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QgsRasterDrawer Class Reference

The drawing pipe for raster layers. More...

#include <qgsrasterdrawer.h>

Public Member Functions

 QgsRasterDrawer (QgsRasterIterator *iterator)
 ~QgsRasterDrawer ()
void draw (QPainter *p, QgsRasterViewPort *viewPort, const QgsMapToPixel *theQgsMapToPixel)

Protected Member Functions

void drawImage (QPainter *p, QgsRasterViewPort *viewPort, const QImage &img, int topLeftCol, int topLeftRow, const QgsMapToPixel *mapToPixel=0) const
 Draws raster part. More...

Detailed Description

The drawing pipe for raster layers.

Definition at line 33 of file qgsrasterdrawer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsRasterDrawer::QgsRasterDrawer ( QgsRasterIterator iterator)

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QgsRasterDrawer::~QgsRasterDrawer ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void QgsRasterDrawer::draw ( QPainter p,
QgsRasterViewPort viewPort,
const QgsMapToPixel theQgsMapToPixel 

Definition at line 35 of file qgsrasterdrawer.cpp.

void QgsRasterDrawer::drawImage ( QPainter p,
QgsRasterViewPort viewPort,
const QImage img,
int  topLeftCol,
int  topLeftRow,
const QgsMapToPixel mapToPixel = 0 
) const

Draws raster part.

pthe painter to draw to
viewPortview port to draw to
imgimage to draw
topLeftColLeft position relative to left border of viewport
topLeftRowTop position relative to top border of viewport
mapToPixelmap to device coordinate transformation info (not available in python bindings)

Definition at line 98 of file qgsrasterdrawer.cpp.

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