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QgsOSMNode Class Reference

A node is one of the core elements in the OpenStreetMap data model. More...

#include <qgsosmbase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsOSMNode ()
 QgsOSMNode (QgsOSMId id, const QgsPoint &point)
QgsPoint point () const
QList< QgsOSMElementIDrelations () const
QList< QgsOSMElementIDways () const
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 QgsOSMElement ()
 QgsOSMElement (QgsOSMElementID::Type t, QgsOSMId id)
QgsOSMDatabasedatabase () const
QgsOSMElementID elemID () const
QgsOSMId id () const
bool isValid () const

Detailed Description

A node is one of the core elements in the OpenStreetMap data model.

It consists of a single geospatial point using a latitude and longitude. A third optional dimension, altitude, can be recorded; key:ele and a node can also be defined at a particular layer=* or level=*. Nodes can be used to define standalone point features or be used to define the path of a way.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsOSMNode::QgsOSMNode ( )

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QgsOSMNode::QgsOSMNode ( QgsOSMId  id,
const QgsPoint point 

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Member Function Documentation

QgsPoint QgsOSMNode::point ( ) const

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QList<QgsOSMElementID> QgsOSMNode::relations ( ) const
QList<QgsOSMElementID> QgsOSMNode::ways ( ) const

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