QGIS API Documentation  2.18.21-Las Palmas (9fba24a)
Todo List
Member _getTitle (const QDomDocument &doc, QString &title)
XXX we should go with the attribute xor title, not both.
Member pal::Pal::addLayer (QgsAbstractLabelProvider *provider, const QString &layerName, QgsPalLayerSettings::Placement arrangement, double defaultPriority, bool active, bool toLabel, bool displayAll=false)
add symbolUnit
Member QgsMapLayer::drawLabels (QgsRenderContext &rendererContext)
to be removed: used only in vector layers
Member QgsProjectBadLayerGuiHandler::findLayer (const QString &fileFilters, const QDomNode &constLayerNode)
Member QgsProjectionSelector::loadCrsList (QSet< QString > *crsFilter=nullptr)
Should this be public?
Member QgsProjectionSelector::loadUserCrsList (QSet< QString > *crsFilter=nullptr)
Should this be public?
Member QgsRasterLayer::QgsRasterLayer (const QString &uri, const QString &baseName, const QString &providerKey, bool loadDefaultStyleFlag=true)
Rename into a general constructor when the old raster interface is retired parameter dummy is just there to distinguish this function signature from the old non-provider one.