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1 /*
2  *
3  * NMEA library
4  * URL: http://nmea.sourceforge.net
5  * Author: Tim ([email protected])
6  * Licence: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html
7  * $Id: sentence.h 17 2008-03-11 11:56:11Z xtimor $
8  *
9  */
13 #ifndef __NMEA_SENTENCE_H__
14 #define __NMEA_SENTENCE_H__
16 #include "info.h"
18 #ifdef __cplusplus
19 extern "C"
20 {
21 #endif
27  {
28  GPNON = 0x0000,
29  GPGGA = 0x0001,
30  GPGSA = 0x0002,
31  GPGSV = 0x0004,
32  GPRMC = 0x0008,
33  GPVTG = 0x0010
34  };
39  typedef struct _nmeaGPGGA
40  {
42  double lat;
43  char ns;
44  double lon;
45  char ew;
46  int sig;
47  int satinuse;
48  double HDOP;
49  double elv;
50  char elv_units;
51  double diff;
52  char diff_units;
53  double dgps_age;
54  int dgps_sid;
56  } nmeaGPGGA;
61  typedef struct _nmeaGPGSA
62  {
63  char fix_mode;
64  int fix_type;
66  double PDOP;
67  double HDOP;
68  double VDOP;
70  } nmeaGPGSA;
75  typedef struct _nmeaGPGSV
76  {
77  int pack_count;
78  int pack_index;
79  int sat_count;
82  } nmeaGPGSV;
87  typedef struct _nmeaGPRMC
88  {
90  char status;
91  double lat;
92  char ns;
93  double lon;
94  char ew;
95  double speed;
96  double direction;
97  double declination;
98  char declin_ew;
99  char mode;
101  } nmeaGPRMC;
106  typedef struct _nmeaGPVTG
107  {
108  double dir;
109  char dir_t;
110  double dec;
111  char dec_m;
112  double spn;
113  char spn_n;
114  double spk;
115  char spk_k;
117  } nmeaGPVTG;
119  void nmea_zero_GPGGA( nmeaGPGGA *pack );
120  void nmea_zero_GPGSA( nmeaGPGSA *pack );
121  void nmea_zero_GPGSV( nmeaGPGSV *pack );
122  void nmea_zero_GPRMC( nmeaGPRMC *pack );
123  void nmea_zero_GPVTG( nmeaGPVTG *pack );
125 #ifdef __cplusplus
126 }
127 #endif
129 #endif /* __NMEA_SENTENCE_H__ */
VTG - Actual track made good and speed over ground.
Definition: sentence.h:33
char ns
[N]orth or [S]outh
Definition: sentence.h:92
Information about satellite.
Definition: info.h:70
char ns
[N]orth or [S]outh
Definition: sentence.h:43
struct _nmeaGPGSV nmeaGPGSV
GSV packet information structure (Satellites in view)
GGA - Essential fix data which provide 3D location and accuracy data.
Definition: sentence.h:29
struct _nmeaGPGGA nmeaGPGGA
GGA packet information structure (Global Positioning System Fix Data)
double lon
Longitude in NDEG - [degree][min].
Definition: sentence.h:44
GGA packet information structure (Global Positioning System Fix Data)
Definition: sentence.h:39
double lat
Latitude in NDEG - [degree][min].
Definition: sentence.h:91
RMC - Recommended Minimum Specific GPS/TRANSIT Data.
Definition: sentence.h:32
double spk
Ground speed, kilometers per hour.
Definition: sentence.h:114
VTG packet information structure (Track made good and ground speed)
Definition: sentence.h:106
int sat_count
Total number of satellites in view.
Definition: sentence.h:79
int satinuse
Number of satellites in use (not those in view)
Definition: sentence.h:47
double HDOP
Horizontal dilution of precision.
Definition: sentence.h:48
struct _nmeaGPGSA nmeaGPGSA
GSA packet information structure (Satellite status)
double lat
Latitude in NDEG - [degree][min].
Definition: sentence.h:42
double direction
Track angle in degrees True.
Definition: sentence.h:96
void nmea_zero_GPGSA(nmeaGPGSA *pack)
char ew
[E]ast or [W]est
Definition: sentence.h:45
char status
Status (A = active or V = void)
Definition: sentence.h:90
struct _nmeaGPRMC nmeaGPRMC
RMC packet information structure (Recommended Minimum sentence C)
char ew
[E]ast or [W]est
Definition: sentence.h:94
char dec_m
Fixed text 'M'.
Definition: sentence.h:111
int dgps_sid
DGPS station ID number.
Definition: sentence.h:54
double VDOP
Vertical dilution of precision.
Definition: sentence.h:68
double elv
Antenna altitude above/below mean sea level (geoid)
Definition: sentence.h:49
double speed
Speed over the ground in knots.
Definition: sentence.h:95
char declin_ew
[E]ast or [W]est
Definition: sentence.h:98
double spn
Ground speed, knots.
Definition: sentence.h:112
char dir_t
Fixed text 'T' indicates that track made good is relative to true north.
Definition: sentence.h:109
char spn_n
Fixed text 'N' indicates that speed over ground is in knots.
Definition: sentence.h:113
double dgps_age
Time in seconds since last DGPS update.
Definition: sentence.h:53
Date and time data.
Definition: nmeatime.h:43
char fix_mode
Mode (M = Manual, forced to operate in 2D or 3D; A = Automatic, 3D/2D)
Definition: sentence.h:63
void nmea_zero_GPRMC(nmeaGPRMC *pack)
char spk_k
Fixed text 'K' indicates that speed over ground is in kilometers/hour.
Definition: sentence.h:115
double diff
Geoidal separation (Diff.
Definition: sentence.h:51
double dir
True track made good (degrees)
Definition: sentence.h:108
void nmea_zero_GPGGA(nmeaGPGGA *pack)
double dec
Magnetic track made good.
Definition: sentence.h:110
GSA packet information structure (Satellite status)
Definition: sentence.h:61
void nmea_zero_GPVTG(nmeaGPVTG *pack)
char elv_units
[M]eters (Antenna height unit)
Definition: sentence.h:50
int pack_index
Message number.
Definition: sentence.h:78
nmeaTIME utc
UTC of position.
Definition: sentence.h:89
Unknown packet type.
Definition: sentence.h:28
double lon
Longitude in NDEG - [degree][min].
Definition: sentence.h:93
int pack_count
Total number of messages of this type in this cycle.
Definition: sentence.h:77
int sig
GPS quality indicator (0 = Invalid; 1 = Fix; 2 = Differential, 3 = Sensitive)
Definition: sentence.h:46
GSV - Number of SVs in view, PRN numbers, elevation, azimuth & SNR values.
Definition: sentence.h:31
GSV packet information structure (Satellites in view)
Definition: sentence.h:75
void nmea_zero_GPGSV(nmeaGPGSV *pack)
Definition: sentence.h:80
char diff_units
[M]eters (Units of geoidal separation)
Definition: sentence.h:52
struct _nmeaGPVTG nmeaGPVTG
VTG packet information structure (Track made good and ground speed)
Definition: info.h:44
Definition: info.h:43
double declination
Magnetic variation degrees (Easterly var.
Definition: sentence.h:97
int sat_prn[NMEA_MAXSAT]
PRNs of satellites used in position fix (null for unused fields)
Definition: sentence.h:65
char mode
Mode indicator of fix type (A = autonomous, D = differential, E = estimated, N = not valid...
Definition: sentence.h:99
int fix_type
Type, used for navigation (1 = Fix not available; 2 = 2D; 3 = 3D)
Definition: sentence.h:64
double HDOP
Horizontal dilution of precision.
Definition: sentence.h:67
GSA - GPS receiver operating mode, SVs used for navigation, and DOP values.
Definition: sentence.h:30
RMC packet information structure (Recommended Minimum sentence C)
Definition: sentence.h:87
nmeaTIME utc
UTC of position (just time)
Definition: sentence.h:41
NMEA packets type which parsed and generated by library.
Definition: sentence.h:26
double PDOP
Dilution of precision.
Definition: sentence.h:66