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QgsComposerSymbolV2Item Class Reference

#include <qgscomposerlegenditem.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsComposerSymbolV2Item:
Inheritance graph

Public Member Functions

 QgsComposerSymbolV2Item ()
 QgsComposerSymbolV2Item (const QString &text)
 QgsComposerSymbolV2Item (const QIcon &icon, const QString &text)
virtual ~QgsComposerSymbolV2Item ()
virtual QStandardItem * clone () const
virtual void writeXML (QDomElement &elem, QDomDocument &doc) const
virtual void readXML (const QDomElement &itemElem, bool xServerAvailable=true)
 Read item content from xml.
void setSymbolV2 (QgsSymbolV2 *s)
 Set symbol (takes ownership)
QgsSymbolV2symbolV2 ()
ItemType itemType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsComposerLegendItem
 QgsComposerLegendItem (QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style s=QgsComposerLegendStyle::Undefined)
 QgsComposerLegendItem (const QString &text, QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style s=QgsComposerLegendStyle::Undefined)
 QgsComposerLegendItem (const QIcon &icon, const QString &text, QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style s=QgsComposerLegendStyle::Undefined)
virtual ~QgsComposerLegendItem ()
QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style style () const
void setStyle (QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style style)
virtual QString userText () const
virtual void setUserText (const QString &text)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsComposerLegendItem
enum  ItemType {
  GroupItem = QStandardItem::UserType, LayerItem, SymbologyV2Item, RasterSymbolItem,
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsComposerLegendItem
void writeXMLChildren (QDomElement &elem, QDomDocument &doc) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsComposerLegendItem
QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style mStyle
QString mUserText

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::QgsComposerSymbolV2Item ( )
QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::QgsComposerSymbolV2Item ( const QString &  text)
QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::QgsComposerSymbolV2Item ( const QIcon &  icon,
const QString &  text 
QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::~QgsComposerSymbolV2Item ( )

Member Function Documentation

QStandardItem * QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::clone ( ) const

Implements QgsComposerLegendItem.

ItemType QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::itemType ( ) const

Implements QgsComposerLegendItem.

void QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::readXML ( const QDomElement &  itemElem,
bool  xServerAvailable = true 

Read item content from xml.

itemElemitem to read from
xServerAvailableRead item icons if true (QIcon needs x-server)

Implements QgsComposerLegendItem.

void QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::setSymbolV2 ( QgsSymbolV2 s)

Set symbol (takes ownership)

QgsSymbolV2* QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::symbolV2 ( )
void QgsComposerSymbolV2Item::writeXML ( QDomElement &  elem,
QDomDocument &  doc 
) const

Implements QgsComposerLegendItem.

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