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QgsRasterFileWriter Class Reference

The raster file writer which allows you to save a raster to a new file. More...

#include <qgsrasterfilewriter.h>

Public Types

enum  Mode { Raw = 0, Image = 1 }
enum  WriterError {
  NoError = 0, SourceProviderError = 1, DestProviderError = 2, CreateDatasourceError = 3,
  WriteError = 4, NoDataConflict = 5

Public Member Functions

 QgsRasterFileWriter (const QString &outputUrl)
 ~QgsRasterFileWriter ()
QgsRaster::RasterBuildPyramids buildPyramidsFlag () const
QStringList createOptions () const
int maxTileHeight () const
int maxTileWidth () const
QString outputFormat () const
QString outputProviderKey () const
QStringList pyramidsConfigOptions () const
QgsRaster::RasterPyramidsFormat pyramidsFormat () const
QList< int > pyramidsList () const
QString pyramidsResampling () const
void setBuildPyramidsFlag (QgsRaster::RasterBuildPyramids f)
void setCreateOptions (const QStringList &list)
void setMaxTileHeight (int h)
void setMaxTileWidth (int w)
void setOutputFormat (const QString &format)
void setOutputProviderKey (const QString &key)
void setPyramidsConfigOptions (const QStringList &list)
void setPyramidsFormat (QgsRaster::RasterPyramidsFormat f)
void setPyramidsList (const QList< int > &list)
void setPyramidsResampling (const QString &str)
void setTiledMode (bool t)
bool tiledMode () const
WriterError writeRaster (const QgsRasterPipe *pipe, int nCols, int nRows, QgsRectangle outputExtent, const QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem &crs, QProgressDialog *p=0)
 Write raster file. More...

Detailed Description

The raster file writer which allows you to save a raster to a new file.

Definition at line 32 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsRasterFileWriter::QgsRasterFileWriter ( const QString outputUrl)

Definition at line 29 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.cpp.

QgsRasterFileWriter::~QgsRasterFileWriter ( )

Definition at line 55 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QgsRaster::RasterBuildPyramids QgsRasterFileWriter::buildPyramidsFlag ( ) const

Definition at line 76 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QStringList QgsRasterFileWriter::createOptions ( ) const

Definition at line 92 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

int QgsRasterFileWriter::maxTileHeight ( ) const

Definition at line 89 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

int QgsRasterFileWriter::maxTileWidth ( ) const

Definition at line 74 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QString QgsRasterFileWriter::outputFormat ( ) const

Definition at line 65 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QString QgsRasterFileWriter::outputProviderKey ( ) const

Definition at line 68 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QStringList QgsRasterFileWriter::pyramidsConfigOptions ( ) const

Definition at line 95 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QgsRaster::RasterPyramidsFormat QgsRasterFileWriter::pyramidsFormat ( ) const

Definition at line 85 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QList< int > QgsRasterFileWriter::pyramidsList ( ) const

Definition at line 79 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QString QgsRasterFileWriter::pyramidsResampling ( ) const

Definition at line 82 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setBuildPyramidsFlag ( QgsRaster::RasterBuildPyramids  f)

Definition at line 77 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setCreateOptions ( const QStringList list)

Definition at line 91 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setMaxTileHeight ( int  h)

Definition at line 88 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setMaxTileWidth ( int  w)

Definition at line 73 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setOutputFormat ( const QString format)

Definition at line 64 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setOutputProviderKey ( const QString key)

Definition at line 67 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setPyramidsConfigOptions ( const QStringList list)

Definition at line 94 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setPyramidsFormat ( QgsRaster::RasterPyramidsFormat  f)

Definition at line 86 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setPyramidsList ( const QList< int > &  list)

Definition at line 80 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setPyramidsResampling ( const QString str)

Definition at line 83 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

void QgsRasterFileWriter::setTiledMode ( bool  t)

Definition at line 70 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

bool QgsRasterFileWriter::tiledMode ( ) const

Definition at line 71 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.h.

QgsRasterFileWriter::WriterError QgsRasterFileWriter::writeRaster ( const QgsRasterPipe pipe,
int  nCols,
int  nRows,
QgsRectangle  outputExtent,
const QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem crs,
QProgressDialog p = 0 

Write raster file.

piperaster pipe
nColsnumber of output columns
nRowsnumber of output rows (or -1 to automatically calculate row number to have square pixels)
outputExtentextent to output
crscrs to reproject to
pdialog to show progress in

Definition at line 60 of file qgsrasterfilewriter.cpp.

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