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QgsWebPage Class Reference

QWebPage subclass which redirects JavaScript errors and console output to the QGIS message log. More...

#include <qgswebpage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsWebPage (QObject *parent=0)
 Constructor for QgsWebPage. More...
QString identifier () const
 Returns the QgsWebPage's identifier. More...
void setIdentifier (const QString &identifier)
 Sets an identifier for the QgsWebPage. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QWebPage
 QWebPage (QObject *parent)
 ~QWebPage ()
QActionaction (WebAction action) const
void applicationCacheQuotaExceeded (QWebSecurityOrigin *origin, quint64 defaultOriginQuota)
quint64 bytesReceived () const
void contentsChanged ()
QMenucreateStandardContextMenu ()
QWebFramecurrentFrame () const
void databaseQuotaExceeded (QWebFrame *frame, QString databaseName)
void downloadRequested (const QNetworkRequest &request)
virtual bool event (QEvent *ev)
virtual bool extension (Extension extension, const ExtensionOption *option, ExtensionReturn *output)
void featurePermissionRequestCanceled (QWebFrame *frame, QWebPage::Feature feature)
void featurePermissionRequested (QWebFrame *frame, QWebPage::Feature feature)
bool findText (const QString &subString, QFlags< QWebPage::FindFlag > options)
bool focusNextPrevChild (bool next)
bool forwardUnsupportedContent () const
QWebFrameframeAt (const QPoint &pos) const
void frameCreated (QWebFrame *frame)
void geometryChangeRequested (const QRect &geom)
bool hasSelection () const
QWebHistoryhistory () const
QVariant inputMethodQuery (Qt::InputMethodQuery property) const
bool isContentEditable () const
bool isModified () const
void linkClicked (const QUrl &url)
LinkDelegationPolicy linkDelegationPolicy () const
void linkHovered (const QString &link, const QString &title, const QString &textContent)
void loadFinished (bool ok)
void loadProgress (int progress)
void loadStarted ()
QWebFramemainFrame () const
void menuBarVisibilityChangeRequested (bool visible)
void microFocusChanged ()
QNetworkAccessManagernetworkAccessManager () const
QPalette palette () const
QWebPluginFactorypluginFactory () const
QSize preferredContentsSize () const
void printRequested (QWebFrame *frame)
void repaintRequested (const QRect &dirtyRect)
void restoreFrameStateRequested (QWebFrame *frame)
void saveFrameStateRequested (QWebFrame *frame, QWebHistoryItem *item)
void scrollRequested (int dx, int dy, const QRect &rectToScroll)
QString selectedHtml () const
QString selectedText () const
void selectionChanged ()
void setActualVisibleContentRect (const QRect &rect) const
void setContentEditable (bool editable)
void setFeaturePermission (QWebFrame *frame, Feature feature, PermissionPolicy policy)
void setForwardUnsupportedContent (bool forward)
void setLinkDelegationPolicy (LinkDelegationPolicy policy)
void setNetworkAccessManager (QNetworkAccessManager *manager)
void setPalette (const QPalette &palette)
void setPluginFactory (QWebPluginFactory *factory)
void setPreferredContentsSize (const QSize &size) const
QWebSettingssettings () const
void setView (QWidget *view)
void setViewportSize (const QSize &size) const
bool shouldInterruptJavaScript ()
void statusBarMessage (const QString &text)
void statusBarVisibilityChangeRequested (bool visible)
QStringList supportedContentTypes () const
bool supportsContentType (const QString &mimeType) const
virtual bool supportsExtension (Extension extension) const
bool swallowContextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event)
void toolBarVisibilityChangeRequested (bool visible)
quint64 totalBytes () const
virtual void triggerAction (WebAction action, bool checked)
QUndoStackundoStack () const
void unsupportedContent (QNetworkReply *reply)
void updatePositionDependentActions (const QPoint &pos)
QWidgetview () const
ViewportAttributes viewportAttributesForSize (const QSize &availableSize) const
void viewportChangeRequested ()
QSize viewportSize () const
void windowCloseRequested ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QObject
 QObject (QObject *parent)
 QObject (QObject *parent, const char *name)
virtual ~QObject ()
bool blockSignals (bool block)
QObjectchild (const char *objName, const char *inheritsClass, bool recursiveSearch) const
const QObjectList & children () const
const char * className () const
bool connect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const char *method, Qt::ConnectionType type) const
void deleteLater ()
void destroyed (QObject *obj)
bool disconnect (const QObject *receiver, const char *method)
bool disconnect (const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method)
void dumpObjectInfo ()
void dumpObjectTree ()
QList< QByteArraydynamicPropertyNames () const
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *event)
findChild (const QString &name) const
QList< T > findChildren (const QRegExp &regExp) const
QList< T > findChildren (const QString &name) const
bool inherits (const char *className) const
void insertChild (QObject *object)
void installEventFilter (QObject *filterObj)
bool isA (const char *className) const
bool isWidgetType () const
void killTimer (int id)
virtual const QMetaObjectmetaObject () const
void moveToThread (QThread *targetThread)
const char * name () const
const char * name (const char *defaultName) const
QString objectName () const
QObjectparent () const
QVariant property (const char *name) const
void removeChild (QObject *object)
void removeEventFilter (QObject *obj)
void setName (const char *name)
void setObjectName (const QString &name)
void setParent (QObject *parent)
bool setProperty (const char *name, const QVariant &value)
bool signalsBlocked () const
int startTimer (int interval)
QThreadthread () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void javaScriptConsoleMessage (const QString &message, int lineNumber, const QString &) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QWebPage
virtual bool acceptNavigationRequest (QWebFrame *frame, const QNetworkRequest &request, NavigationType type)
virtual QString chooseFile (QWebFrame *parentFrame, const QString &suggestedFile)
virtual QObjectcreatePlugin (const QString &classid, const QUrl &url, const QStringList &paramNames, const QStringList &paramValues)
virtual QWebPagecreateWindow (WebWindowType type)
virtual void javaScriptAlert (QWebFrame *frame, const QString &msg)
virtual bool javaScriptConfirm (QWebFrame *frame, const QString &msg)
virtual bool javaScriptPrompt (QWebFrame *frame, const QString &msg, const QString &defaultValue, QString *result)
virtual QString userAgentForUrl (const QUrl &url) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QObject
bool checkConnectArgs (const char *signal, const QObject *object, const char *method)
virtual void childEvent (QChildEvent *event)
virtual void connectNotify (const char *signal)
virtual void customEvent (QEvent *event)
virtual void disconnectNotify (const char *signal)
int receivers (const char *signal) const
QObjectsender () const
int senderSignalIndex () const
virtual void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *event)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QObject
bool connect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method, Qt::ConnectionType type)
bool connect (const QObject *sender, const QMetaMethod &signal, const QObject *receiver, const QMetaMethod &method, Qt::ConnectionType type)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, const QMetaMethod &signal, const QObject *receiver, const QMetaMethod &method)
QString tr (const char *sourceText, const char *disambiguation, int n)
QString trUtf8 (const char *sourceText, const char *disambiguation, int n)
- Public Attributes inherited from QWebPage
typedef FindFlags
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from QObject
QByteArray normalizeSignalSlot (const char *signalSlot)
- Properties inherited from QWebPage
- Properties inherited from QObject

Detailed Description

QWebPage subclass which redirects JavaScript errors and console output to the QGIS message log.

Added in version 2.16
Not available in Python bindings

Definition at line 211 of file qgswebpage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsWebPage()

QgsWebPage::QgsWebPage ( QObject parent = 0)

Constructor for QgsWebPage.

parentparent object

Definition at line 220 of file qgswebpage.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ identifier()

QString QgsWebPage::identifier ( ) const

Returns the QgsWebPage's identifier.

The page's identifier is included in messages written to the log so that users can identify which QgsWebPage has logged the message.

See also

Definition at line 236 of file qgswebpage.h.

◆ javaScriptConsoleMessage()

virtual void QgsWebPage::javaScriptConsoleMessage ( const QString message,
int  lineNumber,
const QString  

Reimplemented from QWebPage.

Definition at line 240 of file qgswebpage.h.

◆ setIdentifier()

void QgsWebPage::setIdentifier ( const QString identifier)

Sets an identifier for the QgsWebPage.

The page's identifier is included in messages written to the log, and should be set to a user-friendly string so that users can identify which QgsWebPage has logged the message.

identifieridentifier string
See also

Definition at line 230 of file qgswebpage.h.

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