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QgsDiagramLayerSettings Class Reference

#include <qgsdiagramrendererv2.h>

Public Types

enum  LinePlacementFlags { OnLine = 1, AboveLine = 2, BelowLine = 4, MapOrientation = 8 }
enum  Placement {
  AroundPoint = 0, OverPoint, Line, Curved,
  Horizontal, Free

Public Member Functions

 QgsDiagramLayerSettings ()
 ~QgsDiagramLayerSettings ()
void readXML (const QDomElement &elem, const QgsVectorLayer *layer)
void writeXML (QDomElement &layerElem, QDomDocument &doc, const QgsVectorLayer *layer) const

Public Attributes

const QgsCoordinateTransformct
double dist
QgsFields fields
bool obstacle
Placement placement
unsigned int placementFlags
int priority
bool showAll
const QgsMapToPixelxform
int xPosColumn
int yPosColumn

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsDiagramLayerSettings::QgsDiagramLayerSettings ( )

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QgsDiagramLayerSettings::~QgsDiagramLayerSettings ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void QgsDiagramLayerSettings::readXML ( const QDomElement elem,
const QgsVectorLayer layer 

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void QgsDiagramLayerSettings::writeXML ( QDomElement layerElem,
QDomDocument doc,
const QgsVectorLayer layer 
) const

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Member Data Documentation

const QgsCoordinateTransform* QgsDiagramLayerSettings::ct

Definition at line 75 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

double QgsDiagramLayerSettings::dist

Definition at line 71 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QgsFields QgsDiagramLayerSettings::fields

Definition at line 77 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

bool QgsDiagramLayerSettings::obstacle

Definition at line 70 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

Placement QgsDiagramLayerSettings::placement

Definition at line 67 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

unsigned int QgsDiagramLayerSettings::placementFlags

Definition at line 68 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

int QgsDiagramLayerSettings::priority

Definition at line 69 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QgsDiagramRendererV2* QgsDiagramLayerSettings::renderer

Definition at line 72 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

bool QgsDiagramLayerSettings::showAll

Definition at line 81 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

const QgsMapToPixel* QgsDiagramLayerSettings::xform

Definition at line 76 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

int QgsDiagramLayerSettings::xPosColumn

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int QgsDiagramLayerSettings::yPosColumn

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