &  path)
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::drawPixmap ( const QRectF &  r,
const QPixmap &  pm,
const QRectF &  sr 
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::drawPolygon ( const QPointF *  points,
int  pointCount,
PolygonDrawMode  mode 
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::drawRects ( const QRectF *  rects,
int  rectCount 
bool QgsDxfPaintEngine::end ( )
QString QgsDxfPaintEngine::layer ( ) const
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::setLayer ( const QString &  layer)
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::setShift ( const QPointF &  shift)
QPaintEngine::Type QgsDxfPaintEngine::type ( ) const
void QgsDxfPaintEngine::updateState ( const QPaintEngineState &  state)

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